Chapter 117: Are You God?


The morning of the next day I stepped outside my doorway wondering what I’d start working on today when…

「Mathter, emergenthy!」

My eldest child Chasri ran over in a panic.

「What’s wrong Chasri?」
「An emergenthy! Vuela ith gone!」
「Oh, Vuela?」
「I looked everywhere, everyone did, but we can’t find her!」

Chasri said hastily.

I patted her head to calm her down.

「Vuela is out on a job.」

Chasri was surprised, at the same time the other four showed their faces and looked over here.

「As a messenger. She took a message to Maya. So she’s not missing so don’t worry——」
「「「「「Not fair!」」」」」

I was surprised.

Their five voices all perfectly matched up. Their voices all together crying out had a surprising force to it.

「Not fair?」

I asked and Chasri responded.

「Right, Vuela went and got a job by herthelf…not fair.」
「Ahh, so that’s it…」

Though they were small they were Eternal Slaves. They felt like she got a head start over them by getting a job elsewhere.

That was just like them.

Well, honestly they were reacting differently from their mothers.

Based on my understanding of their mothers…they would feel happy and bless the one given a job and wait quietly for me to give them their work.

They were that kind of slave.

Well, either way it was adorable and lovable.

「Don’t worry, you all have work too.」

Chasri latched on and the other four ran out of the house.

—Magic has been charged by 3,000—
—Magic has been charged by 5,000—
—Magic has been charged by 7,777—
—Magic is charging—
—Magic has been charged by 4,000—

The voice echoed in my head busily.
The slave children ran around town and continued creating things.

They ran around doing different jobs making them seem like koro-pok-guru or fairies.

It was charming watching them.

Them running back and forth after finishing their work and looking for praise was adorable. Distractingly cute.

「Umm……..your Majesty?」

Anna walked up next to me and called out timidly.

「What’s up?」
「I have something to talk to you about……」

It seemed like something serious.

「Ok. Chasri.」
「I need to go speak for a bit. I’ll leave this place to you.」

She cheerfully responded.

We went to a place without people.

However, since this village was originally in the midst of decline…almost anywhere was secluded.

We moved till we could no longer hear the cheerful voices of the children so I stopped and turned to Anna.

「Is this alright?」
「Ok. What did you want to talk about?」
「Umm. We want to be part of your Majesty’s kingdom.」
「Ok, that should be fine.」

I had intended that from the start.

That’s why I had used my DORECA to raise the standard of this village to my Kingdoms specifications.

It’d be troublesome if they said “we don’t need this stuff after all”.

But, that would be easier in its own way.


Anna was squirming and having a really difficult time saying something.

I wonder what it was.

「We don’t know…….whether or not…….we can pay the tax…..」

So that was it.

I see. Anna——and the villagers were worried.

This dying village with such few people…normally thinking it’d be very hard to pay taxes.

If this was it then the talk would go quickly.

「Also, we don’t know if we can… for the repairs to the village…」
「Don’t worry about it. I can’t have you pay absolutely nothing because it would set a bad example, but if you really can’t pay we’ll figure something out.」
「I won’t squeeze you hard. It’s my guarantee. I guarantee the very basics of life. I guarantee food, homes, and clothes. If they are the basics you can ask for them anytime for free. That’s what I’m doing right now.」

Anna was completely shocked.

「n? Did I not tell you guys?」

Anna was completely flustered. I smiled at her.

「That’s how it is. Don’t worry.」

Anna opened her eyes wide and after a while her expression returned to normal.

It was a face that said that she was slowly accepting what I said.

Finally it resolved into a complex expression with gratitude mixed with some other things.

「Your Majesty…….are you God?」

She finally asked.



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  4. 「Your Majesty…….are you God?」
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    “The Chosen One fulfilled his task and laid restfully in the Eternal Kingdom he build that was different from any civilizations risen by him. For a time the world came looking for him but the Hundred Warrior Maidens, his concubines tell them that the Goddess of the world take him to the heavens and be part off.”

    “He who has done all waken up in a the familiar place where hence once came upon be. The beautiful Goddess hold his hands and light and flowing energy surged to his. It was then he realized he is no more than a mere mortal with mere soul but a human ascended into a god. The Goddess then came forth and tell him many things.”

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    “The Chosen One’s Eternal Slaves embraced him and feel the twinkling inkling happiness they have with him. By thou the Goddess accept her pledge to him and received a choker becoming one as his Goddess Eternal Slave.”

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