Chapter 140 Part 1: Akito’s Representative


I walked out with Risha.

We left Ribek and went out into the wilderness without using the train.

I spoke up to Risha who was walking a step behind me.

「So things happened while I was away?」
「It’s alright. Everyone moved according to Master’s policies. The citizens have increased. There were several attacks from the Evil God’s forces but the elite forces and the people of Kazan repelled them.」
「I see.」

I nodded.

Maya and the women who used the Battleship Risha and the people of Kazan who were warriors to the last. I could imagine it.

Even when I was helping Lyra, the country continued without issue.

That’s good.


Risha glanced at me tentatively from the side.

She seemed unable to calm herself. It looked like she hadsomething to say.

「What is it?」
「You have something to say right?」

Risha hesitated before taking a deep breath.

「When Master wasn’t here I couldn’t calm down. It’s the first time I’ve been away from Master for so long.」
「Couldn’t calm down?」

Not uneasy or lonely?

「Yes. Umm…..without Master’s new orders, I would wake up in the morning restless and unable to calm down.」
「I see.」

That was… like Risha.

Eternal Slaves were that type of race. They loved their Master and desired orders. They were adorable and admirable.

I’d known it all along, but I once more recognized it anew.

I felt like I had to apologize for being gone so long, more accurately I felt the need to give them some sort of present.

I thought that…but gave up on it.

「When we get back I’ll have you work more and more.」

When I said that, Risha smiled and the gem on her choker glittered with light.
We walked until we could see the town of Akito.

「The town of Akito Master?」
「Why did we walk instead of using the train?」
「It’s an important matter. The train wouldn’t be good.」
「Important…….understood. I’ll contact Madway-san.」

I stopped Risha as she was running off.


Risha questioned while tilting her head in confusion.

In response to her backwards glance I took out my second Card, the Magic Card.

When my card evolved from Common to Rare I became able to use a new magic circle.

I used two Magic and placed one circle for both Risha and I.

The two of us transformed.

Risha’s face remained the same but her hair turned black instead of blonde.

Her pointed ears became rounded and her choker disappeared from sight.

Her deep green dress turned into a normal one-piece.

She had suddenly turned into a young lady of a wealthy family!

「Master you look different!」
「Risha too」
「Ah, it’s true…….」

She said looking at her hands and touching her ears.

「Amazing, you can do this too Master?」
「It’s a new magic. One to change appearances. To transform back we just have to say 「bozbet」 and……..Ahh!」

I unintentionally said it.

The moment I did I returned to my previous appearance.

I was now normal Akito.

I smiled wryly and cast the magic once more.

My verbal slip cost me an unnecessary magic. I guess I could consider it a demonstration.

「Just like that. You understand?」
「Yes! …..but why did you change our appearances?」
「From now on we will be people of the Town of Akito. We will be a young couple who were turned back from Slave Beasts.」
「Young couple? Me and Master?」
「Thththththththththththththththththth THAT’S TOO MUCH!」

Risha yelled in panic.

For an Eternal Slave was playing as a young married couple something to panic that much over?

I spoke up to calm her.

「It’s acting, it’s something necessary for us.」

When I spoke it as an order, Risha calmed down.


Calming down due to her Master’s order was just like an Eternal Slave as well.

She was calmer but she still stared at me.

She looked at me with confusion as if asking 「Why?」.

I explained further.

「The country has developed more or less. Our population has surpassed 10,000 people, but most citizens know my face. I’ve gone around everywhere as king, but there is a possibility of things going on that I am unaware of. The possibility of me being shown a facade.」
「In that case we would…….」
「It would be the same for all of you. You are the slaves most loyal to the King. If they won’t show it to me, they certainly won’t show it to you.」
「That’s true.」

Risha nodded.

Now that Risha and Yuria were being treated like idols they would not want to show those things even more…..but I didn’t say that.

「That’s why we’ve transformed and snuck in as regular people. I’d like to see the bare-faced truth of the town.」
「Is that so………Ah!」

Risha was taken aback.

「There are six towns so……we’ll do all of them?」

I laughed. She was quick to guess.

Town of Akito.

Town of Bisk.

Town of Magatan.

Town of Kazan.

Town of Bragadeleu.

Town of Pelmi.

Besides the Royal Capital Ribek, there were six others.

First Slave Risha.

Second Slave Mira.

Third Slave Yuria.

Fourth Slave Lilia.

Fifth Slave Raisa.

Sixth Slave Svetlana.

I had six adult slaves.

The number of towns and their number were the same.

I brought Risha to Akito with me.

I would go to the other towns and sneak in with my other slaves.

「Ok, then let’s go.」

We set off walking.

Risha remained as usual walking one step behind me.

Her reverent treatment of me and her appearance was just like Risha but——this was no good.

Her bearing would most likely make some people suspicious.

「What is it Master?」
「Our setting is a young couple.」

What about it? Her face seemed to say.

「Risha’s attitude is just like a slave. That’s no good. We need to look more like a married couple.」
「Husband and wife-like…….h-how do we do that?」
「Hmm, let’s link arms.」

I nodded and Risha was incredibly flustered.

「That sort of— to link arms with Master…..」

I gave her a serious look.

「It’s an order.」
「Wa, yes」

Risha obeyed.

She timidly linked arms with me.

「I-is this ok?」

We linked arms and entered the town of Akito.

Even though it was an order, seeing Risha having a minor panic attack over linking arms was adorable.

………her boobs were soft too.



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