Chapter 86: Considerate Slave


「The production of the self-destruct switches aren’t enough.」

Yuria said to me in my office.

「Self-destruct switch?」
「Yes, check your DORECA.」

I took it out and checked my menu.

Just like she said I soon found it.

I looked at the image of what it was.

It was the box with a skull marked button on it.

「Ah, the thing that Nina developed?」

A tool that could almost instantly make a large building disappear.

I’m not sure if you can call that self-destructing…

but, I understood what she was saying.

「So production is lacking?」

Yuria nodded.

「By how much?」
「About this much.」

She said and drew on the blackboard.

Clothes ■■■□□
Food ■■■■□
Shelter ■■□□□
Self-D ■■■■■■■■■■
It was extremely clear how insufficient it was!

It had broken past the five marks standard and directly doubled.

「It seems there’s not nearly enough.」
「Since there’s a need for one per household.」
「……..hmm, that’s true.」

I didn’t like that it was called a self-destruction switch, but honestly that is what it was.

Since it was a firefighting measure, it would be ideal to have one for each building I made.

That made demand outpace supply by a huge amount.

「And, needed materials are…….eh what is this??」

I was both surprised and dejected.

The materials needed for the switch were pretty horrible.

Scorpion’s tail x1
Elka’s hair x1
Lava Soul x1

「An all-star cast?」

It needed ingredients that were comparatively rare to what we usually use.

They were hard to get and there weren’t many of them.

「I see, so that’s why production can’t catch up.」

I could definitely see the issue.

The DORECA and Slave Cards could not help this problem.

Placing the magic circle and the ingredients in can create things very quickly.

I also have basically infinite magic.

If I’m affectionate to my slaves then it will well up like a fountain.

The bottleneck was the insufficient materials.

「Ok then, I guess I have to go hunting.」

I said and reached out for my sword.

If there aren’t enough then I just need to get more.

It’s been like that since the start and so it shall be forever more.

「That’s unnecessary.」
「Hm? Unnecessary?」
「The elite guards went to subjugate the Raba(lava).」
「Maya and them?」
「Kazan has a lot of scorpions so they are bringing them now.」
「So they normally hunt those things? As expected of those combat fanatics.」
「And the people of Regret said they would go hunt the Elka.」
「So they’re aiming for foreign currency huh….」

I nodded.

Huh? That means….

「There’s nothing left for me to do?」

I was a bit crestfallen.

Well, this may be progress as well.

Since the management of the country is going well, I don’t have to move out for every little thing.

Maybe we’ve entered that stage.

It was both a happy and sad feeling.

「There are things for Master to do as well.」
「Hm? What?」

I didn’t spot anything from the talks we’d just had…was there something?
I was on the top floor of my building on the beach.

I looked out the window. From there I could see the view of the sea that had not changed since I’d left.

Actually, it felt more like a place in the southern islands, a vacation spot.


The door opened and Mira and Lilia entered.

The two of them entered with faces that wanted me to praise them.

「We made a Fount Ilia.」
「We did it just like Onii-chan said. We camouflaged it so it wouldn’t hurt the scenery.」
「Is that so? Good job.」

I praised them and patted their heads.

—Magic has been charged by 8,000—
—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

My job was to be affectionate with the two of them here.

「We don’t have enough magic to make one switch per building.」

Yuria told me.

In fact that was so.

To make a switch for each of the buildings we had created, we would probably need magic equal to all the magic we had used up till now.

Increasing the magic we had was a very important job, a job that only I could do.

So, it was decided that the ones that I would be doting on would be Mira and Lilia.

「It’s their turn.」

Yuria said when I asked the reason.

Risha’s turn had already come and gone, so in her words it was their turn.

The Second slave Mira.
The Fourth slave Lilia.

It was just like her, the third, to ignore herself like that.

However, it was hard to get a magic charge from her. Maybe it was because few things would get a large emotional response from her, but it was more like her to give a huge charge all at once than many small charges often.

In other words it would be a gamble.

It appears she was aware of her own disposition.

Since there was a need for certainty, she passed over herself.

I thought that Yuria was so adorable.
She was so lovable in that moment.

「What’s wrong Master?」
「Do you feel bad somewhere desuno?」

As I was thinking of Yuria I had fallen silent. The two of them peered curiously at my face.

「Mira, Lilia.」
「What desuno?」
「We will be taking a short vacation here, but first I have an order for you.」

They nodded and responded at the same time.

I said to them.

「When we get back, we need to do something to make Yuria happy.」

They were surprised but it slowly changed to happiness.

「It can be a gift, or a tale of our travels. Anything, but it needs to make her happy. Think on it.」
「I got it desuno!」

—Magic has been charged by 20,000—
—Magic has been charged by 30,000—

「Master’s wonderful, even thinking of his slaves who aren’t here.」
「As expected of Master, he’s the world’s number one Master desuno.」

I heard them say, but honestly I thought it was as expected of them.

The amount of magic charged.

The two of them were more happy for Yuria than they were for themselves.

That was adorable and wonderful.

「You girls are so adorable.」

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—
—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

Ahh, really. They were so cute.



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