Chapter 81: Request for Aid


「Some countries seem to have been established.」

Yuria reported in my office.

「Are you talking about some of our towns?」
「No, they are places that have nothing to do with Master.」
「I see.」

I thought this was going to turn into a rebellion…but it wasn’t so.

「Well I guess things like that do happen…」

I remembered Marato and Maxim.

If there were people with enough charisma like that, there must be others as well.

As long as they were people who didn’t exploit and pillage their lands and instead managed them properly, it was only natural that a country would come into being.

「Maya said that others are hunting slave beasts as well.」
「I see so that has become well known?」
「What should we do?」
「Hm? Nothing really. Isn’t it good? More people will get turned back to normal.」
「Ok then, I won’t do anything.」

So she wanted to know how I wanted it handled.

As Yuria continued reporting, I looked at the graph on the blackboard.

After the burst of activity in Belmi, their needs had fallen to the level of the other towns.

The country was doing well.

「Just gather information on them.」

I ordered and Yuria nodded calmly.
The next day an envoy arrived.

Yuria had listened and allowed them into the palace, guiding them to the reception room.

When I made my way there I was surprised.

There sat a girl.

She had silver hair, long ears, and tanned skin.

She had beautiful yet sharp features.
A sort of aura seeped out of her.

「Dark Elf?」

I unintentionally let my voice slip.

The Eternal Slaves looked exactly like Elves, but this girl was a Dark Elf no matter how you looked at her.

She stood up and bowed quickly.

「It is my honor to meet you, Your Majesty. My name is Svetlana. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.」
「Y-yeah. Best regards.」

The dark elf looking girl seemed surprised and a bit flustered.

「W-well, take a seat.」
「Please excuse me.」

She walked to the other side of the table, faced me, and sat down.

「Excuse me~」

The door opened and Risha entered.

She gave Svetlana and I tea.


Risha looked at Svetlana intently.

She looked both interested and a bit frightened.

After Risha left I apologized.

「I’m sorry I didn’t teach her enough manners.」
「No, it’s fine. It’s obvious I’d be looked at, that’s what I want.」
「Hm? What do you mean?」

She said something seemingly full of significance.

「Did you not know? We ‘Regrets’ were originally Eternal Slaves.」

It took all I had to suppress my surprise.

「That’s the first I’ve heard of it. Why don’t you tell me more?」
「It’s a famous tale.」

She said as if saying 「Don’t worry about it」.

「Eternal Slaves live to serve a Master. If they meet their Master everything is good…if not, then by a certain age they will change…into this kind of form.」
「Is that so? So you were an Eternal Slave before?」
「That’s right. Then I transformed into this form which is collectively called…「Regrets」. Well it is a famous tale.」

I reorganized my thoughts.

The elves are born as Eternal Slaves and if they don’t find a Master they become a dark elf Regret…

…….it gives a feeling as if they have 「fallen」.

「I’m sorry to make you talk about such an unpleasant thing.」
「No, don’t worry.」

Svetlana shook her head.

Her face looked resolute as if she really didn’t mind.

Be that as it may I’ll try not to poke that wound again.

I have five slaves and I can just hear it from them.

「Anyways, why did you come here?」
「I have brought a handwritten letter from our Queen.」

She said and took out an envelope from her bag.

It was properly sealed with wax.

「Queen…so you made a country huh?」

She nodded frankly.

I had heard it from Yuria…but it seems it really has happened.

I’ll have to investigate later.

「I see. What have you come to tell me?」
「We would like to engage in trade with your country.」

Svetlana said and looked straight at me.

Her eyes almost seemed to be begging me.

As if they were saying 「Help us!」



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