Chapter 48: Punishing the Scum


Inside the town of Ribek in an urgently built new building.

It was a 『Prison』 that cost 50,000 magic. I made two of them and threw the soldiers from Maxim’s army that we’d captured.

I was now receiving a report from Yuria about the situation.

「We have captured 274 in total, they are all those who were lightly injured. Therefore, we should assign a larger amount of guards for them.」
「Just use enough to ensure they don’t escape. Also let them eat as they need to…pushinee should be good enough.」

Yuria took me on a tour around the prison. Maxim’s men watched me vigilantly.

Their eyes seemed to be wondering what I’d do to them now that they were imprisoned.

I had no further plans for them as of now so let’s just leave them.

After leaving the first prison we entered the second.

I could smell blood.

The previous prison had that kind of smell, but here it was much stronger.

I knit my eyebrows as Yuria reported to me.

「Everyone here was heavily wounded. Some of them are probably in critical condition.」
「Give them all panacea, it wouldn’t be good if they died.」
「It wouldn’t be good?」
「No, it wouldn’t.」

Yuria nodded and set off to prepare the panacea.

She ran out of the prison and I saw her off. I took another trip around the prison.

I expected the same treatment from the prisoners here, but these ones had a different reaction.
Maybe because they’re heavily wounded, they all looked at me with eyes that seemed to ask for help.

I knew that Yuria would bring the panacea and save them later, so I simply walked around and looked at them.

My feet stopped suddenly, inside the prison there was a man I recognized who was lying down.


It was the man who had advised me to surrender to Maxim.

He was lying there limply with the left half of his body covered in blood.


It seems like he’s conscious. He was lying there exhausted, glaring at me.

I was a bit worried he’d die so I entered the prison.

I took out a panacea from my personal bag and gave it to him to drink.

The panacea that I’d made with magic and the DORECA was extremely effective. His excessive bleeding stopped immediately and the pain seemed to subside.

Jahn raised himself up.

He looked at his own arm in disbelief and moved it around.

It seemed like he couldn’t believe it was healed.

「Is it fine now? Are you still in pain?」
「Nope. What’s that?」

It wasn’t necessary to explain it more than that, so I left it at that.

Now, there was something I needed to ask Jahn.

「Fuu, you really get it huh?」

Before I got the chance to ask, Jahn opened his mouth and said with a smirk.

「I…get it?」
「Yeah, that it’d be bad if ya let me die. Ya know since I’m one of Maxim-sama’s close aids. I’m one of da Four Heavenly Kings. Top Brass so to speak. If I die then you’d be in a pinch.」

He was a member of the top brass?

「Well, in light of all dis’ you’ll be forgiven for how ya treated me before.」
「Well anyways, gimme some food and booze. Especially booze. Give me the best booze this town’s got.」
「You’ll get food later, booze is impossible. We don’t even have any.」

Well actually we might have some…

Recently our trade had been flourishing so due to that we might actually have some somewhere.

But I hadn’t brought any and he doesn’t seem to understand his position.

「Che, can’t be helped. I don’t even get what Maxim-sama saw in this place.」

Jahn cursed.

He had gotten angry.

Jahn stood up and walked to leave through the open cell door.

He moved so naturally I was a bit late in stopping him.

When I went to stop him, suddenly he stopped moving and turned to me.

「That’s right, bring me a woman.」
「Yeah, women. Bring me five for now. All of them virgins, got it?」
「Where? Your mansion should be fine. Bring them there, I’ll be waiting so hurry it up.」

He said and began to walk out of the cell as if he owned the place.

I was absolutely astounded and a bit fed up…I grabbed his shoulder and dragged him back in.

「What are you doing?」
「You’re a prisoner so be obedient and sit here in your cell.」
「You’ll get three meals a day and a blanket if it gets cold.」
「Are you crazy? You’re seriously locking me up in here?」
「Of course, you’re a prisoner.」
「Ha! Looks like ya don’t understand after all!」

Jahn laughed scornfully. I wonder what he thinks I don’t understand.

「Ya’ may have fought him back once…but that won’t go on fer too long. Got it? Maxim-sama’s power ain’t just for show, he’s scary ya see? Once he snaps, there ain’t no tellin’ what he’ll do.」
「So he’s that type of man huh…」
「That’s right. So if one of his Four Kings was treated so rudely after he named himself…he’d flip out. If that happens, it ain’t gonna be pretty see? He’d change from controlling this town, ta’ burning it to the ground.」
「Well…I think he might not just burn it down. He’d gather up everyone in town and slaughter them.」
「So do your best to entertain me. Your treatment will determine what happens to ya.」
Jahn snorted with a conceited and victorious look on his face.

It seems like he decided that I wasn’t answering because I was afraid.


Risha approached the prison from outside.

She had a mountain of panacea in her arms as she ran over.

「Sorry for the wait Master. I’ve brought the panacea. There’s not enough so Yuria is making the rest.」
「I see. Give it to the most grievously injured.」

Risha began to move according to my orders.

「That’s yer slave right?」
「Hm? Yeah.」
「It can’t be helped…I’ll just be satisfied with that. You’ve got two other slaves too right? Bring them too.」
「……what are you trying to say…」
「You’re joking right?」

Jahn looked down at me his brow furrowed.
……he was angry.

「I told ya’ ta’ bring me girls didn’t I? It’s too hard to find them in such a short time right? So I’ll just bear with your three slaves.」
「Yeah. I don’t really want ta’ be touchin’ eternal slaves but, in this case I’ll deal with i——」

My hand moved before I was aware of just how angry I was.

Eternal Slave flew from its scabbard and tore Jahn’s head from his shoulders.

His head flew from his shoulders as his lips flapped open and closed a few more times.

His head still had that prideful smile on it. It pissed me off so much I stepped forward and split his disembodied head in half.

After I split it in half his lips stopped flapping and a second later his body collapsed to the floor.

Even still my irritation hadn’t fully subsided. But,

—Magic has been charged by 50,000—

I turned around and saw Mira standing there blushing and fidgeting.

She had an armful of panacea just like Risha. It seems like she’d brought the rest of it and had seen the entire scene.

「M-Master? What happened here?」

Risha said from outside the cell as she looked on in shock.

「What happened Mira?」

Mira began to explain to Risha.


I interrupted.


Risha looked at me a bit fearfully.

「I need to borrow your power」

I said and touched the red jewel to suck her in.

I used the flame slave sword and burnt Jahn’s body into nothingness.

Finally that calmed my rage.




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