Chapter 146 Part 1: Offering All


I battled Seiya with Risha’s flame blade.

As expected of the one who gained the Evil God’s power…Seiya was stronger than ever.

We locked our weapons together and we screamed at each other.

「Remove the barrier and get lost!」
「Don’t get cocky Akihitooo! This! Is! MY! HATE!」

A foul smelling wind blew at my side.

I immediately dodged and Seiya’s kick, covered in malicious aura, barely scraped by my face.

「This bastard country! These towns! I won’t disappear till everything is destroyed!」
「You hate me that much!」
「OF COURSE! If you weren’t here!」
「You did this to yourself!! Reflect on it! All of these things were your own actions! I did nothing!」
「What!? Are you a kid!?」

As I yelled I swung my sword sideways and cut Seiya’s right arm off.

It drew a parabola through the air as I used the flames on my blade to reduce it to ashes.

「Not yet!!」

Along with his cry, Seiya’s arm regenerated.

(Are you okay Master?)
「I’m fine」

In order to reassure Risha I pretended to be alright.

Whatever Seiya did, a rotting stinking air attacked me.

The disgusting scent was almost like rotting fish.


That was the word that popped into my head.

It was probably that or something very similar.


Not giving me the opportunity to ponder, Seiya attacked me.

I blocked and countered.

I sliced him diagonally, cutting his body mostly into two.

His entire upper half was only holding on by a thread, but it regenerated quickly.

「Is his stamina infinite?」
「This is my grudge!! YOU WILL KNOW IT!」

We kept fighting.

Along the way some buildings were destroyed.

Each time they were destroyed Seiya’s eyes glittered.

「How’s this Akihitoooo? At this rate the town you’ve made will become nothing.」
「I can just make it again. Seiya…you really don’t get it.」
「No matter how much you break, or how much you exhaust yourself to destroy. It can’t compare to a single smile.」
「It can’t compare to a single one of my Eternal Slave’s smiles.」
「How far will you go……….TO MAKE A FOOL OF ME!!??」

I heard a snapping sound.
A large blood vessel on his forehead had exploded and blood was streaming out.

I wasn’t making a fool of him. It was the pure and simple truth.

Even if all the houses around here were destroyed, it would only be on the level of several hundred thousand magic.

If you think about it like that, it was only one smile at worst.

Leaving aside my current fighting strength, Seiya’s destruction was only at that level.

「Did you know Seiya? With Risha and Raisa…their two smiles can easily restore this town.」
「Who the hell are they!!!!???」
「Risha aside…at least remember RAISA!!!」

My anger sharpened my swordsmanship.

I swung my blade quickly and violently separated Seiya’s head from his body, on the return swing I split his head in two as well.

I was burning with rage.

I burnt his split head with flames and enveloped his body with them as well.

His body writhed as he fell two his knees twisting in pain.

But the flames continued to burn.

They burned until Seiya’s entire body was reduced to ashes.

I don’t think I killed him completely, but for now it was over.


I looked down on the cremated Seiya as Risha, who had returned to normal, walked up from behind me.

「Thank you very much」
「What do you……..I suppose that would be insensitive.」
「Yes, thank you for getting angry for Raisa.」
「…..he really felt nothing for her…Raisa in her own way worked as hard as she could for Seiya until he threw her away. She probably worked harder than all of you even…」
「It’s insane that not a single feeling was born from that.」
「But, I think that’s good.」
「Because he was a person like that, Raisa is now Master’s slave.」

Risha said and looked straight at me.

「It’s because within the entire history of Eternal Slaves…..we are….Master’s slaves are the happiest Eternal Slaves ever.」

She said and smiled.

「I see……..then I’ll think of it as a blessing.」
「Ok then….I beat Seiya for now…..and…hm?」

I heard citizens crying out for aid.

Risha and I looked at each other and set off running.



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