Chapter 129: There’s No Way a Monster Would Come Out


The afternoon of the next day, we stopped walking at the edge of a river.

The surrounding area was an empty wasteland, but there was a large river here.

The water was unexpectedly clean as small birds appeared and disappeared along the banks seemingly out of nowhere.

This area was soothing to the soul so I turned and asked Nestor.

「How about this place?」
「I think it’s quite good.」

Nestor immediately replied.

He seemed to have decided once he saw the little birds living around here.

「Ok then, let’s go with this place. Olga.」

I called my child who had been carrying the house since yesterday.

Olga placed it down on the ground and ran over to me.

「Are you tired?」
「I’m not. I’m ok~.」

As she said I couldn’t see any signs of fatigue, in fact her eyes seemed to be glittering.

「Ok then, take out your card. First we need to secure some living space.」
「Wood houses are ok…right?」

I nodded and Olga took out her card and put down some magic circles.

An arrow immediately flew out to indicate the materials needed.

「Oh right…what were the materials for this again?」

I searched my memory. Recently I’d left this kind of stuff to Yuria and if I really needed something I’d just pay ten times its cost to make it with magic alone. This means…I’d forgotten.

「50 abunoi grass, 300 wood chips, and 10 busshi stones~.」

Olga spoke up.

It’d been a while since I’d had an exchange like this, it brought me back to the beginning.

「Ah, that’s right.」
「So we should go gather them.」

Nestor said from my other side.

「Got it」
「Olga take out the tools.」
「What do you need~?」
「Probably an axe and sickle.」

Olga nodded and ran over to the house she had put down.

She entered and came out with a bunch of axes.

She came out with a pile of axes piled nearly as tall as her own body.

I explained to Nestor and the rest.

「The wood chips and lumber can be withered or rotten and it will still work. So you can take these axes and chop down the withered trees.」
「Got it.」
「Slave-chan gimme one.」
「Ok then let your big bro show you how it’s do——woah these are pretty heavy!」

The men started moving and one man even dropped his axe.

The axes made by the DORECA were heavier than they looked, furthermore they had just seen Olga carrying them easily so they let their guard down.

The men were saying 「as expected of Slave-chan」 and other things like that, then half of them went out to chop down some trees.

「You can take the sickles to cut the grass and collect stones while you’re at it.」

The remaining men grabbed the sickles and headed in the other direction.

「Alright, guess it’s my turn.」
「Your Majesty.」

As I was about to get moving Nestor calle dout.

He had another apologetic look on his face and once more looked reluctant to speak.

「What’s wrong?」
「I wonder if you could leave this place to us? Let us do it all.」

He emphasized ‘us’ as he spoke.

「Well…….if you do it Your Majesty…it’ll all be finished in moments.」

Ah, so that’s what it was.

That’s right, they wanted to take their time to do things.

They wanted me to hold back since everything would end the instant I started going all out.

「I’m really sorry about this, but Your Majesty’s power is too great and it would——-」
「I got it, we talked about it before.」

Nestor sighed in relief.

「In exchange Olga will be working. She needs to gain some experience…she is a child after all.」
「Ah, yes.」

Nestor nodded.

It looks like he thought that would be alright.

In truth Olga had already started to work but you could see that she was just like a normal child.

As she continued to accept the materials the men brought she looked almost like she was going to be crushed.

When she wasn’t handling things made by the DORECA she was just like a girl of her age.

More than helping she was almost a hindrance.

「Don’t push yourself too hard Slave-chan.」
「Can you carry it this far? Then go ahead.」

This strange state of being a slight hindrance, her cuteness, and her lovable desire to do her best and work turned her into a little idol for the men.

They enjoyed helping her along and watching as she tried to work.

It was almost like watching a hamster running on a wheel.

On the other end I was sitting around bored.

Nestor and the men gathered materials at leisure.

Olga was constantly moving around mixing with their group.

The leisurely adults and the slave child running around.

Unexpectedly they meshed together quite well.

It looked like it was going well and what’s more Olga seemed fulfilled.

As long as I could see my slave’s satisfied face as she worked there was no issue.

There was no issue but……

「Should I help with something?」
「Ah, no that’s fine.」
「You don’t have to worry Your Majesty.」

They all seemed to be cautious and tried to stop me in a panic when I tried to do some work.

I was completely and utterly free.

I was way too free, it’d been a while since I’d had absolutely nothing to do.

The others were moving around working but I had nothing to do. I couldn’t calm down even more so than when I made the resort.

As I was starting to feel defiant and was about to do something no matter how much they protested……..

I saw a monster appear from the corner of my eye.

It was a completely white hairy caterpillar.

It was an Elka.

Its mouth moved and it faced the sky.

Not good, it was about to shriek.

At the moment I realized that I set out running.

I charged at it in an instant and grabbed its mouth.

「Shut your mouth.」

I said as I threatened it as I held its mouth closed.

The elka struggled.

I pressed it to the ground.

Then I used the elka’s signature move and started charging forward while pushing it.


I pushed it and pushed it some more.

I pushed it far from everyone else.

I pushed it almost a kilometer before kicking it away.

It landed on the ground and glared at me with bloodshot eyes.

「Sorry, but I can’t let you bother them.」

A carefree slow life didn’t need enemies.

Monsters weren’t needed.

There was talk of having a farm for monsters, but Nestor and them don’t need it.

Actually, I was just irritated. I was holding back from interfering but the monsters had the nerve to make a move first.

「That’s why you just need to shut up and accept it.」

The elka charged at me.

I met it head on, grabbed it and twisted its neck.

The white caterpillar twitched and shuddered before dying.

I confirmed the monster’s death before returning.

「Hm? Where were you Your Majesty?」
「I had to go to the bathroom.」
「Oh, ok.」

I caught sight of another monster approaching. This time it was a toroi.

I set off running.

「Your Majesty?」
「I have to go again, don’t worry about it.」

As I dashed over, I beat it up and carried it away.

I snapped its neck and returned again.

「Ou, what’s up Olga ?」
「Should we make a toilet~?」
「Toilet? No we don’t need one now. First is to make houses.」
「But Master yo——」
「——mu, gotta go again.」
「I’ll leave this place to you, you can be my representative.」
「——got it~!」

—Magic has been charged by 3,000—

I didn’t pay attention to the sound.

At a glance I saw a giant scorpion as a ran off and split it in half before staring up at the sky.

「There are more monsters than I thought.」

I said to myself as I stared out into the wilderness.

At first I was so free I couldn’t stand it, but it seems like that wasn’t the case anymore.

「You want a slow life? Fine.」

I grinned and laughed.

I’ll grant you one, if you want it then I’ll make it come true.

That day I ran around in the area of a kilometer and made sure everything was alright.

Olga, Nestor, and the men continued making the village leisurely.



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