The Strongest Wizard Vol 1 Chapter 6

Thanks to a contribution from Alex W., we all get one more chapter this week to read. And a new joke from me.

A wolf goes to the local telegram operator and says, 『I’d like to send a telegram.』

The operator says, 「Okay, what is it?」

The wolf says, 『Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.』

The operator says, 「Okay, that’s nine words, but you can send 10 woofs for the same price. Do you want to do that?」

The wolf says, 『But then the message doesn’t make sense.』

Thank you for your investment in this series. I am enjoying it as I translate.

Read the BONUS chapter here!

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  1. Can someone explain the joke? I’m a bit stupid.

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