Chapter 140 Part 2: Akito’s Representative


It had been a while since I’d been to Akito.

The single run down hut that Madway had lived in had developed incredibly.

Brand new buildings were constructed and people were coming and going on the paved roads. Various goods were for sale in stores and stalls.

The population here had surpassed 1,000 people. It was one of the most developed towns.

At the entrance there was a man standing on watch as a guard.

I approached and called out to him.

「Excuse me」
「What is it?」
「We turned back to humans from…..monkeys? We were told to come here.」

I acted a bit and told him our backstory.

「Ahh, ok ok.」

The guard nodded quickly.

He looked used to it as he took out a sheet of paper and handed it to me.

It was a map. From the appearance it was a map of the town.

「Here, go to the government office here and tell them. They will give you some clothes, food, and a house for now.」
「You’ll really give us a home!?」

I forced a surprised look.

「Yes, be thankful. This is due to his Majesty’s benevolent rule. Other than that it is an easy town to live in. It’s mostly due to his Majesty the King. So calm yourself and give thanks.」
「I understand.」

「That’s right…..also if the government office doesn’t explain I’ll tell you ahead of time. Recently there’s been a strange religious group going around. They’re apparently people who are unhappy with the King. They’re something we aren’t proud of so it’d be best if you don’t get involved.」
「Got it. Thank you.」
「See you. Welcome to the town of Akito.」

He finished off with a standard RPG-like phrase and we parted from him. I closed the map and started to walk to the government office.

「From the start I learned something good.」

Risha and I were still linking arms, but she looked confused.

「A strange bad religious group. Risha did you know about this? Did Yuria tell you something?」
「No, I had no idea.」
「I see. This is the kind of sensitive information I wanted to hear from the citizens. Risha will need to investigate carefully as well. The little things related to daily life.」

「Understood Mast——I mean…D-dear.」

I stopped walking and stared at Risha.

Risha panicked.

「I-I’m sorry. That was rude.」
「No, it wasn’t. In fact——」

Good job. I whispered close to her ears.

「We’re a couple so that’s good. If you want you can even call me by name.」
「D-dear is….good.」

She said with a voice that seemed like it was about to disappear.

The bashful Risha was adorable and lovable.
We were guided by the government official and made our way to a vacant house in the residential district.

It was a normal wooden house with a futon and cloth clothes placed inside.

「This will be your home from today forward……umm what was your name?」
「Right right. That’s a rare name. Where are you from?」
「I’m not sure. Were we really monkeys? I’m having trouble remembering.」
「Oh, there’s some cases like that. It must have been a great shock to die like that. Well don’t be discouraged. Thanks to this country’s King we can live well. It’s almost a Utopia. It’s enough for you to slowly enjoy your new life here.」
「Thank you.」
「If you get hungry then go to the distribution centers and get some pushinee. It’s not good, but you can get as much as you want. You can also ask your neighbors.」

The official explained various things.

Basically, he talked about the basics I had set up.

The guarantee of the basics of life and that if I wanted more I would have to work.

The gate guard and government official were diligent enough.

All that was left was to mix in with the town and see things firsthand.

The official finished his explanation then left while closing the door with a bang.

The only ones left were me and Risha.

Ok then, we should put the finishing touches on our infiltration….

「D-dear. Are we not going out today?」

Risha asked.

She was still faltering while calling me Dear.

As I thought, I really enjoy it. I thought for a bit and answered.

「Yeah, today we won’t be going out.」
「Just you and me alone D-dear?」

I nodded.

Hearing Risha call me 「Dear」 was truly good.

It did give a fresh feeling, but seeing her with black long hair gave the impression of being a chaste young wife.

Not bad, un not bad at all. It was a great feeling.

Plus 「You and me alone Dear」 fueled my imagination.

It gave the impression that she wasn’t my slave, but really my young wife. It made me imagine various things.


As I was lost in my daydreams Risha suddenly chanted the magic word and returned to her original form.


She repeated 「Master」 emotionally.

What is she doing? —— I wondered.

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—


I couldn’t help but snort with laughter.



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