Chapter 95: Slave’s Wish


Nighttime in the Palace office.

Having finished her work, Mira came to report.

「They have all taken the panacea.」
「Good job.」
「I also threw them in jail, is that ok?」
「Hm? Why?」
「They attacked Master.」

Mira responded as if it was obvious.

After we became a country and I became King, one of the first things to happen was the enforcement of laws.

With Yuria as the center and the Mayors helping, they made a set of laws which I checked and put into effect.

By the way I had given quite a few suggestions and opinions in the process so it was pretty close to the laws of Japan.

However, it also included things that I thought were good and bad.

「That is illegal.」
「I see…certainly attacking others is illegal.」
「That’s not all, attacking Master is a blasphemous and treasonous sin.」
「Ah, forget about that one.」

Mira seemed surprised.

Lese Majeste. Profaning and disrespecting the sovereign ruler of the land. It was such a law.

The ones who decided it were my slaves and the mayors whom I had rescued…so I guess it was pretty obvious when it ended up being the first article.

In fact it wasn’t 「Showing disrespect to the King」 it was instead worded as such….「Showing disrespect to Akito-sama.」

Of course I cut that out. I didn’t need that article.

「There’s no why or why not…It’s because we don’t need it.」

I don’t really care if they disrespect me honestly.

There were two very important things for this country.

Citizens and slaves.

Instead of lese majeste I wanted laws that would protect the Eternal Slaves.

If there wasn’t a law to protect such lovable and adorable living things it would be strange.

By the way, it had not been put in place yet. I felt that if I left it to them to decide these laws, they would end up very strange. So for this I felt that I would have to do it myself.

There were existing laws, but as the King I had the ability to add new ones when I felt they were necessary.

「Mou, Master is too soft on them.」
「Is that so?」
「Yes it is! You should just execute people like that…」
「Don’t say that. Well, after getting locked up for the day, they should cool off.」
「For the day!?」

Mira was even more surprised. (TN: Me too…that was still a serious attempted crime…they should be in there for a much longer time.)

「One day is way too short.」
「Is that so? Am I not right? Other than disrespecting me…what have they done?」
「Robbery? It was an attempt at best. Murder or assault? Those were also attempted at best. In fact there were no victims. So they would be acquitted.」

Mira was dumbfounded.

「Master you are way too soft!」

She seemed almost irritated.

Wouldn’t this be the first time seeing one of my slaves like this?

It was a bit of a fresh sensation.

However, they were my slaves and would obey my orders.

Mira heaved a large sigh and unwillingly obeyed.

「I got it…the day after tomorrow I will release them.」
「I’ll leave it to you. Ah, and——」
「I’ll also ask if they are going to be working properly. I know.」

Mira said cutting me off.

I was surprised…

…but at the same time a bit happy. I thought it was endearing that she knew me well enough to predict what I was going to say.

I called out to Mira as she was about to leave the room.

「What is it?」
「How many medals do you have?」
「Eh? By medal…do you mean this?」

Mira took out an origami medal.

Despite how she carried it around with her, it was still pristine. It appears that she was caring for it carefully.

「Yeah, how many of those do you ha—–no, wait.」

I stopped talking and shook my head.

I took out my DORECA and made ten pieces of paper.

I folded them all into medals and handed them to Mira.

「I promised to do something for you if you collected ten.」
「B-but all at once…」
「Is there some law that says I can’t do it all at once?」
「That——no, there isn’t…but…」

Of course there wasn’t one…if there was one, I would’ve crushed it.

Well…if my slaves had made a law like that I could also add exceptions to it instead of crushing it.

「But……why give them………」
「So if your Master wants to give you something…there needs to be a reason?」

The truth was a bit different from what I was saying, but I wouldn’t bring it up.

「Uh-uh, no such thing.」

Mira said as she shook her head in a panic.

「Ok, so what do you want? Tell me anything.」

…….just please not anything bad.

Mira fidgeted around, seeming to find it hard to speak up.

I wonder what was causing her to have such trouble?

Is she going to ask for a child right now?

It was a possibility given how much they want both generations to work for the same Master.

「Tell me without holding back. As I promised, I will fulfill it if I can.」
「Ok….then I’ll tell you.」
「After all……I want you to…….make lese majeste a thing……please.」

Mira said with her voice sounding like it was about to disappear.

My head went blank…I hadn’t expected this.

「I-I’m sorry, as expected it is——」
「Is that really important?」
「I’m asking if it is important.」

I asked with a smile. Mira went blank for a moment, then smiled and nodded.

「Un! People who go against Master can’t be forgiven after all!」

……..good grief.

These girls……….these girls are……..


「I got it.」

I chuckled and nodded.

「Tell Yuria to write up a draft of that law.」
「Is that ok!?」
「I said I’d do what you asked. Do you think your Master is someone who takes back what he said?」
「No no! Not at all!」

Mira said smiling.

「Hey, can I go see Yuria now!?」

I nodded and Mira disappeared, running like the wind.

After around 5 minutes.

—Magic has been charged by 2,000,000—

It seems like Yuria was really happy as well.



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