CMS Ch.92

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Neither House Magic nor CMS Light Novels can keep up with my translation speed T_T

So right now I’m about to start translating past the Light Novels which have images. This is one of the advantages in using the Web Novels like I do. The advantage is being able to move ahead of any other releases, but the disadvantage is that the Light Novels have images and are usually more carefully crafted with story changes.


I am the DM for Pathfinder for our group….and recently sessions have been running really long. They won’t leave…then they tell me they wanna do another session the next day. My god how much prep do you guys want me to do. It’s fun though.

anyways here is a weird video series we did all at once. Take a look at how casual we are ~-~



  1. A link for various short and amusing tabletop shenanigans:

    • Those are fun. Last session one of the players accidentally gave a goblin the idea that he wanted to sleep with it. It ended poorly for everyone involved.

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