Chapter 65: Nosebleed Designer


「Ahhh how beautiful…….」

There was a degenerate in the park.

A suspicious woman was looking around furtively in the park that me and my slaves had made.

She was staring at the trees entranced as she rubbed her cheek against a bench.

No matter how you looked at it this was a dangerous person…
Further proving that, the children who usually played here, were hiding in a corner of the park in fear.

This weirdo was completely oblivious from start to end, she stood in front of the sand pit and tilted her head.

「What is this? It doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen the King make…」

Hm? Did she just mention me?

The King….that’d be me right?

「Did the things the King can create increase? …I have to check…」

She said and stared at the sand pit. Then she started touching it all over…then finally she stuck her finger in then brought it back to her mouth to taste.

…….Yep, I shouldn’t get involved.

I thought and immediately turned to leave.

As I was turning Risha appeared.

「I’ve been looking for you Master!」

I heard the woman behind me immediately react.

I slowly…ever so slowly turned around. That woman….now that I look at her she was still young…looked at me extremely surprised.


She started bleeding from her nose and passed out.
For now I set the unconscious girl on the bench to sleep and moved to the side to listen to Risha.

「Martha-san has come. She said that she wants to see you.」
「I see. I’ll have to let her past the barrier.」

The Palace’s barrier would not let anyone pass without receiving my permission. I allowed Martha to enter.

「Have her enter first and wait for a bit. She likes sweets so give her something to snack on.」

Risha bowed and left.


And soon afterwards the girl opened her eyes.

「So you’re awake…」

She looked at me and suddenly got really worked up.

「Ki, ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki….」
「It’s the KING!」

She leapt off of the bench moving stiffly as if she was a robot. Moving like that she moved three meters away and bowed.

「I am glad to meet you, Your Majesty! My name is Nina!」

She’s acting very exaggerated.

「…’s the real King.」

Nina said as she raised her head, eyes sparkling.

This is the most glittering and sparkling gaze I’ve seen since coming here.

「What should I do? I didn’t think I’d meet the King…my heart’s not ready…」

Why do you need to ready your heart?

Well, let’s ignore that and ask how she is.

「Is your body alright?」

「I see, then alright. I did administer a panacea just in case so you should be fine.」

Nina seemed pretty surprised. She looked comically taken aback.

「That King’s secret weapon is inside of me…the King’s…is inside of me…….」

She started shaking——and her nose started bleeding again.

However, this time she didn’t faint. Instead her nose bled more profusely as she looked overcome with deep feelings…it was kind of horrifying.

「…..are you ok?」
「Yes! I always get like this when I think of Your Majesty! I’m used to it! It is of no concern!」

That’s of no concern? Is that what I should retort to?

At this point I can’t even figure out what I should give a retort to…

She doesn’t seem like a bad girl but…she gave off a feeling that made me seriously consider whether or not to get involved with her.

「That’s right! Your Majesty look at this please!」

Nina said and took out four folded sheets of paper.

She bowed deeply and offered the papers with both hands.

…… this a love letter?

「This is?」
「This is a home I thought of. The required items are: one wooden house, four pillars, and one set of stairs.」

I accepted the papers and opened them.

So it wasn’t a love letter. It was a blueprint for the 「house」 Nina was talking about.

In summary it was a house on stilts…

It had pillars at all four corners lifting it up and a staircase to go up.

「I see, so you could put these together like this…」

The house, pillar, and staircase I had made many times before, but I hadn’t considered using them like this.

It gave off the feeling of a raised warehouse.

「Did you think of this?」
「Seems alright. Can I take it? It seems like it might be useful.」
「Of course! Ahh……the King liked it….」

She seemed enraptured once again and her nose spurted some more blood.

I was getting a little used to it.

「But still……this thing might be useful. For horses and such? Maybe those guys can use it…」

Having the first floor empty made it seem like a parking space.

「That’s right. Recently my neighbor has been complaining about not having a place to put his cart. Since more people are coming to Ribek there’s less land to use.」

I seem to remember getting a report about something like that from Yuria.

「And after thinking about how to fix it, I came up with this.」
「I see. Then I’ll create it and test it out.」
「Thank you very much!」

Her nose bled some more.

She grabbed a piece of paper from the bag to wipe her nose.

「Umm are you sure you want to use that paper?」

I pointed out. I had only caught a glimpse but that paper had writing on it.

「Oh…you’re right.」
「Let me see that as well.」

This was another blueprint for a 2 story house with a balcony.

「This is something else you thought of?」
「Yes. This needs two wood houses and the power of disassembly. Remove the bottom of the upper house, cut the lower house in half and attach.」
「Indeed…it makes a balcony. I see…only partially deconstructing.」

I thought as I looked at the blueprint.

I had never thought of it before…but it should be possible.

After all, a certain someone managed to escape thanks to that.

That aside, the blueprint was useful.

This balcony thing was whole new world of possibilities.

No longer simply living, but placing things for enjoyment and aesthetic value.


I looked from the blueprints back at Nina.

「You have more?」

Nina nodded while her nose continued bleeding.

It was horrifying, but she had a brilliant smile.
I went to Nina’s house.

We opened the door and entered.

What I saw was a surprisingly simple home.

A desk and chair, a pen and paper, and finally a mountain of pushinee.

That was it. This was no longer a house but a workplace…a studio.

「Ahhh…for the King to come here personally…the king…..」
「Sorry to butt in on your daydream but could you show me your blueprints?」
「Yes! Please look at this first!」

She handed me one to look at.

One wood house, wooden counter, deconstruction…

「What is this?」
「The restaurant old man told me about it. Put some tables and chairs and you can look at the sky while eating.」
「Oh…so terrace seats for a restaurant? What else?」
「How about this!」

She ran away and came back with a mountain of blueprints which she then showed me one by one.

Each of them were unique ideas.


After 20 in I realized…

「Each of these have the things I’ve made in them and the needed materials are all written.」
「For someone who’s never done it before you have a really good understanding.」
「I’ve gone to observe everything that Your Majesty has made so I know all of them!」
「I see…」

It seems she has an even greater understanding than myself.

I stared at her.

「I’d like to ask you something.」
「Please ask me anything!」

Her nose started bleeding again. Is she really ok?

「I’ll send Mira here later. You know her right?」
「Yes, that’s you’re Second Slave-sama right!?」
「I understand!…….and what will she be doing?」
「At the current stage there are many items I have yet to make.」
「Those things….I really want to know what they are…….」

Nina said with an avaricious look on her face.

「I’ll tell you.」
「Mira knows as well. She will show you and you will make new plans for how to use them.」
「Things that Your Majesty hasn’t made…..private showing….King’s secret……」

Nina whispered to herself.

「My secret with the King——」

Suddenly blood exploded from her nose and she passed out.

For now I should give her some panacea as emergency treatment.

I’m looking forward to what she does.

Risha’s idea for the battleship design was fun…but I want to see what she can do.

How will she use the things I can make? I was really looking forward to this.



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