Chapter 27: (Spoiler)


Start of Volume 2

Town of Ribek, Golden Mansion’s former location.

My two slaves and I were making a house.

「Menu Open. First, we do a wooden house.」

「I’ll get the abunoi grass and the busshi stones」
「Then I’ll get the wood!」

The two of them set off running. They might be working so enthusiastically in order to get their collars/chokers back.

「Wait wait wait」

I called them to stop, then I put two more magic circles on the ground.

The first one was 「two story house」 and the second one was something that had been released when my card had turned gold…「small palace」.

「two story house」 required a one story house as a material and 「small palace」 required a two story house.

「I understand. We will gather it all at once.」
「Please wait for a bit!」

The two of them said, and set out.

I saw them off and checked my menu.

Type: Gold Card
Magic Level: 498,879
Number of Items Created: 4,812
Number of Slaves: 2
I still have quite a bit of magic left over. Even after destroying that golden mansion I have this much.

With this I can make a lot of things. I can make various things that were made available after it turned into a Gold Card.

First of all, I became able to make various vehicles so I need to link the four towns via a transportation network.

Since the number of citizens has suddenly risen, I need to increase my production of food…pushinee. By the way, I became able to make 100 per magic circle, but it costs 150. That means they now cost 1.5 magic per pushinee.

Well, if my calculations aren’t wrong, the next rank will allow me to make 1,000. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if I had to pay double…2,000 magic for each circle.

From now on the towns will expand and so will the number of citizens.


A voice interrupted my thoughts.

A woman in the latter half of her 20s…a resident of Ribek had approached me.

「Milord, the men wish to go hunting, but they do not have enough weapons, would it be possible to obtain some? We are short by about 20.」
「I understand. When I’m done here I’ll go make some.」

The woman thanked me and left.

Just one more thing I have to do.

Hmm, I wonder how many things I have to do total?

My mind feels a bit confused.

As I was in a bit of a haze, Risha and Mira returned.

The two of them brought the supplies, put them in the magic circle, and left once more.

「…this is inefficient.」

The 「small palace’s」 materials were all here (aside from the two story house), but the materials for the wooden house weren’t even fully gathered…

I was up in a commotion and so were the two of them.
「How do you do? I am the representative of Kazan’s leader Malta, my name is Valeria.」

Inside of the finished mansion/palace, we were entertaining a guest in the reception room.

I was seated across from a single woman.

She gave off a composed feeling and looked like a ‘literary girl’ type beauty. She stood in front of me and bowed.

「Ahh, I’m Akito.」
「I am aware. The mighty Lord who has control over four towns. The rumors have reached Kazan as well.」
「I see.」

Is Kazan the name of an area, or the name of a town?

So that means that Maruta is the leader and this woman, Valeria, is their subordinate.

I had thought I was just entertaining a guest….but could this be a diplomatic meeting?

Another place’s Lord had sent a messenger to meet the Lord of this area…in other words, me.

…….this is definitely some sort of diplomatic meeting.

I had been caught up in so many things, I hadn’t properly understood my position yet.

I organized my thoughts and feelings and once more began to talk to her.

「So, Valeria, is there something you need from me?」
「First, I would like to thank you for the courteous reception after I so suddenly visited.」

She bowed once again. However, I don’t think I really had a reason to refuse this meeting.

「I had observed the towns as I was making my way here. Unlike before, they seem to be filled with energy. They seem to be practically reborn.」
「Were they that terrible before?」
「Yes, everyone was…living as though they were on borrowed time, the towns were depressing.」

That’s probably because of how Marato ruled.

「The buildings seem new as well, and the people seem to be well off. I think they may be the most well off people in this entire destroyed world.」

Aren’t you exaggerating a bit? I really can’t think that we’re at the forefront of affluence.

However, Valeria continued complimenting me.

She continued to stress how wealthy the town was.

「This is my own humble opinion, but this would not be possible without Akito-sama’s power, no?」

She asked. I thought I could pass it off but,

「To such an Akito, we have come to ask something.」
「….what do you want?」
「I think it is an impudent and shameless request but…..」

She assumed an air of grave importance, I unknowingly gulped in anticipation…

「Can you…lend us…some food.」

I felt a distinct feeling of anti-climax.

I was excited over what kind of unreasonable request they were going to make…and it ended up being food.

Well, if all they want is food then…

I can share some of that disgusting, filling, calorie giving pushinee.

「It may be brazen for us to beg for the most valuable thing in this destroyed world, but please. Somehow if you can, I beg of you….」


Valeria seems as though she’s at her wits end.

Do you need it that much?

Even if you need to beg?

Suddenly I recalled several things from when I had been brought to this world.

I remembered what was happening in Akito, Bisk, Magatan, and here in Ribek.

Before I had gotten involved with them, they had been suffering from food shortages and were on their final legs.

Now that I think about it, this world had been destroyed and became mostly wastelands and wilderness.

It’s normal….for there to be rampant food shortages.

I see.

「I understand.」
「How many people are there?」
「Around 500 desu」

I think I should give them enough for three meals a day for a month.


With the most efficient 100 pushinee magic circles…it’ll cost me 67,500.

Well, it’s not too huge of a number.

「Really, thank you so much! Akito-sama is our savior!」

Valeria bowed deeply.

Well, it is food.

Among the necessities of life, it is probably the most important.

「By the way…..I had heard that Akito-sama is served by two eternal slaves…」
「Hm? Yes I am. What about it?」
「If you’d like…I have brought one for you…please accept.」
「Brought one…you mean an eternal slave?」
「Yes. Come in.」

She turned and called.

A girl in a full mantle opened the door and came inside.

She had golden hair, tapered ears, and looked like an elf…and eternal slave.

「If you’d like, please accept.」

Valeria said as she bowed again.

I want to accept…desperately.

An adorable elf(ES) in consideration of my help.
I have absolutely no reason to refuse.

「I understand, I accept.」
「Thank you very much!」

At that moment my DORECA lit up.

Inside my menu, the number of my slaves increased to 3.


Chapter 27: The Third Person



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