Chapter 104: Slave’s Rebirth


「Umm, Master…」
「Can I…….can I keep working?」

Risha glanced at the forest.

Oh, she meant her work expanding the forest.

Bringing greenery back to this ruined world was certainly a job.

「That’s fine, go ahead.」

Risha happily started moving around.

Eternal Slaves…a race that obtains happiness from having their Master leave them work to do.

She continued her work.

She placed various magic circles with her Slave Card.

Continuously expanding the forest with trees and bushes.

「Keep going. I’m going to walk through the forest.」

I set off alone to walk in the forest.

Most of the world was still in shambles, but this area was already practically revived.

This forest with sunlight filtering through the trees and the chittering of small animals…it was an oasis.

It was the word that best fit this location.

I walked for a while almost not noticing that I had reached the borders of the forest.

I saw the wasteland and was about to retrace my steps…when at that moment.

「Hm, monkeys huh?」

I reflexively reached for my sword.

It was a monkey…but it wasn’t the usual one.

It wasn’t the one with long sharp claws and a vicious appearance, but was as weak as a slime or goblin in games.

It wasn’t the slave beasts…it was a normal monkey.

It was an animal that looked quite cute.

The monkey ran from the wasteland into the forest and looked around furtively.

「It was drawn in?」

As if in response to the question, the monkey looked around curiously as it moved deeper into the forest.

Just like that, the residents of the forest increased.

「Come to think of it…..Menu Open.」

I looked in the menu of my new card.

I took a look at some magic I hadn’t used.

They were 「Encounter Up」 and 「Encounter Down」.

I wonder what encounter implies?

Does it just mean 「encounter」 or does it meant that more types of monsters will appear?

「Well, either way is fine.」

I decided to give it a shot.

I used one magic to activate 「Encounter Up」.

The triangular magic circle lit up and enveloped the forest.

I waited there for a bit.

After a while, animals and bugs started arriving one after another.

Rabbits and small animals, Dragonflies, butterflies, and other insects.

A large variety arrived and entered the forest.

「So it’s more geared towards animals? —–wait…」

As I was about to come to a conclusion, I immediately rethought.

Amongst the animals there were monsters.

The large caterpillars with white hair, the elka.

It arrived and saw me, it immediately charged over.

I held my sword and split it in half.

The elka disappeared and left behind a large amount of white hair.

Hmm, it wasn’t just animals, but monsters as well.

This should be useful.

I returned to the forest interior and looked for Risha.

「Risha, how many more animals do you think can live in the forest?」
「Animals? I don’t think we’re anywhere close to full.」
「I see. Then let’s increase them.」
「Ok. How?」
「That’s my job.」

I said as I showed her my new card.

She soon understood my implication and looked on with admiration.

「Continue to expand the forest.」
「I understand!」

I parted with Risha and returned to the outer circumference of the forest.

I waited for a while…but no more animals or monsters came.

Once again I used 「Encounter Up」 and they began coming once more.

I allowed the animals through, and cut down the monsters.

A while later the magic effect wore out, so I used it once more.

「This is like an RPG.」

I couldn’t help but say.

It began to feel like an RPG where the monsters continuously respawn.

It was a bit tiring, but fulfilling.

I continued to gather materials as the animals continued to move into the forest.

「Mu, this time it’s monkeys?」

I saw a monster monkey arriving in the distance.

The brutal looking slave beast.

They were so weak, yet it looked at me with hate as the came to attack.

I cut it in two with one stroke.

After I cut it, it was enveloped in light and turned into a person.

「Huh? Could this be—–an Eternal Slave?」

Looking more closely it wasn’t just a normal person.

She had golden hair and long pointed ears. An elf-like appearance.

It was an Eternal Slave.

I was secretly pleased.

I might be able to have 6 slaves.

I stopped my magic and waited for the Eternal Slave to wake up.

I waited as the stream of monsters and animals stopped.

Finally, she woke up.

「Uh, n………th-this is?」
「You’re awake huh?」
「Yes…..huh? Your Majesty?」
「Hmm? You…..know about me?」

I tilted my head in confusion…an Eternal Slave that knew of me?

This surprised me more than if it was a normal person.

There aren’t many Eternal Slaves I’ve met.

Including Raisa, they had all become mine.

That’s why it was surprising to find an Eternal Slave that knew me on sight.

But in the next few moments…her answer shocked me even more.

「What are you talking about…I’m Svetlana.」(Chapter 81)

Svetlana…..that Svetlana!?

「Weren’t you…..a Regret?」
「Yeah…I still a—-eh?」

Svetlana looked at herself in shock.

The shadow of an Eternal Slave…a Regret.

An Eternal Slave that didn’t choose a Master eventually becomes one, and looks like a Dark Elf.

Dark brown skin…and silver hair.

All in all, it was the opposite of what she looked like now.

Svetlana was in shock.

She looked at her hands and stared at her hair.

Then she grabbed her chest……most likely feeling for her heart.

「I’ve…turned back into an Eternal Slave…..」
「That happens?」
「It’s unheard of.」

Unheard of huh?

For now, let’s listen to what she has to say.



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