Chapter 101: Sumptuous Feast (End of Volume 3)


Night, Ribek outskirts, anchorage of the Battleship Risha.

I had left my routine tasks to my slaves and came here.

The moment I stepped on the ship, the girls came to greet me.

Maya at the head and the rest surrounding.

「We have been awaiting you.」

Maya’s behavior had taken a 180 degree turn from usual…she was acting calmly and gracefully.

「Your outfits?」

I asked.

Maya and her elite women troops…they had once wandered the wasteland looking and acting like robbers.
But all of them were now wearing dresses.

They were all wearing clothes like those dancers wear. They had saris wrapped around their bodies and golden bangles on their arms.

「Risha said we gotta………ehem, your slave prepared them for us.」
「I see.」
「Do you find it pleasing?」
「Before that…」

I smiled wryly.

「What’s going on with your speech?」
「Do you not find it pleasing milord?」
「It’s not bad…but it makes me feel weird.」
「Would you prefer if I acted as per usual?」

I looked at Maya and the girls behind her and thought.

They’d all come to greet me.

Their appearance and tone was all done with me and an ulterior motive in mind.

『Do as you please with the things you make』

The words the goddess had said to me when I was summoned to this world popped into my head.

Making items, making towns, making countries…Doing as I please with the things I make.

This was the reward for being placed in this desolate and ruined world.

I had been working till now.

Starting with a village of 27 people…I had made a country of around 10,000.

Changing from a time where just surviving was difficult enough, to where people were able to have an economy, events, and festivals.

I’d worked…I’d worked hard.

I’d worked hard, so why couldn’t I have a reward.

I thought…and looked at the women in front of me and their actions…and felt comforted at heart.

「No, it’s fine.」
「I understand. We shall continue to act in accordance with your desires.」
「Allow me to guide you.」

One of the elite guard came to my side and removed my coat.

She took it and I walked through a path they had made through the center of the crowd. I moved into the interior of the battleship.

I was guided through the boorish interior along corridors and curving halls, to a room.

The inside was a bedroom.

It didn’t match the warship at all. There was a large canopy bed in the room.

「This is?」
「It was created for the purpose of today.」
「I see.」

I entered and sat on the bed.

The girls entered the room one after another.

They all looked at me with moist eyes.

The women who wished for me.

Looking at them….I felt excited and proud.

It felt like the moment I ascended the platform.

These women who wanted to be embraced by me.

It felt like the moment I was crowned king.

「…….thank you.」

Maya said with a teary look in her eye as we fell onto the bed.

From then on…it was a sumptuous feast.

The women approached one after the next…and during the breaks we drank sake and ate delicious food.

The night me and fifty women enjoyed each other’s company…a night of passion. (TN: He used the panacea for sure…energy and health recovery 😛 )

The next day I woke up to the women’s smiles and the realization that Seiya’s DORECA had made progress.



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