Chapter 3 – This time I only want her to reflect on her actions, that’s all.

Translator: Nefarian

(It’s done. I can’t go back any more.)

My breathing is rough. A strange sweat pours down my forehead.

I have successfully dragged Kurosawa-san into my room.

With all my strength I threw her into the room.

I didn’t really particularly think of targeting her.

I wouldn’t mind if I was able to get any of my colleagues who surrounded me just yesterday.

It just so happened that she was the first one who came along.

Now that you mention it, it must be that she was just the unlucky one.

「What ? What the hell is this?! …… Who, Who is it?! Who is doing something like this?!」

From the other side of the darkness, her ranting shout could be heard.

I understood. It must be scary, right?

Experiencing something like this and being able to shout, she is quite resilient.

If it was me that was walking down a corridor to suddenly be thrown into the dark, I think I would of been so scared that I wouldn’t be able to talk.


I let out a big breath of air and I grabbed my smart phone and shone the light towards Kurosawa-san.

In this darkness having the light shine on her eyes made her squint as the upper half of her body is revealed.

Even though she looks scared, she is still a beautiful woman.

She was top of her class and is the girlfriend of Kasuya who bashed me yesterday.

She is a model for the teens magazine and whilst she might appear to be a little tight, she has the figure of a model with wonderful proportions, she is a beauty with black hair.

When I think about it, I have never seen her this close for this long before. I was always afraid of Kasuya screaming at me “What are you looking at!” if I dared to look at her for more than a fleeting glance.

However, I have bought the teens magazine that she was in before.

Most of it’s content was a fashion magazine and it was mainly her appearance in civilian clothes (And yet some of the photos showed a good degree of exposure!) ah just thinking about it was enough to arouse wild ideas. The use of such a magazine… Well it doesn’t even need to be said.

「Yo! Good morning. Kurosawa-san.」

I tried my best to cover up the nervousness and trembling in my voice and spoke out to her.

instantly her expression changed from a person who was insecure and uneasy to a person who was apparently uncomfortable.

「Disgusting… man.」

Her almond shaped eyes which were normally slanted goes up a notch to depict the anger in her eyes.

「You! What are you planning on doing?! Do you think that you will be able to get away with this?!」

However, I don’t reply to her.

I only show her my grinning face.

To be honest this was something I decided to do beforehand.

If I was in her shoes, rather than having someone talk to me it would be even scarier if they just stared silently at me whilst smiling.

「H-Hey you! Wh-why don’t you say something?!」

As I expected Kurosawa-san’s expression turned again to that uneasy expression.

(Ah, this is bad. I might actually find this fun.)

Is this what it feels like to tease a girl perhaps?

Maybe the girls yesterday felt like this?

The more she let out her frightened voice, the more I began to feel comfortable and composed.

「S-Someone like you, I can tell Jun-kun about this and have him beat you up black and blue! He will call all his club mates from his soccer club and beat the crap out of you! Just prepare yourself. I will make it so that you won’t ever come to school again!」

Kurosawa-san’s cheeks were cramping up as she folded her arms and behaved like she was in control.

「I-I can still forgive you if you let me out of this room right this instant! Let me out right now!」

In truth she must be feeling terrified, she is desperately trying to bluff her way out of this and it only makes her appear all the more cute.



When I opened my mouth to speak, her body shuddered.

「It seems that you still don’t understand your position?」

I shrug my shoulders in an exaggerated fashion as I told her this.

「I will never let you out. For your whole life.」

Instantly one of her eyebrows comes up and she glares at me.

「Ahhn? Aren’t you an idiot?! Don’t you get it?! This is undoubtedly going to be considered as kidnapping! It’s Kidnapping, if the police catch hold of you, your life will be over! I can forgive you if you just pay compensation money, so let me out this instant!」

(She is incredible isn’t she? In this type of situation, she is still able to mention compensation money?)

Could it be that even Kasuya get’s dominated by her in the relationship? This is not just about her being strong-willed.

Just when I was showing her an amazed face…—

「Ya hoh~ Fumi Fumi! You are finally becoming motivated arent cha!」

Suddenly a girl covered in faint light appeared above me.

It’s the aforementioned demon girl.


Kurosawa-san instinctively becomes flabbergasted and moves backwards.

This is more like it. After all, a girl suddenly shows out of nowhere and she is floating mid air. I suppose anyone would be surprised by that.

「W-Wh-Who is that girl?! How can she float?!」

Because the demon girl was shining brightly I could see Kurosawa-san’s full body. When I turn off the light from my smartphone and place it in the back pocket, I curtly reply towards the demon girl.

「It doesn’t mean I have become eager. It just so happened that something has initiated the sparks.」

To my reply, she had a complicated expression.

「A spark just happened to start…. Fumi Fumi, even if you try to show off, you still look lame you know?」

「Oh shut up!」

「But well, Fumi Fumi, if you start trampling on others peoples lives and just remember to live your life according to your desires, then I have succeeded splendidly in my role as the campaign manager~ It’s really fun you know~ being able to control another person’s fate and twist it according to your will.」

「So mean, are you a demon….?」

「Since the beginning that’s what I told you isn’t it?」

As a matter of fact, I never thought of going that far.

I just wanted to teach her a bit of a lesson. I will make her experience enough pain that she would never try to do that type of thing to me again.

That’s the extent of what I was planning on doing.

At least, for now.

「Wait! You! Don’t ignore me! Tell me, what is up with that girl?!」

Kurosawa-san’s was hysterical and the demonic girl stared at her with a contemptuous smile.

「Pupupuh, she’s scared. Hey, Fumi Fumi. Why don’t you stop teasing her and really show her the current situation?」

「By the way, you stopped adding “devi” to the end of your sentences?」

「….. W-why don’t you teach her what the current situation is-devi?」

It would seem she still has the mood to continue.

But as she has said, it might not be a bad idea to properly teach her the situation.

I cleared my throat and turned towards Kurosawa-san and put a solemn expression before saying to her.

「Let me introduce to you. She is a demon.」

「Yes, pleasure to meet you~」

Then Kurosawa-san’s face becomes blank momentarily.

「Huh? Demon? What do you mean by demon… Are you stupid? No matter how you see it, she only looks like a cosplay girl!」

「A cosplay girl?」

The demon girl behaved in a shocked and disappointed manner.

She is quite the expert… isn’t she.

「Well, you don’t believe me do you? I also didn’t believe her at first. But the truth is I got this power from her. I am able to create a room out of nothing.」

「Create… This room?」

「That’s right. Otherwise how can you explain it? From school to suddenly appear in a room like this?」

「T-This is ridiculous! I don’t know what trick you used but why don’t you come up with a better lie. You disgust me!

Both the demon girl and I share a glance and sigh.

「Okay, you still think that I am lying but I guess you can decide for yourself as you please.」

「That’s right-devi. After some time passes, you will come to understand it even if you don’t want to-devi.」

「Enough of this! I understand so let me out of here already! You need to stop this right now! Are you really that stupid! If I get out of here I’m going to get Jun-kun to beat you up!」

Until this moment I had to be able to read other peoples expressions in order to avoid trouble in life.

Therefore, I developed some skill when reading other people’s expressions.

I could see that she was irritated and angry but most of all she was feeling anxiety and this made me feel satisfied.

For today that is…

「I think that for today, we can’t really have a serious conversation. Therefore, how about I visit you again after two days?」

「Eh? H-Hang on…..!?

「See ya.

Leaving the bewildered Kurosawa-san behind, I leave the room and close the door behind me.

The other side of the door was the corridor of the classroom.

I could hear the hustle and bustle of a busy school morning again.

The sound of students rushing to and fro from the classrooms. Looking at the clock, it was 5 minutes before the homeroom started.

「So, from here on out what are you going to do-devi?」

When I turned around to the voice that just spoke, the demon girl was floating in the space next to me.

The classmates who passed by me in the corridor were not concerned about her at all.

It would seem that only I could see her appearance.

「I won’t do anything. If she learns her lesson, I will let her out as long as she promises not to speak about it.」

「How are you… going to make her repent?」

「Placing her in a pitch dark room with no food or water., Confining her in that room for several days. I don’t think she will starve to death easily but she will surely reach a near death dehydrated state first.」

「Oh that’s it. You are so lax… devi.」

Now that she remembers to add “devi” to the end of her sentences I could only give her a bitter smile.

「You really think so….? Putting her just on the edge of death from starvation is nothing to scoff about in my opinion.」

We are discussing kidnapping a person but my heart is mysteriously calm.

「Hey you… What is your name anyways?」

「I cannot give you my true name-devi. Hmm, let’s see~. You can just call me Lili-devi.」

「Then I’m in your care from now on. Lili.」

「Oh, now you’re eager aren’t you-devi!」

「I suppose so.」

Saying these types of things I set foot into the classroom.

When I did I could hear many sneers and ridiculing laughter from my peers.

「I can’t believe it! He actually showed up. This only happened just yesterday!」

「Isn’t he embarrassed at all?」

「Didn’t anyone give him the memo? 」

「Hey look. I told you guys that he was a brazen fellow, it’s my win! Nice one, Nice Kijima-chan. Come on then, everyone its time to pay up!」

The reason they were all looking at me was because they seem to have made a bet about whether or not I would turn up to school today.

It would seem that the one who started the bet was Tatsuoka-kun

「Not knowing something is truly a bliss isn’t it-devi. Their female friend is being kept in a completely dark room and is shuddering in fear right about now…」

I smiled back at Lili who was whispering in my ears and quietly took a seat.


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