Chapter 59: Bragadeleu


「Be the mayor of this town.」

I bluntly told Zawal inside the temporary manor.


Zawal cried out in surprise.

「Wh-why me?」
「Because you called out to me first. I’m talking about the building of the first house.」

Zawal had volunteered for the demonstration and tutorial.

Thanks to that, things had gone pretty smoothly.

「After that you’ve been taking the initiative for other things right? Making the town and during that pushinee incident. Not only that, I heard you were getting a group together to go hunting right?」
「I was just doing these things so that we can live better. I’m just working to better ourselves like Milord has commanded……」
「That may be true, but you’re standing out. I’m anticipating good things so I want you to be the Mayor.」

I looked at him.

「How about it?」

Zawal thought for a bit and hesitantly nodded.

「…..I understand, allow me to do so.」

Although he seemed a bit hesitant he nodded firmly.

I thought that he should be able to do this.
In the afternoon, I took Lilia and returned to Ribek.

As we left most of the townspeople were gathered at the front gate.

Zawal was at the front of all of them.

「A big send-off desu no」

Lilia whispered into my ear.

I nodded and said to Zawal.

「The first stage is complete, so I’ll be returning to Ribek, if anything happens contact me. If you tell me or one of my slaves we should be able to resolve any issues. It’s fine even if you contact Maya.」
「Your Lordship, we have a request.」

I asked with a wry smile.

I shouldn’t have forgotten any necessary things. This must be something they just want.

Well, if it’s reasonable I won’t refuse.

「What is it? Tell me.」
「Please….give this town a name.」

Now that you remind me…I hadn’t done so.

We never decided a name for the town.

「Oops…sorry I forgot. A name huh?」

I thought to myself…what name would be good?

「If you’d like, we have a name we thought of.」

Zawal said and I had a bad premonition.

I remembered Madway and those guys…what they’d named their town.

「It’s not Akito right?」

My first town was named Akito. Madway and them had forced it through my resistance.

I understand that it’s not a bad feeling to have a place named after you, but in reality it’s kinda tough.

It makes it a bit hard for me to say the name of the town…whenever it gets brought up my back feels all prickly.

My slaves will eventually have towns named after them, but I’m fine with only a single one bearing my name.

「No, that’s not it.」
「I see, what is it?」

I said it to see how it felt.

It was a bit long, but it was still within acceptable limits.
But above all it wasn’t embarassing.

It had the same kind of ring, like Ribek and Pelmi. I think it might be good.

「Is that what everyone agreed on?」

Zawal nodded and the citizens nodded as well.

Fumu, in that case.

「Then let’s go with that. What was the inspiration?」
「Oh, it is an expression of our gratitude to you Milord. It’s like this.」


I looked at him dumbfounded.

Then the citizens all began to shout at once with big smiles.

—We are thankful for Bragadeleu—!

I stood there blankly.

This might be more embarrassing than just having a poor name.
As we returned to Ribek…

Lilia suddenly erupted with excitement.

「I made a town desuno!」
「Hm? What’s up all of a sudden?」
「I made a town desuno! In an abandoned place I made a town in about 10 days!」
「Oh…that place.」

Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to call it 「Bragadeleu」 after I knew what it signified…it was embarrassing.

「We made it all at once! We made springs, houses, walls, clothes, food…all of it!」
「Yeah we did. Well, it is due to having the experience in the towns before this.」
「They became all smiley desuno!」
「Yes desuno! They’re all thankful to Onii-chan, Lilia can throw out her chest in pride desuno~」
「I see.」

Then that’s good.

I looked at Lilia.

I hadn’t interacted with them too much, but Lilia had.

I knew how hard she’d worked.

「Yes desuno?」
「You did well.」

I spoke up to express my gratitude.

It was just a few simple words but Lilia latched onto them.

「Really desuno? Is that true desuno? Lilia…did well?」
「Yes, yes you did very well.」

I praised her again.

It was only praise, it wouldn’t hurt anyone.

In fact, I wanted to praise my slaves more, love them more, and make them happier.

That’s my style after all.

「I…did it…desuno.」

She whispered to herself as she did a little guts pose.

If that makes you that happy then…..

「Lilia, do you want to go to a good place?」
「A good place desuno?」

Better than where we were going? Lilia thought and started to get excited.
I took Lilia with me to the forest.

It was our handmade desert oasis.


I thought she might like it, but she seems even happier than I thought she would be.

「What is this place?」
「It’s something that Risha and I made…a forest.」
「You made it desuno?」
「Trees, grass, bushes, and springs. When you put them all together then you get this.」
「Animals too desuno?」
「That’s different. They gathered after the forest was finished and started living here.」

Lilia seemed even happier.

She ran around chasing after animals.

Risha had continued planting here, making this look even more like a forest…her tension seems pretty high.

As I thought, Eternal Slaves like things like this.

Also…they suit this kind of environment.

Inside an abundant forest, wearing a green dress, with golden hair, and pointed ears.

It truly suits them.

I entered deeper into the forest.

Next to the lake was a cabin, it was for when we worked here.

I entered the cabin and cleaned the gathered dust. Lilia followed me.

「What’s this?」
「It’s a cabin to spend the night. We’ll stay here tonight.」
「Is that alright desuno?」
「Once in a while we need to take a little vacation.」
At night, next to the lake.

I had lit up a bonfire and was staring into the flames.

I threw in firewood and used a stick to stir up the logs.

I stared at the swaying flames.

And just like that I took it easy.

Lilia was sitting next to me.

A large number of animals had gathered around her.

Animals like squirrels and deer.

Bears and boars and other such fierce animals.

They approached one after another and stayed near Lilia.

It was just like that time with Risha.

「You like animals?」
「Yes desuno」
「Ones like that too?」

I pointed to the bear that was lying sprawled on the ground.

「Yes, it looks so innocent and cute desuno.」
「Innocent huh?」

I don’t really get it, but whatever.

Lilia likes it and that’s enough.

「I didn’t know there was such a wonderful place.」
「Oh yeah I never said so….」
「But but, I can make it even more wonderful desuno. Let Lilia make a hill next to the lake and make a waterfall desuno.」
「Hmm, then do you want to try making one?」
「Is that ok?」
「Yeah, just be careful not to break the things that Risha made.」
「Can I do it now desuno?」

Lilia asked as she rushed towards me with high tension.

「That’s fine but……you’ve been making things for ten days straight…shouldn’t you rest a bit?」
「I’m A-OK desuno! I’m off!」

Lilia said as she ran off with her slave card.

The playful animals followed her as well.

「Well…as long as she’s happy.」

I looked at Lilia having the time of her life and thought that it was pretty enough for a painting.



  1. What is bragadeleu?

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      • Eleu means lively or lively women according to google and Bragade sounds like Brigade, so I guess the rough translation (by guess only) could mean “The Brigade of Lively Women,” which would be pertaining to the women that are under Akito’s orders and it could be right, since the town did see the women when the women were told to keep things in order by guarding the warehouse of the food. They must think of Brigade of women when they think of Akito’s orders.

      • Most lkiely it’s a Japanese prononsation of Russian word “Благодарю”, or “Blagodaryu”. Meaning “Thank you”. Considering usage of many other Russian words and names in this novel and reason behind this name of the city being stated in this same chapter as :”Oh, it is an expression of our gratitude to you Milord”, chances of it are high

      • Actually…you’re correct. I translated this a while ago so I didn’t remember but that’s where I took the name from. I remember looking it up and it was a Russian word. Thank you for the reminder and correct info.

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