Chapter 123: God and Evil God Part 1


I took out my Common Card and used Encounter Up.

The angular magic circle appeared at my feet and after a while a strong arm giant appeared.

A toroi. It was a powerful monster that I had once had difficulty fighting.


It let out a roar as it attacked me.

「Svetlana, Origa.」

I stuck the left half of my body out and called their names.

Inside of my head they responded.

The wind armor deployed and created a shield of wind in front of my shoulder.

It repelled the toroi’s fist.

「You blocked it well……I didn’t even feel the shock from it.」

I don’t know if it absorbed it or repelled it. In any case, my body didn’t receive any damage or shock.

Up until now, whenever I had exchanged blows with my sword I had received the impact with my body. I wasn’t hurt by it, but I definitely felt it.

But now I didn’t.

「This feels pretty good.」

I then split the toroi in two with True Eternal Slave.

The feeling of using True Eternal Slave like this hadn’t changed.

The only real change when I took the Mother and Child inside the sword was the wind armor.

But that was more than enough.

Utilizing the mothers and daughters as a set would be best.

The next toroi appeared.

(Master, there’s something I want to test——)
「Go ahead」

I immediately gave permission.

I didn’t know what Svetlana wanted to do, but I didn’t believe she would do anything that would disadvantage me.

(It uses magic)
(Got it)

The mother and child talked quickly and to the point inside my head.

Suddenly a magic circle appeared at my feet.

It was the round magic circle particular to the DORECA.

Then a wooden house appeared from the sky.

The wind armor transformed further to look like an arm which threw the wooden house.

The large mass drew a parabola through the air and blew away the toroi.

「Was that what you wanted to try?」
(Yes. Somehow I felt like I could use my Slave Card inside the sword.)
(We could also lift it. It had the weightlessness feature too.)

The mother and daughter said. I see, so they can do that stuff inside the sword now too.

I returned Origa.

Now the only one inside True Eternal Slave was Svetlana.

「How about now? Try it Svetlana.」

I ordered and waited for a while.

(……….I can’t)

She gave up.

It seemed she had given it a try and couldn’t.

After that I took Origa back into the sword. Both of them were within the sword.

The wind sword and the wind armor.

Without needing to give an order a magic circle appeared at my feet.

This time a panacea was created.

「I see. So if it’s not both of you it doesn’t work.」
(I’m not completely sure, but it’s probable.)

I had gained another ability.

I paused for a moment to organize things in my head.

I cared and loved my slaves and get magic. That magic is used by the DORECA to create items.

The Common Card can manipulate phenomena.

I can insert magic into True Eternal Slave to increase its power.

And now I had a unique ability that occurs when I insert both mother and child inside the sword.

I don’t know how useful it would be to be able to use the DORECA while wielding my sword…but I’ll keep it in mind.

「Alright, that’s all for this test. Next we need to get our materials.」

I took out my Common Card and used Encounter Up.

This time a Black Toroi appeared.

The magic circle arrow pointed at it. It was black and shining.

「So it appeared.」

I used the Common Card once more. I used Luck Up several times.

In one fell swoop I gathered the materials.



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