Chapter 15: It IS Green


「Master what will we be making today?」

This morning Risha asked me that. Mira was standing next to her looking at me in the same way.

It seems like this has become a routine question.

「Today I think that we should increase the number of citizens.」
「Well then we should look for those monkeys—the slave beasts right?」
「Umm, Master!」

Mira spoke up as if she was going to take a step forward.

「Could you please take me with you?」
「You want to come with me?」

I pondered over that and then looked at Risha.

She had a certain look on her face. A face that said she wanted to come with but she was too embarrassed to beg.

「Would you like to come as well Risha?」
「If Master would allow me to…」
「Fumu. Well as long as it’s only at the level of the slave beasts it should be fine」

Because those monkeys are truly weak.

If I were to say how incredibly weak they are it’d be the weakest. I’d imagine that they’re so weak that a normal flick to the forehead would be enough to beat them.

Because of that, even though I’m going out to fight the two of them shouldn’t be in danger.

「Alright, then let’s start by making something.」
「Making something?」

Risha looked confused.

「Risha and Mira. What weapons can you use best?」
「The bow is best for me desu」
Mira answered first.

「The bow is also best for me.」

I see. Just like an Elf.

「Menu Open……mm, there’s a bow and arrow.」

I opened my DORECA and went outside the house.

I only had a single choice for bow and arrow. I think the choices will increase in the future, but for now I only have a single choice.

I made a lot of magic circles for arrows and 2 for bows.

「Risha, Mira. These are your weapons, so make them.」

They both shouted and headed to the storehouse.

They brought the materials out one after the other and placed them within the magic circles.

A veritable mountain of arrows were created.

They were about to finish making the second bow and were carrying the last material when Mira tripped.

The material went flying and she fell headfirst into the magic circle.

「Hey! Are you alright?」
「Owowow, yes I’m okay——-」

As Mira was about to get up, her hair started to shine—then the magic circle did as well.

The next moment, one part of Mira’s hair had been taken and in exchange——a bow that was different than the one that Risha had just made, was created.

The bowstring was the color of Mira’s hair——-it was a golden bowstring.

「Th-this is……..」
「What does this mean?」

I opened my menu and looked through my creation list.

There were now two types of bows available. The type that was there previously and a new type that was called Accel Shooter.

I thought for a bit, and it came to me.

「You’ve done well Mira.」
「I had been thinking that there might be this kind of pattern before. I was thinking that by substituting a key ingredient with something else you could customize the thing you were creating. I was wondering if that was possible. But now, because of Mira, I have actual proof.」
「Y-you mean that I just helped Master!?」
「……..I’m glad.」

—Magic has been Charged by 3,000—

「But Mira, a mistake…is still a mistake」
「Even if you made a mistake and were helpful by luck, the most important thing is for you to understand and fulfill your tasks well. You understand that right?」

Risha lectured Mira as her slave senpai, and Mira obediently and quietly accepted it.

I waited till they had finished before saying to both of them,

「Risha, Mira. I’ll leave hunting the slave beasts to you.」

I activated the magic circle that would act as the slave beast radar.

「Master will?」
「Now I have a lot of things that I want to test out.」
「W-we’ll help you.」

Mira said with enthusiasm. I wonder if she’s trying to regain points after making a mistake?

「No, I’ll do this. Increasing the number of citizens is an important job so I want to leave it to you two.」

It’s no lie.


The two of them responded and happily took their bows to go find some slave beasts.

I remained behind and started to do things that didn’t feel like work at all.

I opened my menu and created a fur dress magic circle.

It was the dress that Risha wears. Taking a glance through the menu it seems like it’s the best dress so far.

I wanted to improve it but a higher tier one was not unlocked by reaching bronze card.

The material used to make the fur dress was rabbit fur.

Instead of that I am going to use something else.

I took materials out from the storehouse and put them in the circle one after another.

First I put in Abunoi grass. The moment I placed it in the magic circle, it was automatically ejected and burst.

「So if it’s a failure this happens?」

I didn’t learn my lesson and made more magic circles and put other materials in.

Bushi stone, Slave beast claws, anyways I put in all the materials I had to try.

Failure, failure, and more failure.

Each time I put them in the magic circle burst and I only ended up wasting magic power.

I tried each and every one of the materials in the storehouse, but not a single one came out well.

I imagined the smiles of my two slaves.

「Was this useless?」

If it was possible then I wanted to succeed, but if it was no good then it can’t be helped.

As I was about to leave the storehouse,

「Hm? This is…」

In the corner of the storehouse I saw the scorpion’s corpse.

That ridiculously strong scorpion that ate up all my panacea, took up my magic power, and was finally defeated. That scorpion.

That corpse.

「…….Menu Open.」

I used 950 magic and created the magic circle for the fur dress.

Then I put in that scorpion’s corpse.

The magic circle…….flashed with light.

The light engulfed the scorpion……and finally became a dress.

It was a dress that shone with a green color, it was a dress that really seemed to match the image of an elf.

「It came out!」

I yelled and did a victory pose.

I confirmed my menu and there was another dress called the Dress of Light.

It was an unequivocal success.


I left the light dress in my house and strongly grasped my eternal slave before exiting town.
「We’re home Master!」
「We’re home!」

Evening, the two slaves returned home.

「Welcome back, how was it?」
「We found 3 people.」
「They’re over there.」
「I see. I’ll go greet them in a while.」
「Mira hurry up and heal your injury. There are panaceas inside the storehouse that Master made.」

Mira headed towards the warehouse. There was a scratch on her cheek.

I wonder what she was injured by?

Mira returned at once.

「There weren’t any you know?」
「Eh? There should be—–」
「Yeah, I used them all today so don’t mind it. I’ll make some now.」
「Is that so?」

I opened my menu and made the magic circle for the panacea.

Mira had become completely used to this, so she went and got the materials and put them inside the magic circle. She then used the panacea on herself.

After I had finished checking on them I went inside the house and came back with the dresses.

Two dresses of light(light dresses)…..

Then I gave them the dresses.

「Master this is…?」
「It’s a present for the two of you. I thought green would suit you.」
「For us!?」
「Put it on and see.」

Mira tried to put it on immediately.

Risha looked between my face and the dress alternatively.

「Master…is it possible that you used the panacea to——-」
「It’s fine」

I cut her off and encouraged her to put it on.

Risha is quite sharp. She quickly connected the fact that the panaceas were used up at the same time these new dresses appeared.

That’s right. In order to make the second dress I looked for a scorpion and used up all the panaceas fighting it…then I made the dress.

Risha and Mira both changed into their dresses.

It suited them.

The two looked exactly like the eternally young race of elves.

That elf-like appearance truly looked great in a green dress.

「Just as I thought, it suits you.」
「Yes, somehow it seems fitting.」
「Thank you very much Master!」

I received both Risha’s bashfulness and Mira’s enthusiastic joy.

—Magic has been charged by 50,000—
—Magic has been charged by 50,000—


It seems like the both of them are quite happy.

Then that’s good.

Two happy people.

After I got charged, I was thinking about checking how much magic I had.

When I opened the menu, I saw something new.

Eternal Slave Kai(Revision).

I looked at it, then looked at the two of them.

I felt my expectations rise.



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