Chapter 63: Slave King Akito


Start of Volume 3. Chapter 8: Small Country
(TN: This chapter has a ton of restating what powers they have and reintroducing everything. I will severely cut down on that because it is both unnecessary and boring to read.)
「Master what will we be making today?」

Today started with the usual phrase.

My four slaves stood before me in the office.

Risha—the slave with the longest career here—said these words like always.

Our Master-Slave relationship didn’t change a bit once I became King.


My third slave Yuria, who had taken the position as my secretary, calmly answered.

Her attitude was the most mature of all of them, but her appearance was the youngest.

「The schedule for the day is completely open?」
「It is. Completely open.」
「Ok then. Mira.」

I called out to my second slave Mira.

She answered with good spirits. I’d say that this cheerful girl had the best endurance among my slaves.

So I felt safe in leaving these sorts of jobs to her.

「The requested materials are…?」
「They’ve all been gathered. Just as you ordered I gave out the official request and payed the people who gathered them. If there wasn’t enough money then they would receive a form for tax exemptions.」
「Huh, you really thought this out…」

I had honestly thought she was a muscle brain but she’s showing some good initiative…her mind works quite well.

「Mira-oneesama? You can’t lie desuno, Lilia came up with this idea desuno. You can’t monopolize is ~no.」

My fourth slave Lilia jumped into the conversation.

It hadn’t been long since she’s been with us, but she was the first one to title me as 「Super Master」 so I think she’s the one that admires(worships) me the most.

「I’m sorry.」

Mira dropped her shoulders sadly and obediently apologized.

Risha, Mira, Yuria, and Lilia.

All four of them were 「Eternal Slaves」…my important and precious slaves.

「Well then I think we’ll do this today.」

I picked up some paper from the desk.

It had plans that I’d been drawing up.

「We’ll make this today.」
「This is….a palace? But it seems small…」

Risha said.

「Yes it is a palace…but the size won’t be much bigger than this manor.」
「In other words…a miniature palace?」
「Why are we making something like that?」
「We were told to.」

Yuria said in response to their doubts.

「The town heads said so. Once Master became King he became a symbol and he needs a palace. But Master didn’t want a huge palace. So we’ve been working on a smaller sized palace.」
「You didn’t want one?」

Risha said surprised.

「Well…it’s not that I didn’t want one, it’s just that there was no meaning. Plus such a large palace would waste a lot of magic. The point is, we only need one as a symbol.」
「Is that so…」
「Plus, if it’s too big then it’ll make your jobs much too difficult right?」

Risha looked at me teary eyed.

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

I heard the voice say.

I took out my DORECA and chanted Menu Open.

This was my power, the power to make things using the magic of their smiles.

This power that let me go from nothing to now…where I am a King.
I went outside, rolled up my sleeves, and put a sweatband around my forehead.

I used the 「Deconstruction」 power of the DORECA on the manor that we had been living in.

It turned back into an open lot where I would begin my palace construction.

「Mira the wall is crooked, keep it straight」
「It’s fine it’s fine…as we go on we can do minute adjustments.」
「But if you put it there then it’ll hit the water fountain.」
「Onee-samas I made a pillar but where should I put it?」

My slaves started moving around on their own but I was too busy to bother.

Normally I’d take out my DORECA and select 「wood house」 or 「stone house」 or some other magic circle and put in the materials.

However, I couldn’t find a 「Palace」 inside the DORECA. I’m sure that there would be one in the future (the Goddess told me to become King after all), but for now it’s not there.

Instead we’d have to make the parts one by one and put them together to make a palace.

If you had to compare it to something it was like building with blocks.

Just like before I made things.

I made a stove and house together to make a cookhouse and a house and spring and power source to make a public bath.

A bigger project was making various plants and trees to put together a forest.

With that sort of feeling I set out to make this palace.

「Whose hands are free?」

I asked and Lilia raised her hands and ran over.

「Me desuno~ What should I do desuno?」
「Bring that platform and move that building up please.」
「Ok desuno~」

She lifted the temporary building we had made. It was the same area as the manor we had so we were going to use it as the base.

The DORECA gave us the power to lift anything made with it ignoring the laws of physics.

Lilia lifted the building up and placed foundation under it to the height of a second floor. She then created stairs to lead up to the entrance.

「I think it looks a little more like a palace now.」
「Yes desuno. It is full of Master’s dignity.」

Lilia looked at the palace.

Making things with my slaves is always a good time.

It had the kind of feeling you get from being a do-it-yourself kind of guy…almost like a pet project during the holidays.

If possible, I’d like to continue on like this peacefully.

「Your Majesty! Please help us Your Majesty!」

It seems like that wish will go unfulfilled.
Wearing my Kingly vestments I arrived at the border of the Royal Capital Ribek.

There I spotted the defensive battery of Nitoka firing endlessly.

I looked at the target of this bombardment and it was…a dragon.

It was huge with hard scales…a normal dragon.

Just that alone means it is strong.

The 20 nitoka fired stones larger than basketballs. Under the concentrated fire, the dragon slowly but surely approached the town.

「I see…the situation.」

I could see why they’d called for me in a single glance.

Yuria had said there wasn’t anything on my schedule for the day…but it can’t be helped, it was an emergency situation.

「I’m sorry Your Majesty, there was nothing else we could do.」

The commander of the defensive line said apologetically.

「No, it’s fine. It’s good that you called me. I’ll take care of it, but keep up the bombardment just in case.」

The commander said and returned to giving orders.

I turned and called to my slaves.

「Alright then, let’s go!」

They responded.

I drew my sword and touched the gems attached to it.

They were all sucked into True Eternal Slave and the gems began to shine.

One half of the blade began to burn and the other half froze and it was covered in black and white lights.

I grasped the sword in my hand as I jumped out and began dashing towards the dragon.

The dragon threw its head back and roared, shaking the earth. It crushed the stones being fired at it and reflected them.

「While I’m at it…」

I dashed then jumped.

「I’ll take all of your blood.」

*Slash!* My sword went sliced the arrogant dragon’s neck from back to front sending its head flying.

I landed and the people started cheering.

「Hooray for King Akito!」

Voices cheering for me.
After finishing the subjugation, we returned to the construction site.

I returned them from the sword, took off my kingly clothes, rolled up my sleeves, and wrapped the sweatband around my head.

Ok then, lets finish this up…as I thought that.

「Your Majesty!」

I was called again and it was the same voice that called for help earlier.

A young man ran over.

「What’s wrong?」
「Umm, the food storage has been used up, would it be possible to get 500 people’s worth?」
「500 people’s worth huh… got used up faster than I thought.」
「I’m sorry」
「Don’t worry about it.」

I left my slaves behind and went to the food storehouse.

I then placed down the magic circles for the pushinee.

I finished and headed back to the construction site, but something else popped up.

It couldn’t be helped so I went with the person to help and solved the issue.

Yuria had said that the schedule was open but it seems like there are outbreaks of things that need to be done left and right.

By the time things had calmed down, the sun was already setting.

We hadn’t finished…so it looks like we’d be spending a night out under the stars.


We settled down in the palace’s garden around a fire and parceled out some pushinee and chewed on it.

This was the first day.

The first day of being King…it hadn’t been any different.

Unknown to me, I was known as the 「Slave King」 to the citizens for more than one reason.

When I found that out——it made me feel both happy and sad…a strange feeling.

By the way when my slaves found out, they were very happy and I got a huge magic charge.



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