Chapter 87: Mother, Daughter Slave


「Mira go get some juice.」

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

「What should Lilia do desuno?」
「Lilia should…….hmm…give me a massage.」
「Ok desuno!」

—Magic has been charged by 30,0000—

On the clean sandy beach I was working them hard.

I had learned my lesson from when I brought Risha here and was working them from the start.

I just lazed around the beach not doing anything.

「Master! I’ve brought the juice!」
「Hold it for me to drink.」

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

I let my slaves do anything and everything without even lifting a finger.

During this time magic has continued charging.

The more orders I gave the happier they were.

The more they moved they happier they were, so I gave orders one after another.

Mira and Lilia.

They had not relaxed once since this morning.

Even so they looked happy. They smiled as they sweat.

「Onii-chan, there’s some wind desuno.」
「Hm? Now that you mention it…….there are clouds too.」

I looked up at the sky.

Maybe because the wind had come, the clouds were moving across the sky pretty quickly.

I saw a dark raincloud in the distance.

It looked like rain, and the wind was cool.

「Yes desuno?」
「Come here.」

I said beckoning.

Lilia tilted her head and approached.

I pulled at her hand and caught her in my arms after she fell off-balance.

「Stay still.」
「Eh…eeeehhhh? What’s this all of a sudden desuno?」

I muttered to Lilia in my arms.

Hearing that her stiffened body loosened up.

—Magic has been charged by 100,000—

「Lilia’s body is warm desuno?」
「Yeah, and……..」

sniff sniff, I sniffed.

「You smell good.」
「Th-that……I smell sweaty.」
「Is that so?」

I sniffed again.

「Is this really the smell of sweat?」
「Eh? Yes it is desuno, Lilia can smell——-」

She sniffed herself.

「…the smell of sweat.」
「I see.」

To my nose——I really couldn’t smell sweat.

It was more like a……forest flower smell.

Eternal Slaves gave off this kind of smell?

「It smells good.」

I gave my honest opinion.

「Really desuno?」
「Yeah, I like it.」
「……I’m glad desuno.」

Lilia said relieved.

I held her for a while.

The wind was cold, but Lilia was warm.

She smelled nice and calming.

「Huh, thinking of it.」

I had just remembered something I wondered for a while now.

「Eternal slaves… do they have children?」

When I realized I had said that aloud…I just thought 「crap」.

When in this situation I realized how it seemed.

I panicked and was about to try and reword it, but Lilia normally answered.

「We have children normally. We have reproductive activities with a gentleman and give birth.」
「……..I see.」

Thanks to that very blunt answer, I came back to my senses.

「Eternal Slaves will only ever give birth to Eternal Slaves.」
「Is that so?」
「Yes desuno.」

I was surprised.

It didn’t sound like Lilia was joking. Even so, my slaves wouldn’t lie to me anyways.

I wonder what kind of mechanism causes this.

「I see.」
「Lilia wants to have kids someday desuno. It is Lilia’s dream for her children to serve Onii-chan too desuno.」
「Lilia wants to serve Master with my two children desuno.」

She spoke in a different tone of voice than usual and even called me 「Master」.

I could understand some of her feelings with that.

「So that’s how Lilia thinks huh?」
「That’s not it desuno.」
「It’s all of us. Risha-oneesama, Mira-oneesama, and Yuria-oneesama. We all think like that desuno.」
「Onii-chan is the best Master, so we want our children to serve too desuno.」
「Eternal Slaves think like that?」
「Yes desuno! It is the greatest honor for both mother and child to serve at the same time!」
「I see.」

I was honestly surprised, I hadn’t expected this way of thinking.
But…then again it was like them, and just like an Eternal Slave.

I could somehow accept it —— and I was a little happy at how they felt about me.

「I understand, then once that happens I will take them in as well.」
「Is that true desuno?」
「Yeah, I promise.」

She didn’t respond, I wonder what’s wrong.

I was a bit confused but I soon understood.

—Magic has been charged by 1,000,000—



  1. So if he made some kids with his Eternal Slaves and those kids will also be Eternal Slaves. Did he just discover how to get unlimited magic?



    • The most important issue is:
      Will the eternal slaves be willing to have those ‘reproductive activities’ with their master?

      Remember they idolize / almost worship their master.
      As such it can be assumed that they see themselves as ‘unworthy’ to be their master’s partner in such an activity and hence they might not do it with their master.
      That would mean that they might actually look for OTHER partners to have those ‘reproductive activities’.

      So this might actually be an important issue to address!

      • John Christianson

        A even more troubling issue would be if it was the other way around, if his slaves want him at the exclusion of all else that might mean that those slave daughters he has might become daddycons (though since I have no idea of the internal workings of a eternal slave beyond that one will always give birth to one so that might mean that they are clones and the act of sex only triggers the pregnancy like the whiptail lizard meaning that it might be awkward but at least it isn’t true incest)

      • It is also possible that it can be a great honor if they could have a child with their master. But yeah i wanna know how this issue would turn out.

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