Chapter 146 Part 2: Offering All


Along the way we spotted monsters, but since Seiya had disappeared they were writhing in pain as they slowly disappeared.

So, we ignored them and dashed past.

We reached the outskirts of town, the limits of the barrier.

「What’s wrong?」
「Your Majesty! Look at this!」

A citizen cried out.

As I was asked I looked at the barrier.

「The barrier is moving…..? No it’s contracting!」

It wasn’t just from the front. From the sides, above, and behind the barrier was closing in.

The dome-like barrier around the town of Akito was slowly growing smaller.

The shrinking barrier touched the first thing of the town…..the town wall.

「It’s melting…….」

I gasped.

The barrier touched the wall…….made by the DORECA and started dissolving it in an instant.

The barrier continued to close in.

「R-run away!」

The citizens ran away towards the center of town.

The barrier continued shrinking as it engulfed the buildings along the way.


I slashed at the barrier with True Eternal Slave.

I didn’t feel any real feedback. It was like swinging my sword into a stiff wind.

「Master! The Sword!」

Risha cried out.

I looked and saw a portion of the blade had melted.

「True Eternal Slave is……」
「Let’s run Master. Let’s go through the magic door and return to Ribek!」
「That’s no good.」
「I won’t be abandoning this town.」

I thought harder.

I backed away from the barrier as it closed in and thought about what I could do.

I looked at Battleship Risha on the outside of the barrier.

The Main Battery was still firing. Its magnificent firepower was being repelled by the barrier.

The Battleship was no good and True Eternal Slave was no good.

The barrier was a parting gift from Seiya.

「That’s how much hatred he has…」

I couldn’t help but be filled with a strange feeling of admiration.

「It looks like he truly hates everything that Master has made.」
「What did you just say?」

Risha looked blankly.

「Umm……that he really hates everything that Master made…? He did say that during your fight with him.」

He certainly…..did.

—This bastard country! These towns! I won’t disappear till everything is destroyed!—

Seiya had said that with a face filled with hate.

「………Risha, do you have your card?」
「Eh? Y-yes I do.」

Risha was puzzled as she took out her Slave Card.

「Use 「Deconstruction」」
「Okay, what should I destroy?」

「Get rid of everything I made with the DORECA.」
「All of it?」
「Yes. Get rid of anything and everything including people’s clothes! Everything. Hurry.」

Risha ran off in a panic.

As the barrier contracted, the townspeople gathered in the center of the town.

Without any time to explain, Risha and I went around town disassembling everything.

There was some resistance, there were a number of people who thought that I had gone mad.

I ignored them and continued.

「Master! It’s all done!」

Finally all the buildings had disappeared and the citizens were naked.

「The barrier hasn’t stopped.」

The barrier around the town had shrunk to the size of a large baseball field.

There wasn’t much time until the citizens would be enveloped.

「Of course」

I looked at Risha and said.

「We still have these after all.」

I used my DORECA and cast 「Deconstruction」.

True Eternal Slave disappeared.

「I’m sorry but……..we’ll need to destroy that as well.」

I said and pointed at Risha’s choker.

The proof of her loyalty, the thing that made them happiest…..the choker.

It was also something made by my DORECA. If we didn’t destroy it, the barrier wouldn’t stop.

As expected, I felt horrible.



Risha acted as if she didn’t mind and raised her neck to me.

「Is this…ok?」
「A slave’s everything is Master’s after all. If it is necessary then please do so.」
「I see. Thank you.」
I used my DORECA and erased her Dress, Slave Cared, and finally her Choker.

Just like the citizens she was naked as the day she was born.

And finally, the moment 「everything I had made」 disappeared from the barrier…….

The barrier silently dissipated.



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