Chapter 113: Slave Kids


Early afternoon inside the Palace’s office.

My third slave Mira was standing in front of me.

「Nina developed a highway you know?」
「A highway?」
「Yep, a road. I don’t really know what it is…but a highway. I wonder what it is?」
「Menu Open.」

I took out my DORECA and checked.

The video demonstration showed the ground looking like asphalt.

I see, a highway.

Right now most of the roads, including those in my capital city Ribek, were gravel.

I didn’t know which was better for this ruined world, asphalt or gravel, but I honestly believed asphalt would be superior.

「The material is…………bechim? What is that?」
「It’s something that comes out of a monster. It doesn’t come out of any specific monster, it has about a 1 in 3 chance of appearing.」
「I see.」

I thought for a bit and said,

「Contact Martha in Kazan, tell them to gather it. Oh, also make a proclamation to the people. Tell them to gather it as well. Yuria will decide how much.」
「We’re making the highway?」
「Yeah, for now we will spread it throughout Ribek.」

A road huh?

If this goes as I expect, then by spreading it we can speed up growth and development.

It was to the degree that I want to invest most of my slaves into this project.


A young voice spoke up.

The door opened and a small girl toddled inside.

She had beautiful golden hair and pointed ears like her mother and she was wearing a choker with a colorless gem in it with a slave one-piece.

Chasri, it hadn’t even been a week since she was born but she already looked like she was 3 years old.

She walked as carefully as she could towards me.

She was carrying a tray with a cup balanced precariously on it.

Her gait was uncertain…….but it was adorable.

Mira and I watched over her.

「Here, pleath acthept.」

She safely reached my side and held out the tray and cup.

She was too short and couldn’t reach the desktop so she held it out for me to take.

「Good job, you did well.」

I praised her and patted her head.

Chasri showed me an innocent smile that lit up the room.

「Risha is?」
「She’s working in Bisk.」
「I see.」
「Pleathe give Chathri…some too?」
「Sure I will.」

I thought a bit while patting her head. I exchanged looks with Mira.


She’s a child but Chasri is an Eternal Slave without a doubt.

「I understand. Some work more than just helping around.」

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

Mira smiled.

It wasn’t even her child, but she was happy.

「Is there anything? Hmm it’d be easier if Yuria was here.」
「The graph.」
「Oh right.」

I looked at the 「Essentials」 written up on the blackboard.

Ribek’s need for 「food」 had increased by one since yesterday.

I took out a piece of paper and started writing.

I made a map from the palace to the closest food storage.

I held it out to Chasri.

「Here Chasri. Do you know this place? The big warehouse?」

Chasri looked a bit and made a big nod.

「Then, please go there and make some pushinee. Make enough to replenish the storage there.」
「We’re making thith?」

She showed me her slave card while pointing.

「That’s right. Can you do it?」
「Leave it to me. I can do any work for Mathter!」

She said with a thump on her chest and ran out.

「Everybody, leth go!」

She yelled out and as the door was closing I could hear the pitter-patter of little feet running.

Chasri and five other little Eternal Slaves.

The tiny slave corps deployed.


I couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

I could imagine them all using dirt to make pushinee.

It was magic that made the pushinee but you would need dirt.

If you looked at them from the side you would only see children playing with sand and dirt.

It would appear to be a heartwarming scene you couldn’t replace.


「That’s so nice…….even though they’re so young they get work.」

Mira said with an envious look on her face.

It wasn’t surprising.

Pushinee was one of the pillars of my country.

It was fairly easy to do so I left it to them, but it was without a doubt 「proper work」.

「You’re jealous of your daughter?」
「It’s just that…….」
「Well, I have work for you too.」

—Magic has been charged by 50,000—

「Go to Nina’s place. See if you can make a harder or more solid version of the highway you just developed.」

Asphalt was fine, but I wanted to be able to make concrete as well.

They both had different uses so I wanted both.

「Got it!」

For a moment she had an unpleasant look on her face, but she followed my orders and left the palace.

I was left alone in my office. I stood and took a look out the window.

I saw the parade of mini slaves.

My seventh slave Chasri was leading them at the front, toddling along.

It was charming and reliable.

「Menu Open.」

I looked at my DORECA.

My slaves had become 12 and my magic power was still close to the limit.

This country was continuing to grow.



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