Chapter 42: One in Body and Mind


After beating some more dragons I saw Maya and the rest approaching from a distance.

Of the 100 strong group of armed young women, half were carrying swords and spears, while another portion were carrying goods and pulling carts, and the rest were pulling the mobile nitokas that I’d created.

They were my subordinates, in another sense they were also my elite guards.

After approaching to a certain distance all of them stopped. Then only their leader, Maya, approached me.

「Yeah, it’s been a while.」
「Did you take care of this…alone?」

Maya said as she looked at the dragon.

「Yeah I guess. I needed its blood.」

I answered and the girls behind Maya started squealing and chattering.

In high pitched voices 「Amazing」「He’s so strong」「How cool…..」
I heard such things here and there.

「What about you? How are things?」
「We’re doing great. That’s right, about those monkeys…we’ve seen them here and there so we defeated every one we’ve seen.」
「The slave beasts? So?」
「They turned back into humans just like you said. We pointed them towards the closest town that you govern, they should’ve headed over there.」
「I see, thank you.」

I spoke my thanks.

For my towns to continue development I need more and more people.

The fastest way to get these people is to defeat the slave beasts and turn them back into people.

Because my hands have been full recently, I gave this task to Maya and the rest.

Of course, when I see them I’ll defeat them as well.

「How many people are in your town now?」
「I left the details to Yuria but…I think it’s about 3,000 people for now.」
「I see.」

For some reason Maya looked quite happy.

「Somehow…you’re looking quite pleased.」
「Well, you’re ruling over 3,000 people after all.」
「I’m happy about that.」

Is that all?

「That’s right! You…do you like women?」
「Where’s this coming from?」
「Just answer.」
「Well yeah…I’m a guy after all.」

What about it? I thought as I looked at Maya.

「I’ll get right down to business then. We’d like you to have children with us.」

I looked at Maya and the girls behind her.

「With you…and who else?」
「All of us…that’s obvious, right?」
「My common sense can’t handle how you think this is obvious.」

When I asked what in God’s name was going on…

「Well, for now we’ve already reconstructed several towns and defeated a lot of monkeys to turn them back into people, right?」
「But for people, having children and giving birth is the most natural method of increasing the population.」
「I suppose that’s true…」
「So…give us children.」
「That’s a bit of a jump in logic.」

I know giving birth is how we propagate but I’m not sure why they’re all coming to me.


Maya motioned her chin towards the girls behind her.

They were all——looking at me.

「As you can see, they are all women. Pretty young women who are still virgins.」
「You too.」
「Thank you. And these girls said this. If they were to have children they’d like to have it be from a strong, cool, amazing guy——-basically they say that Akito is great.」

Maya said and I once again looked at the other girls.

Under the focused gazes of these young women I realized they were looking at me with eyes that I’d seen before. They were the eyes of girls looking at an idol…gazes of admiration…almost yearning.

「That’s how it is.」
「I see…」
「We’re all very grateful to you.」
「Grateful. Is it strange?」
「Well…I have an inkling as to why.」

I’d done quite a lot. I’d made them whatever they needed and provided them food, shelter, and clothing…

It’s not strange for them to feel grateful for that.

「That’s why…」

Maya winked at me.

「Their thankfulness and admiration led to accepting you as the one they want.」
「I see.」
「So, give us children.」
「…it’s no good if it’s not everyone?」

Maya nodded and the girls behind her nodded as well with serious looks on their faces.

「I mean that’s obvious right? We’ve always been together up till this point. We’ve gone through life and death together so why should having kids be any different?」

I’m still having trouble grasping this situation…my brain feels like it’s breaking a bit…but I understand the general nuance of what’s going on.

This isn’t a bad feeling. It feels nice to be faced with all these people who have feelings of gratitude and admiration towards me.

「I understand. But right now is no good.」
「It would be very troubling to have all of you out of action.」
「Right now, you are all acting as my elite guards.」
「….I see…that’s true isn’t it…」

Maya nodded. The girls behind her looked disappointed but also appeared as if they understood that it couldn’t be helped.

「Then eventually?」
「That’s fine. I promise to do so at a later time.」
「—-give us all children.」
「and I’ll make you all a town to live in.」

I said and the girls got all excited.

Half of them cheered and the other half seemed moved.

It seems like I’m becoming more and more like an idol to them.



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