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Hey guys!

Y’know I had an idea for a story that I thought would be fun.

A world in which the position of ‘god’ is inherited. Each subsequent god is a hero who has received the adulation of the people and is meant to reign with a tenure before a new hero comes about. It’s a heavy work load with the reward being a long vacation/retirement to the Heavenly realm. The MC is the god of this particular world, a former hero, whose tenure has gone on for way too long. The subsequent heroes died off before being able to complete their journeys. He’s getting fed up with all this…he’s been working himself to the bone and finally he decides to do something about it. He’s going to go down there and make sure the hero makes it this time so he can finally get his due. Reborn with his prior memories as the childhood friend of the hero or brother(or something like that). But…this hero…can you really call him a hero? and why did the rest die off?

It’s a pretty rough idea but I think it’d make for an entertaining tale. I know every translator and their brother tries to write an original…which is why I’ve been hesitating to try. If it sounds like an interesting concept, leave a comment. I don’t know if I can do it justice but I’m thinking about giving it a shot.

Anyways Here’s a video


here the chapt


  1. I need this to be the part of the post where you tell us “JK I’VE ACTUALLY BEEN WRITING FOR YEARS” and then have, like, a decade of backlog for me to catch up on.

  2. So basically, Dragon’s Dogma turned into a comedy. With a better retirement plan than sweet oblivion.

  3. I would read that story, sounds fun. reminded me a bit of Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai–Riyuu? Ore ga Kami dakara

  4. JUST DO IT!!!!! (It sounds good ?)

  5. I think I’ve read that before, it feels so familiar.

  6. I would read that story 100%

  7. Thx for the comment o/
    i would definitely read it. The premise sounds good and could do well, just take care to how powerful the MC would be and to keep things consistent~~

  8. Well, as others have mentioned, the idea of “the new god is the hero that reacdhes the old one” is nothing new – though the only examples I could mention right now would be Dragons Dogma as Praxis said (though that one is a game iirc) and DICE, which is a manwha.

    Anyways, the important part is where the god decides to reincarnate into the childhood friend/brother/whatever of the next hero, and that there obviously is something wrong since all of them heroes before that one didn’t make it. Plus I can imagine that plot happens just because god decides to leave his seat in heaven, even if he is helping the hero…

    I can’t remember having read/played/watched a story like that before (though the general concept of fantasy+adventure+OP isn’t really new) and I’d love to see you give it a try!

  9. Hmm my Psi-der senses are tingling and I’m getting an impression of the ending… the Hero his party and the MC all arrive at the climactic scene where he the final trial to ascension is located. [Because as we discover mid story either because he descended or something that happened in his absence he lost his position and while he was happy enough to be free of his job… without someone doing it everything started to go wrong, but because he didn’t want the job again he was trying hard to mentor the hero and drag them through the trials.] However it all goes pair shaped for the MC as he somehow ends up completing the trial and becoming the Realms guardian deity again…

    But fortunately he has learned much wisdom from his time back with the humans and he hires a staff to handle most of the boring parts of the job so he can concentrate of the good bits like visiting women and siring demigods.

  10. Unraveling murder

    Pls do it

  11. If you want to add a bit of romance you can go the childhood friend route and make the hero a girl, who may or may not be an idiot, that’s up to you.

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