Chapter 102: Another Magic System


「Menu Open」

I held the card that was previously Seiya’s and intoned the same words as always.

Type: Common Card
Magic Lvl: 50/50
Magic Use: 0/100
The menu appeared in front of me.

A semi-transparent screen showed my status just like my usual DORECA.

But, the contents within were almost entirely different.

With just my name and the card type at the top, it felt like a trading card. The magic level was very small as was the maximum values.

The status it displayed was completely different from the normal DORECA.

The DORECA was 「magic to make physical items」 but this was a different type.

If I had to describe it… was 「magic to cause phenomena」.

I wanted to test it out.

I chose the topmost 「shower」.

A magic square appeared at my feet.
It was different from the usual one.

The DORECA created circles, but this one was an angular magic symbol. It was more triangular.

It began shining——and rain started falling.

The rain fell for around 1 minute.

After the magic effect ended I checked the menu once more.

Type: Common Card
Magic Lvl: 49/50
Magic Use: 1/100
My magic had decreased by one, but the usage had increased by one.

I tested it some more. I went down the list trying each in order.

After laying down a total of 10 squares with the previous 「shower」 and waiting for their effects to end…

Type: Common Card
Magic Lvl: 40/50
Magic Use: 10/100
It became like this.

No matter what I used, the magic would decrease by 1 and the usage would increase by one(though the reason was obvious).

I understood pretty well.

「50 huh………」

I stared a hole through the menu.

The Magic’s maximum level…50.

It was a normal number…but there was one thing that kept nagging at me.

「……..I guess I’ll try.」
I arrived at the forest.

It had been created by my DORECA and expanded by my slaves’ cards.

The trees grew thick and large, and the animals were plentiful.

I stepped into the paradise protected by the Fountain of Ilia and walked a bit.

After walking a while, I saw Risha.


It seems she had noticed me. She ceased expanding the forest and trotted over.

「What is it?」
「Well, I have something I need you for Risha.」

I said and looked around the forest.

「It’s becoming even livelier. The birds and small animals have increased.」
「There’s even deer. Are they parent and child?」

I said after noticing two deer.

「Yes. They arrived a little while ago. The mother was injured so I healed it with panacea, after that they settled here.」
「I see.」

I nodded and looked at them.

The two deer timidly approached.

I stretched out my hand and pet the fawn a little roughly.

「Mother and child huh?」

Risha looked at me petting the fawn and deer with jealousy.

There was no need to wonder what she was jealous of.

After a while, Risha timidly asked…

「Umm………Master. You needed me?」

I nodded and looked straight at her.

「I thought I might fulfill my promise.」
「You wanted a child right?」

Risha blushed and lowered her head.

Her appearance just now was so lovable.

「Yes. U-ummm…….」
「Once I have the child——-」
「She can stay with me as well. I know, that’s what I intended from the start.」
「Thank you very much….」

Risha choked out, overcome with emotion.

「Then, where would you prefer?」

She grasped my hand and looked at me with teary eyes.

「I want it in the forest——-the forest that I made together with Master……..」
「I see.」

She seemed lovelier than ever as I held her shoulder and gently laid her down.

She closed her eyes a bit and entrusted her body to me.

Risha tried her best to deal with the pain, trying to keep the smile on her face.

It was so unbearably cute that any other thoughts flew from my mind as I loved her.

—Maximum Magic has increased by 1—

The voice appeared as we lay there in the afterglow…Risha lying in my arms.



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