Chapter 43: Tolerance


「AKIIIIIHHHHIIIITTTTTOOOOOOOOO」 (This is Seiya forgetting Akito’s correct name)

As I was returning to town surrounded by Maya and the girls, I heard a distant voice screaming.

When I turned to look, it was Seiya.

It’d been a while since I’d seen him but he approached with bloodshot eyes and brandished an iron sword at me.

「It’s alright.」

I held back Maya and took out my Eternal Slave Kai.

I didn’t want to look uncool in front of these women who’d expressed their affection for me.


I brandished my blade and intercepted Seiya’s attack.

A metallic sound rang out once——and my sword split Seiya’s in half.

「Damn it!」

Seiya foolishly swung his broken sword at me again.

If you looked from the side it looked as if a spoiled brat was throwing a temper tantrum, the attack was completely useless.

I grabbed his hand and then gave his stomach a swift punch.

His sword fell to the ground with a clatter.


Seiya fell to his knees with a depressing sound.


Seiya’s slave ran over.

Her clothing was the same as what she’d been wearing at the Goddess’s place…except it was even more worn-out.

……this is probably what he thought of as proper clothing for a slave.

She seemed worried for him and ran to his side.

「Shut up!」

Seiya shook her off.

Then reeled back and slapped her cheek cleanly with the back of his hand.

She fell onto her backside and held her cheek with a tearful expression.

「Damn it! Only 200!? This goddamn useless thing!」

No, I think it’s about time you realized that this wasn’t the right way already.

「Shut it!」

He glared at me as his bloodshot eyes got even redder.

「Tell me! What kind of trick did you pull!? Did you meet the Goddess again and butter her up!?」
「Goddess? If you mean Ilia, I haven’t met her since then.」
「Don’t lie to me! What did you do!?」
「……I just made a town together with my slave…」
「Don’t goddamn lie to me!!」

Seiya shrieked.

「There’s no way you could’ve made such a big town! There’s no way you could’ve gotten four towns so quickly!!……………

So this is the conclusion?
You can’t understand so I’m cheating?

「Haaaa…Be quiet. I didn’t do much. I just made my slaves happy.」
「Damn youuuuuuu!」

Seiya tried to punch me.

In retaliation I——did nothing because Maya had forced her way forward and pinned his arms behind his back.

「Let go! Damn it! Even now you’re trying to make a fool of me!」
「No I’m no——」
「Shut up shut up shut up!」

He screamed. It looks like anything I try to say would be useless.

「Hey Akito, what should we do with this guy.」

Maya looked at me and so did the other girls.

It seemed as though they were saying “If he needs to be disposed of, we can do it for you”.

「……just let this thing go.」
「Is that ok?」
「Yeah, he’s the only one I have left from my old home.」
「If that’s the case…then it can’t be helped.」

Maya seemed to understand.

She pushed Seiya away from me.

As he staggered, Seiya once again glared at me.
「I’ll tell you once more. I didn’t do much. I didn’t cheat. I just thought of how to best treat my slaves. You can take that meaning in whatever way you like.」

He didn’t answer, he simply glared at me like I’d killed his parents.

「If you think I’m tricking you, just try to make your slave happy and see. If you do, things might change.」
「Shut up!」

Seiya yelled, and turned away.

「Who’d believe this bull? Just watch, I’ll uncover how you cheated and what tricks you used.」

It seems no matter what I say, it won’t get through to him.

Seiya walked away and his slave began to follow him.

「Don’t follow me Useless!」

His slave froze.

「Just sit there in seiza! Don’t come back today!」

Seiya left after yelling that at his slave.

His slave watched as he left then, as he ordered, kneeled on the stones in a seiza.

「Wait, what are you doing here? You’re going to injure your legs, so stand up.」

Maya walked towards her about to lift her to her feet.


Maya faltered at the serious look on my face.

「Let her do as she pleases.」
「It’s an order from her Master, and she is an eternal slave.」

I turned to her and asked,

「That’s right isn’t it?」

She didn’t answer. She just looked at me.

She seemed strangely, grateful for the consideration…

「I-is that so?」
「Let’s go.」

I took Maya and the girls and left.

We walked away from Seiya’s slave.

Maya and the girls continually glanced back furtively, but I didn’t look back once.

That was……probably part of her own sort of pride.

Thanks to being told that overwork was a symbol of pride from Risha and the rest…I had some confidence in what I thought.

Our group advanced through the wilderness.

After walking for a while Maya called out to me.

「You’re…an even bigger man (TN: as in: be the bigger man) than we’d thought…」
「Is that so?」
「That’s right. Right everyone?」

Maya called out and the girls agreed.

「In comparison……that guy doesn’t have any balls. He’s not a real man.」

Once again the girls agreed.

They all began to talk and the surroundings became lively.

「Hey Akito…」

Maya walked close and linked arms with me and spoke in a soft coaxing voice…

「What’s up?」
「As I thought…Give us kids now.」

The girls’ voices suddenly stopped, and they all looked at me with expectant eyes.

I’m glad their hopeful but…

「Not now. I do not have the free time to create a town for you guys yet. You need to wait for a bit.」
「I see…alright.」

Maya separated from me with a lonesome look on her face.

I was wondering if I needed to do a bit of emotional follow up when,

「As I though…Akito is a big and tolerant guy.」
「I think so too!」
「I’m looking forward to the day we can have your kids!」

Maya and the girls said.

It was even more lively than before……it was a happy occasion.



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