Chapter 115: Slave Funnel


「Chasri, take that into the village and bring it to the granny there.」

She cutely lifted her hands and brought the wooden house inside the village.


The young girl Anna—that Midolfan was attacking before had her mouth hanging wide open in disbelief.

「That small child is…….amazing. The other children too.」

Anna looked around.

Chasri and the other five children were moving around.

They were going around the outside of the village and making houses and bringing them in. If they were a little off Vuela would lift them and adjust their positions.

The objects were several times larger than the children and thinking normally the homes would weight several times their own body weight.

Seeing them carry the objects as if it was nothing would truly be amazing to see.

「Are they your Majesty’s children?」
「They are my slaves.」
「I-is that so…?」

I answered bluntly and Anna seemed to pull back.

However, this wasn’t something I could yield.

「Mathter! Look out!」

I heard a child’s voice scream.

I turned to see Mira’s child, Irina, falling and the wooden house fly out of her hands towards us.

It would land….on Anna.


Anna screamed.

I stepped out in front of her and caught the house.

I used the DORECA’s power to make it weightless.

With that I could easily stop it.

「Are you ok?」

Anna said blushing.

「Irina, don’t fall like that anymore.」

I faced Irina as she got up and tossed the house back towards her.

The house flew through the air and Irina lightly caught it. This would truly turn into another incredible sight but…


Anna didn’t see it.

She was looking at me while blushing all the way to her ears.

I could pretty much understand, but now wasn’t the time.

「Hmm I should probably start off with a cooking space and a public baths. That would mean I need the Raba. Anna is there any place around here that Raba comes out?」

I called out to her more strongly.

「——wh-what is it?」
「I asked you if there is a place where Raba appear…It’s a monster that looks kind of like lava.」
「Umm…I’m sorry, I’ve never seen it.」
「I see. Then I guess I should use some magic. Or maybe I should use the magic production.」

I was thinking about which would be better…using magic by itself to create these things or using Encounter Up and Luck Up to draw the Raba here.
And so the village’s development continued.

Food, Clothes, and Shelter.

We steadily improved this desolate village until it was livable.

「Your Majesty……」

Anna bashfully approached with some bread.
It was unfermented flatbread.

「I just made it so please have some if you’d like.」
「Thank you」

I took it and ate it.

As I ate and looked around, Anna continued to stare at me.

It was a bit tough, but I should make things clear.

I thought when…

「What is this!?」

I heard a loud voice from the entrance of the village.

I turned to look and saw some men.

I didn’t know who they were, but they looked to be Midolfan’s subordinates.

They were in a squad of four and they looked around the town selfishly from the entrance.

「Hey you! Where’s the head!?」

One of the men yelled the question at an old woman.

The old woman started to shake from fear.

「I said…where did he go!?」

The man yelled as he raised his hand. Was he going to hit her?

「Thtop it!」

A young high pitched voice pierced the air.

Six slave children assembled into group opposite the men with Irina at the center.

Five of them forced their way in between the old woman and the men.

「You can’t bully granny!」
「Bullying her ith lame!」
「G-go away!」

They shouted towards the men.

Will they get enraged by this? I wondered when I looked again it betrayed my expectations.

The men all had vulgar smiles on their faces.

「Oioi, these are all Eternal Slaves. There’re even five of them. We’re in luck today.」
「These unlucky kid slaves will sell for a high price.」
「It looks like the Head ain’t here so let’s split the money.」
「We can buy sum girlies. I bin all backed up.」

……….I see so that’s how it was.

I understood how they were talking. It was like they were talking about puppies.

Talking about them like they were newly born high-class puppies. They could buy and sell for a lot.

……they’re saying this and that as they please.

「Catch them, for now we’ll grab one.」

One of them said and they began to move.

As they stretched their hands to grab them…….

I touched True Eternal Slave.

The children’s colorless gems shone and they became light and were sucked into the sword.

「W-what just happened?」
「The Slave King……..」
「Why is he here!?」

They were all surprised and froze.

I moved towards them with only one thought, to clean them up.

They looked a little pathetic, but I had no sympathy.

「Chasri, Irina, Vuela.」

Risha, Mira, and Yuria’s children appeared like phantoms.

「Airsa, Bella, Origa.」

Lilia, Raisa, and Svetlana’s children appeared.

The six of them appeared like spirits or fairies, floating in the air seemingly semi-transparent.

「Don’t go easy on them. Go.」

I ordered and they all leapt forward.

Midolfan’s remnants were ruthlessly dealt with.



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