After-story 4: Lilia


Fourth Slave Lilia was in the depths of the forest.

「Slow! I can see all your movements desuno!」

She dodged the swipe of the monkeys claws as it leapt down from the tree. Then with a wave of her hand she created a sword.

She used the infinite magic power to create a sword within the monkey’s body directly in its heart.


Maybe they were trying to get revenge for their fallen brethren, but two monkeys charged at Lilia in a pincer attack.

The claws tore through the air with a fearful sound.

「That level of attack can’t defeat Lilia desuno.」

Lilia said as she crouched and touched the ground.

The Slave Card lit up and swords sprung up from the ground like a porcupine.

The monkeys who leapt in were hit perfectly. They looked like they were spit-roasted as they died.

There weren’t only these three monkeys, there were plenty more.

They gathered from all directions of the forest and leapt at Lilia.

Lilia stood up holding her Slave Card in one hand and placing one hand arrogantly on her hips.

「No matter how many come Lilia is Onii-chan’s slave, no matter how many monkeys come you won’t even injure me.」

You could feel some pride from that statement, but even more so you could feel a sense of responsibility.

Her face still had the markings of youth on it which made this seem unbalanced.

The monkeys all attacked but Lilia didn’t retreat a single step. She utilized the fighting style her Master had perfected with his infinite magic to destroy them.
「Th-then in this world the Evil God is no longer a threat!?」

There were around 50 people who had changed from monkeys to humans. They were now being taught by Lilia.

The world had been destroyed once, but there was a savior who appeared and saved it.

Those who died to the Evil God’s power turned into slave beasts and her job was to turn them back.

「Strictly speaking the Evil God still exists but Onii-chan——the new super strong God sealed her power completely. She can no longer do anything.」

The people cheered.

There were men and women of all ages, but all of them had lived in a world filled with fear and had even died to the Evil God.

Of course they’d be joyful upon hearing the news of the resolution of that threat.

「But even if the Evil God is defeated…」
「Yeah, our homes are all…」
「My….my town was destroyed three times by the Evil God. After the third we gave up and ran away….」

After a burst of joy the reality of their situation hit them. They immediately fell into a deep gloom.

This was also reasonable.

They were all people who had died during wartime.

Most of them had died while losing their villages and homes.

「That is no problem as well.」
「What do you mean?」
「I mean…….this desuno.」

Lilia used her card and created a wooden house out of nothing.

Even though doing so used ten times more magic than utilizing materials, it no longer mattered since their Master had attained infinity.

In short, it was no longer a problem.

She created the house and placed it before the 50 people.

「What the heck?」
「An instant house?」
「This is Onii-chan’s——God’s power desuno. God has declared that all people who turn back from Monkeys will be given the basics of life to start their road of recovery desuno. This is what Lilia was sent out to do desuno.」

They cheered once more.

They had been in the depths of sadness before, but the show of power had revived their spirits.
They left the forest and found a place near a river to begin construction of a village.

Humans needed water for everyday living, even if everything could be made for them at the start using Slave Cards, after that they would need to depend on themselves. For that purpose being near a water source was a must.

Lilia had saved hundreds and thousands of people from being monkeys and made a large number of villages.

She was able to find a place for a new village easily.

She made houses, clothes, and food.

As guaranteed by her Master she gave them the bare minimum to survive.

「No jumping in line, you need to stay in order desuno.」
「This is more important Lilia.」
「Even if it’s important the order is…..oh it’s Risha desuno. What’s wrong desuno?」

Risha had arrived, her Slave senpai.

Risha’s feet had a whirlpool of light around them, it was the sign of a teleportation gate.

「What’s going on desuno?」
「Master is calling you. He wants you by his side tonight Lilia.」
「Onii-chan desuno…….?」

Lilia was surprised, but her Master’s orders took precedence over anything else.

But then again, saving these people and creating a new village was an order from him as well.

Lilia was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

「Leave this to me. Even I can make a town, but the one Master is calling today is Lilia alone.」
「Is that okay desuno?」
「Master’s orders are absolute. Plus in this situation it doesn’t matter which of us does this task.」
「……Yes desuno!」

Lilia nodded energetically and was about to jump through the gate.

「Ah, wait a moment.」

Risha called out to her.

「What’s wrong desuno?」
「No matter how you look at it, that outfit is rude.」

Outfit…Lilia looked at her own clothing.

Certainly it was quite bad.

Her trademark green dress had blood splotches from the monkeys and was covered in mud from the town creation. It was also ripped here and there.

Even conservatively it looked like a homeless person’s outfit.

After pointing it out Risha took out her slave card and used it.

Magic light enveloped Lilia and changed her clothes.

Her green dress changed into a dress that looked fit for a noble lady.

「Go in this. Making Master happy is the most important thing. You understand that of course.」
「Of course desuno!」

As her senpai said that she stepped through the gate.

「I’ll do my best desuno.」

She said and headed to her Master’s side.

The Fourth Slave left like a little princess as she smiled.
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  15. Wow i’ve been following this for years and I finally finished. Congratz and thank you for bringing us here. I’ll admit this novel isnt exactly high level reading but it was entertaining and heartwarming. I won’t be reading elf tensei so i’ll just say thanks for actually being a dedicated and consistent translater who actually finished a story. I wish you the best of luck!

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