Chapter 1 – The Demon is Coming, Campaign Girl – Part 2

Translator: Nefarian

「Ah, alright I understand. I got it. This is a prank, right? You are one of those people that try to trick amateurs right? Where is the camera? You must be the show host right? There is no way a demon as cute as you exists right?」

「You are wrong! I am truly a demon! Even though I might be cute, I am still a full-fledged demon I am telling you!」

「You aren’t denying the part where I complimented you as cute…. I mean, the thing is you barely look like a demon.」

When I said this, the girl had a hurt expression on her face.

「I am really a Demon-devi! I am a Demon-devi you know!!」

「Y-You think that by adding the word Devi to the end of your words changes anything?! It doesn’t make you appear anymore demon like okay?!」

「Just-listen-to me! The more you devote yourself to committing crime, you will be able to power up the demons and break the balance of power against the angels-devi!」

「Eh… Well I don’t really believe you. Besides if what you say is true, wouldn’t that be a bad thing?」

「What’s bad-devi?」

「I mean you’re telling me, just because you will aid me I need to do bad things right?」

「That’s not right-devi! It isn’t really about forcing you to do bad things-devi. You just have to behave according to your desires-devi, then all will be well. If all you do is doing something you yearn for, that can’t really be considered something to blame can it-devi?」

I wonder if she is just stubborn or that she doesn’t want to give up but for some reason or another she has continued to add the word “devi” to the end of her sentences.

Well, it probably is in bad taste if I continue teasing her about it so let’s just stop that for now.

「But, doing that kind of thing… Isn’t there a catch to it… for instance my soul will be damned and at the end of it all I will end up ruining myself or something of that nature?」

I knew it.

From reading a lot of manga and short stories, the bad guy always gets a bad ending.

「Ahh, na that sort of thing doesn’t exist. That’s the kind of nonsense the angels made up to scare humans.」


「That’s right. Rewarding the good and punishing evil, is just nonsense-devi. In short this campaign will only have good things. Both the angels and the demons are doing the same things-devi. To begin with, who gets to decide what is considered evil and what is considered good?」

「No.. Well isn’t that kind of thing obvious?」

「It isn’t obvious! The truth is that it is like the colors black and white. Right now the influence of the angels is stronger so “good” is what is considered as “right” in society… devi.」

「Ehh, so what a you are saying is that if evil runs rampant than being “evil” will be considered as the “right” thing in society?」

「That’s right devi. The mighty are right. If demons hold power, then evil will surely become justice-devi. And so, you have an enormous amount of evil hidden within your heart-devi. Surely in the future it will get out of hand. The way it’s going because you have no power to speak of the best you will achieve is to become a small villain, at that point you will be going in and out of jail and achieve nothing in the future, that will be your fate-devi.」

I have no idea what she is saying.

Even if I look like this my grades are pretty good and I received an A grade in my mock exams. I can be considered as one of the most diligent students in my grade.

My negative points are that I am not good at sports and a little bit overweight and short. However, my mother told me that when I grow up those sort of things will no longer be relevant.

「At any rate, I refuse!」

「Don’t be like that, for the time being how about you do a 1 month trial?! Just consider it like a discount ticket to the amusement park, I will even cover the startup costs-devi!」

「Are you some sort of telemarketer advertiser?!」

At this point in time, I was having fun sharing a moment of innocent banter with her.

After all, it couldn’t be helped.

I have never talked to a girl like this before.

「Ahh well fine, then tell me what kind of power can you give me?」

「Oh! Are you becoming interested-devi?」

「I am willing to just listen for now.」

「Fufuhun, hear and behold! I present to you this room-devi!」

「Huh? This room?」

The girl pointed at the other side of the door.

What would I gain by receiving a gloomy, stinky, narrow stone room like this?

I guess I could use it as a storeroom?

I was amazed at how ordinary this all seemed.

On the other hand, the girl puffs out her chest full of pride and confidence.

「To be more accurate, you will be able to summon this room-devi!」

「….. How doubtful.」

「Well well, would you listen to me to the end-devi!」

After that the explanation that followed was considerably long. To be honest it was so long that I was becoming fed up with her explanation.

It’s hard to keep focused but the summary of it all is as follows.


1. I am able to summon this door whenever and wherever.

2. This door can only be seen by the owner and the person the owner grants permission to see.

3. If the room is deleted from existence, anything in the room will also get destroyed so caution is required.

4. Once a person sets foot inside the room, they will not be able to leave without the permission of the owner.

5. If the level of the room is increased, the abilities of the room will also be upgraded.


「The way it is used will be depending on how you use it. You can use it as a storeroom if you like or even a hiding spot. There is no penalty whatsoever for using it. It doesn’t sound like a bad deal right? Umm, if I am not mistaken your name is….?」

「My name is Kijima Fumio.」

「Okay, then I will refer you as Fumi Fumi kay?」

「What kind of an alias is that?!」

「Isn’t it fine! Anyways, I will leave you with this ability! I’m going now, Bye.. Devi.」

Saying that just like she first appeared, she suddenly disappeared from view.

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