Chapter 167: Smiles Producing Infinite Magic (Main Story Final)


We were above the clouds.

The place I stood was on a cloud and the surrounding area was a field of clouds.

When I came here before there was thunder and lightning echoing about, but right now it was truly peaceful.

I’d returned.

The place that I had first transported to……the second time.

Risha and Raisa were standing beside me.

They were the Eternal Slaves Seiya and I were given when we were summoned to this world.

The first two.

「This is where it all began.」
「Yes Master.」
「I can say it now…」

Raisa said shyly.

「At that time, I thought to myself it would’ve been nice if you were my Master.」
「Is that so?」
「Un, of course I was happy that I even had a Master in the first place!」

Raisa said calmly but firmly.

That was really just like an Eternal Slave.

「But what I said about preferring you is true.」
「I see, I’m glad.」
「Me too! I’m like that too!」
「I know.」

I patted Risha’s head.

Leaving everything behind we walked above the clouds.

The world had been revived.

We were able to freely use the DORECA and 12 slave cards to restore the world that had been destroyed by the Evil God’s power.

People and animals began to flourish.

We spread modern ideas and made plenty of new inventions.

The world was restored….it was even better than it used to be.

From what I’d heard, things used to be around the level of the middle ages. However, now things had advanced to the point of the first steam engine at the very least.

Then, one day as the world flourished a gate appeared at the Demon King’s Castle I had made.

When me and my slaves entered the gate, we found ourselves above the clouds.

It was incredible.

Thinking of everything that had happened, I walked across the clouds.


Suddenly I saw the Goddess and Evil God.

I didn’t even know when they got here, but they were there sitting across from each other.

「So here’s where you were.」
「We were here.」
「Did your powers return?」
「Mine haven’t.」
「Dumb child. Of course not.」

They both denied it.

I had suspected that they’d regained their power…but it seems like that wasn’t the case.

「Then why are you here?」
「The things related to the world and its restoration have gathered here.」

The Goddess responded.

「Akihito, Akihito’s slaves, me, and Sistra. If Seiya was around….well Seiya’s slave that joined you is here as well. Everyone related has gathered.」
「I see.」
「Thank you Akihito, you’ve truly revived our world.」

The Goddess said with gratitude.

「So…what happens from now on? Will she destroy the world once more and begin over again? Or maybe once power returns to you…」
「About that」

The Goddess interjected.

「I asked Sistra and it seems she found something while watching you. She said that watching Akihito is more amusing than…」
「I didn’t say that much!」
「Eh~~yes you did」
「No I didn’t」

The Goddess and Evil God were now in a childish argument.

Somehow….I couldn’t help but think they were somehow similar.

It was just a feeling.

「Anyways! You said it! So Akihito…」
「If Akihito dies then Sistra’s powers will come back without me being able to stop her. Things will go back to how they were.」
「That’s a problem.」
「That’s why I have a suggestion.」

The Goddess smiled.

It was the purest smile I had ever seen on her face.

「Akihito could you take the position as this world’s God?」

What the hell is she saying?

I was about to say something when…

「Akihito can become the God. If you do then you’ll have a life as long as me or Sistra, then the problem is solved.」
「ne, so do it please. Become a god.」
「What will you do child?」

How did it turn out like this?

An incredible turn of events.

Even with the existence of my 12 slaves I wasn’t an essential existence to this world’s future from now on.

I had planned to revive the world, become king, and leave a dynasty. I would hand down the kingdom to my son.

Maya and the others had given birth to my children.

I had planned to live out my life as a human, but suddenly I was offered a position even greater than that of Emperor. I couldn’t get my mind around it.

But…I felt that I had to do this.

The Evil God would definitely do what the Goddess said.

If I were to die…and her power were to come back she would have no reason not to destroy the world once more.

After how long we had now known each other I knew.

She was that kind of woman. A woman who would do something because she had nothing else to do. A woman that would once again fill up the emptiness in her life that I would leave by destroying the world once more.

I had to be the dam to hold back this tide.

It might have nothing to do with me after I died…but saying that and leaving everyone to ruin even if I had the ability to stop it disturbed my heart and mind.

「I understand……I will become a God.」

The Goddess asked again.

I nodded. Things had come this far. I needed to do as my heart dictated.

「I see. Thank you. Umm…honestly I feel like I have to tell you this okay?」
「What is it?」
「Honestly once you passed through that gate you had decided to move beyond the position of Master and become God.」
「Well…you restored the world right? So at that time I was thinking that most humans would still pursue more power without being satisfied…they’d want eternal youth or something like that….so I was like ‘it can’t be helped’ I was tired and thought why not have the one who succeeded in restoring the world become God……」
「….so what are you saying? Are you saying I’d made my decision before you asked?」
「Well…you were already a God when you entered.」

I’d been had.

Well not really….but I couldn’t help but feel that I’d been fooled.

「Sorry Akihito.」
「Amusing child, this is why I never lose interest.」

The two of them said shamelessly.

As I thought…they were similar.

「Ah, but there is good news for you.」
「Gods have eternal youth.」


「God’s slaves become Angels with eternal youth…..only God can kill them, but anything else can’t.」
「… that means?」
「You can be with your slaves forever.」

The Goddess said with a thumbs up and a wink.

The Evil God let out a sigh.


I heard someone’s voice.

The voice of one of my Eternal Slaves.

I turned to look and saw all 12 of them.

They looked back at me with smiles on all their faces.

These lovable adorable creatures.

Six mothers and six daughters…all twelve of them smiled joyfully at me.

Above the newly revived world.

—Magic is Infinitely Charged—



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