Chapter 57: Towns Springing Up


Lord’s Mansion, Town of Ribek.


I held my DORECA as I looked at my menu. I was receiving a report from Yuria at the moment.

「The people who were rescued from Maxim said that their towns were already destroyed. After talking, they said they wanted to live in Master’s towns.」
「Which towns? Or would it be better to make new ones?」
「New towns would be best. Their bodies and spirits are in tatters. A new town would do wonders for them.」
「I see.」

I nodded.
I recalled the information Yuria had given me, organized it, and began giving out orders.

「For now have them live a short distance from town in the usual place. Once the location of the new town has been decided, I’ll go set up the groundwork.」
「Understood. I’ll move them to the refugee town.」

Yuria nodded and wrote something on her paper.

Recently we’d been taking in more and more people and sending them to the same place. That became known as the refugee town.

Actually something else was bothering me.

The time with the people of Pelmi and these people.

Maybe the refugees would become close to the population of Ribek.

Normally the town would be bankrupt by this.

I checked my DORECA and magic power, for now I could keep that from becoming a reality.

「Next are the people of Pelmi. Even if they return to their town, they want to follow Master, so said their representative.」
「Follow me? You mean join under me like Bisk and the others?」
「I understand. Then teach them the rules. Inform them of the way I do things, and check if they still want to join. If so, then accept them.」

Yuria wrote some more.

Yuria organized the information, reported it to me, and received my orders.

It was our usual pattern.

With this the Maxim situation is resolved and our post war cleanup is coming along well.

With this incident our population increased by 1,000 people at least, so we would be making another town.

The scale was becoming bigger and bigger.

「Master, here.」

Yuria said and handed me a sheet of paper.

「What’s this?」
「A map」

This was the first map I’d seen since coming to this world.

I looked at it.

「A map is nice, but what’s this section?」
「That is Master’s dominion.」

She told me and I looked once more.

There were mountains and various geographical features on the map and most of it was done in the same color to mark my territory.

If this was my domain then it’s pretty big……but what’s included here? What’s the scale?
I thought a bit and asked.

「Where is Ribek?」

She approached and pointed.

「The size is?」
「……about this big」

She took a pen and drew the border of Ribek.

She drew the shape of Ribek at the southern tip.

I was able to estimate the size of my domain using Ribek’s border.

Size-wise it was about 1/4th the size of the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

The number of citizens were about 6,000 so it was mostly wilderness…but area wise it was quite large.

It was unexpectedly big I thought.

The sun was high in the sky and it was about noon.

My fourth slave Lilia and the refugees were moving.

We had chosen an open area using the map and were moving to the new location of their town.

There we would begin construction.

「Menu Open.」

I placed a circle.

「Lilia please gather the materials.」
「Ok desuno!」

My cute slave placed the prepared materials into the circle.

Within moments a Fountain of Ilia appeared.

The most important part of making a town, an item that would prevent monsters from invading.

After feeling the 「sense of security」 it gave, the people cheered.

「It’s a Fountain of Ilia!」
「This feeling…it’s the real thing!」
「To make it so easily…….」

The hundreds of people we’d brought were in an uproar.

This was a demonstration for them.

The ones who were with me were those who mostly didn’t know me and I didn’t know them. They were people who didn’t know of my abilities.

To calm their hearts and smooth the transition I decided to do a big demonstration that’d have proper impact.

It seemed like it was effective, so I began the next phase of my plan.

「Lilia, put down a magic circle there.」
「Ok desuno!」

Lilia followed our prior arrangements and moved ten meters away to place down a magic circle.

The circle’s arrows all pointed in the same direction.

They pointed to the cart filled with materials.

They were the materials we’d brought with us.

「Everyone, take the materials that the arrows are pointing to and put them in the circle.」

They got noisy again.

They were confused and didn’t move, they were uncertain of what would happen to them couldn’t seem to take the first step.

「L-let’s give it a try」

A young man said from within the group.

He had short hair, was dressed cleanly, and looked like a fresh and likable young man.

「Give it a try. You just have to put the shining things inside of the circle.」
「I understand.」

The young man nodded and headed towards the materials.

He followed my instructions and placed the materials within the circle.

He did this by himself and made a couple of round trips.

They all glanced over towards the Fountain of Ilia occasionally as if checking it was still there.

At first the people of the town of Akito didn’t know their right from their left. But now they were well experienced in making things and were efficient as well.

Now that I think about it, this all took on a game like feeling. I should take care not to treat this all as a game.

The cheering pulled me out of my reverie.

I looked and saw that the young man had completed a wooden house.

The surrounding people were surprised, but the young man was even more so.

It was a demonstration and a tutorial.

It was a success. I turned to the young man and said,

「Ok, this is your house.」
「M-my house?」
「You made it just now didn’t you? So this is yours.」
「My house…….」

The man looked emotionally at his new home.

「This is the first home I’ve ever owned…..」
「How’s the location? If you’d prefer elsewhere, then tell me. There aren’t any homes up yet so you can choose anywhere.」
「Can it even be right next to the Fountain of Ilia!?」
「Yeah. Lilia.」
「Ok desuno!」

Lilia hoisted the house up and moved it right near the spring fountain.

It was arranged so that when you opened the front door you’d immediately see the spring.

「Is this alright desu no?」

She placed the house where he wanted.

The people sighed and made a commotion.

That location seemed to have a special meaning.

This was convenient…in a demonstration meaning.

The man entered his home an 「Uhyaa!」 cried out in happiness.

That reaction was convenient as well.

The people seemed to be feeling jealous as I called out.

「This is my power. I can make your town just like this!」

Whisper whisper, murmur murmur.

「I will aid you with this power. So all of you begin to make your town!」

I yelled and they all began to cheer.
Lilia and I split the work making houses, clothes, beds, and furniture.

We made the basic magic circles one after another and let the citizens finish them.

Looking out at the land from the very edge of the Fountain of Ilia we watched them.

After seeing the demonstration, all the people were raring to go.

We placed more magic circles here and there, and before long houses began popping up one after another.

「This is somehow fun to watch desu no.」
「This is the first time you’ve seen a town made like this, right Lilia?」
「Yes desu no. My elder sisters have seen this before?」
「Risha and Mira have…but Yuria hasn’t.」
「I see desuno.」

A woman came running over.

「Akito-sama the neighbor’s house is much too close.」
「Ok desuno!」

Lilia left with that woman.

I saw the house lift up and move in the distance.

A little while later Lilia came back and stood next to me.

Next, with almost perfect timing a man showed up.

「Milord, what shall we do about food?」
「That takes time, so I took care of it beforehand. Lilia」
「Ok desuno!」

Lilia took the man and ran.

She took out the pushinee from storage and gave it to the man.

Then she came back.

Next a child appeared wearing baggy clothes.

「Oji-chan these clothes are too big.」
「Ok desuno! I’ll make them smaller desuno.」

Lilia left with the child.

She had been moving around and around, but she looked happy.

It was the happiness of working.

It was quite busy, but I left much of it to Lilia as I watched the town grow.
The town grew larger at incredible speed.



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