I was surprised.

Every single one of the 50 people were women.

After the fight, all 50 of the defeated women were staring at me.

I was a bit embarrassed, this wasn’t how I saw things developing.

「Umm…for now could you send out your leader?」

I thought that I should talk to them. When I asked, a single woman stepped forward.

「I am the Leader.」

It was an older-sister like woman, that was the impression I got after she removed her mantle.



In a single phrase…I’d describe her outfit as Bikini-armor.

「Your name is?」
「Isn’t it good manners to name yourself before asking others?」
「I’m Akito」

After I named myself so easily and simply, Maya seemed to sulk a bit before introducing herself.

「Ok then Maya, what are you guys? I assume that you’re the ones who attacked my town?」
「Yes, I won’t make any excuses. It was me. I will take responsibility myself.」
「What are you saying Nee-san!?」
「That’s right. Onee-sama was thinking of everyone’s well being——」

All of the girls were saying this and that, but Maya glared at them once and they fell silent.

I understood that they had a lot the wanted to say, but after the look from Maya, they reluctantly accepted the situation.

That’s good, that means that as long as I settle things with Maya, everything will be good.

「I don’t care what happens to me since we lost. Please let them go if you can.」
「Whatever, just tell me the reason you attacked. Why did you steal the food from my town?」
「The reason?」

Maya humphed scornfully.

「You, did you come down from heaven or something? Isn’t it just so that we can eat?」
「So that you can eat…」
「That’s right, if not who would do something so dangerous? That attack caused multiple injuries with my people. One of them is still in dangerous condition.」

So I guess the townspeople’s counterattack wounded them as well?

「Where is that one?」

Maya glared at me cautiously.

I took out a panacea from my bag and tossed it on Maya.

The injury that she had from our fight was healed momentarily.

I took out another panacea and displayed it.

「Where is she?」

I repeated and all the women’s eyes changed into looks of expectation.
The women guided me to their base. I used the panacea on the seriously injured woman.

She looked like she’d die at any moment, but was healed quickly.

I watched as they embraced her in joy, then took Maya elsewhere to talk to her.

「Are there any more injured?」
「N-no it’s alright. Everyone else only has scratches…because you went easy on us.」
「I see, then that’s fine. The medicine takes some effort to make.」

I didn’t have many people around this area.

「You…….what are your intentions?」
「Nothing much. Anyways, stop attacking towns. If you want pushinee….that food, then just come to me directly.」
「…Really what are you after?」

Maya was definitely on guard.

「Nothing. Though you probably understand if you’ve eaten it, it fills your stomach but is disgusting.」
「That’s why if I distribute it to everyone you’ll at least be able to maintain the bare minimum living standard. If that’s the case then I’ll gladly give as many as I have. In exchange—you must stop doing things like robbery.」
「….are you really going to give us this? As you can see we’re quite a large family.」

Maya said.

At some point the rest of the girls had gathered. They were all holding their breath in anticipation of the exchange between me and Maya.


I nodded frankly. Finally, the hostile light in Maya’s eyes faded.

「Come to the town when you want. Madway will contact me.」

I said and prepared to leave.

We’ve reached a good stopping point…or so I thought when,

「W-wait up.」

I was asked to stop. I turned around.

「What’s up?」
「We attacked that town, they’ll hold a grudge.」
「I see.」

That might be true. They hadn’t injured me personally so I didn’t really mind, but Madway and the rest might hold it against them.

「A-also it’d feel bad to simply accept charity without doing anything.」
「Then what do you want to do?」

Maya stopped talking and looked around.

The girls all looked back at her and nodded.

「We’ll work for you. That’s for compensation.」
「Work for me?」
「Though we may have lost to you, I’m…we’re pretty confident in our strength. We could work for you as soldiers or bodyguards, something like that…」


「You’re quite conscientious aren’t you?」

Maya turned bright red and made a moaning sound that can’t be expressed with words.

That was a cute character gap.

I unintentionally chuckled and answered.

「That’s fine. If you work for me, I’ll guarantee you food. I’ll expect you to work properly.」

Maya’s eyes sparkled and the women let out a quiet cheer.

This is how I obtained personal soldiers.

Chapter 32: Lord’s Soldiers



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