Chapter 7 – Very delicious

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From the flash light I was shining on her face I could tell that she was becoming red all the way from her face to her ears.

Her delicate almond shaped eyes seem out of focus.

The reason she seemed to absent-minded right now is probably due to her intelligence being decrease from her hunger.

Although she did look a little bit emaciated, her pretty face is not ruined in the slightest. In fact, I think that her face looks sexy.

However right now, she was just motionlessly staring at my member.

After a long time, she starts to extend her quivering fingers towards me.

「If you are not motivated, then shall I put it away?」

When I started teasing her, her eyes scrunched up together showing a troubled look.

「Th-That’s not it.」


I incline my neck and and timidly points at my member.

「That…Thing, isn’t it a little to big?」

No way.

Or should I say as expected of a bitch? Did she think I would be pleased when she complimented on how “big” I was?

However, I’m not going to give her that satisfaction.

「Who knows, I can’t really say if it is big. After all I have never seen anybody else’s. Rather than ask me, wouldn’t someone like yourself know best? You are a bitch after all.」

When I said this, I could see she had a hurt expression on her face.

「Again calling me a bitch…. You are so mean. I have only ever seen Jun-kun’s you know?」

Her tone was somewhat childish.

I think that her intelligence levels just deteriorated even further than before.

(Oh? is that true? I thought she was sleeping around with everyone?)

「Fuuhn, then I am a lot bigger than Kasuya-kun?」

「Y-Yes. In comparison to this… Jun-kun is…. a little bit… No, his is considerably smaller.」


I couldn’t help but gush out at her statement.

I never thought my penis was especially big or anything but apparently Kasuya-kun’s was a lot more tinier than mine.

Although she doesn’t mean any ill intent by it, when she puts it like that I still feel some pity for him.

「Fufuh, fufufu, is that so? I see how it is.」

Although you may think of me as a simple man, but hearing that puts me a in a good mood.

Even for someone like myself I have some part of myself that is superior to him. There is no way I won’t feel satisfied by this comment.

Seeing that I was grinning to myself, Kurosawa-san asked me a question whilst being puzzled.

「H-Hey, what should I do?」

「Didn’t I tell you to think about it yourself? If it feels good I will tell you about it, so go ahead and do something.」

「Y-Yes. Umm… it should be okay if I rub you in an up and down motion.. right?」

Gulping, Kurosawa-san timidly holds out her hand towards my penis. And she began to stroke it like she was patting me gently from top to bottom.

It’s almost like she was holding an egg in her hand and was touching me very softly.

Rather than stroking, this feels more like she was gently brushing her hand against me.

It definitely felt good but also started to make me feel frustrated.

(Huh? She is really scared of me?)

「Excuse me, Kurosawa-san…. If you do it like that, it’s never going to end you know?」

When I told her this, her face seemed like it was about to start crying again.

「Uuu…. I mean, I don’t know what to do so..」

「It’s not like this is your first time doing this right?」

「Even if you say that.. This is only my second time. And the first time all I did was stay still. Jun-kun… was the one who did everything.」

「Huh? Are you serious?」

I don’t think she would be lying to me in this type of situation.

She was a pretty face, a model, a strong-willed girl with a boyfriend.

I honestly assumed that she would be sleeping around but it would seem that was only my prejudiced assumption.

But this really makes me troubled.

It would of worked out fine if she was an experienced slut, but now that she wasn’t a bitch, this is a large miscalculation on my part.

Up until now everything has proceeded as smoothly as discussed, but now this unforeseen circumstance has come to light…

I was a complete virgin and she was a complete beginner… rounding it up it comes to…

I can only see this ending in disaster.

If we were an innocent pair of lovers, then it may be allowed that everything starts of as awkward.

However, that was not our relationship.

She was supposed to be the expert doing everything for me.

But then again, if I start fumbling around not knowing what to do and tried to have sex with her. All my efforts thus far will have come to nothing.

(I feel like all the paths are blocked….)

The moment I thought this.

「Mufufufu. You seem to be troubled-devi. In that case, how about if Lili teaches you how to be ecchi properly!」

Out of nowhere the girl with red hair appears out of thin air.

Even though it was an abnormal event that Lili appeared out of nowhere, there is no hint of Kurosawa-san being surprised at all.

She merely looked absentmindedly at Lili’s direction.

「Ah, it’s the cosplay girl.」

In that instant, a vein pops to the surface of Lili’s face.

Although her faced cramped up, she still smiled in an overbearing fashion.

「I aint’t the cosplay girl-devi. I am a demon-devi.」

Ohh, she’s enduring it. Good job, Lili.

Kurosawa-san really doesn’t mean it.

She just still hasn’t got her head around it yet.

If things were to go at this rate, she knew that it would not advance any further.

「O-Oi, Lili…..」

When I showed her a puzzled look, she gave me a meaningful look in return. She’s telling me to leave it to her it seems.

Lili swoops down towards Kurosawa-san and held on to her shoulder.

「I am Kurosawa-san’s ally-devi.」

「My ally…?」

「That’s right~ Rather than someone like him, isn’t it much better to deal with a cute girl like me~? Don’t worry, if you do as I say, you can easily make quick work of a guy like him!」

I could see what Lili was trying to do.

Lili was going to pretend to be Kurosawa-san’s ally and give instructions so that the premises of Kurosawa-san being the one to do everything can be maintained…

Of course to Kurosawa-san, this would seem like divine providence coming to help her out. As expected she bit the bait very quickly.

「Y-Yes, P-Please do! Teach me!」

「Then take off your clothes!」

After Lili said this, Kurosawa-san had a blank look on her face.


「Not “Eh?”. For a male you see. they are creatures that get aroused by sight. Therefore, Kurosawa-san you need to show him your ecchi body. Doing that already wins half the battle!」

「So… it’s like that. Yes, I understand.」

I am not really sure what she means by winning or losing but this has interestingly made Kurosawa-san strip her clothes.

Her red and blue tartan skirt slipped straight down on to the floor and she undid another one of her buttons on her blouse.

Her blouse was the next thing to come off on to the floor. Right now in front of my was my beautiful classmate Kurosawa-san in only her undergarments.

Her long and slender legs along with her well-developed bosom.

Wrapping around her figure was a light blue garment with white lacing. there is a satin glossy finish and I thought it was really matched well with her figure.

Of course I knew nothing about undergarments but knowing that she is a model, I would like to think that this is one of the more expensive pieces.

Lastly, Kurosawa-san was about to take her socks off, however…

「Ah, it’s better if you keep your socks on-devi. That will get him more aroused-devi.」

Lili promptly stops her from taking the socks off.

(Although she looks like a cartoon character, inside her personality is actually a rotten old uncle isn’t it?)

In any case, she really understand a males preferences.

With this I start to have suspicions that Lili=old uncle.

(With that being said…)

I continued to gaze at her figure from top to bottom taking my time to admire the view.

Her skin was pure white with no stains on it. She had a cute belly button. Her waist was lovely and tight.

You wouldn’t be able to tell when she was wearing her clothes but both her breasts and her ass were actually quite big.

She was my classmate and the fact that she looked so indecent right now even though she was one of the most well-known celebrities in our school.

Without including her family members and her boyfriend, this was an indecent appearance that hasn’t been seen by any male person.

When I think about it like this, my pulse quickens and my dick becomes rock hard unconsciously.

The blood is gathers inside the tip of my head so much that it feels like it could burst from the pain.

Kurosawa-san was staring at my pulsating dick with wonder.

「Amazing, it got even bigger, ehehe……」

It seems that with every moment that passes her thinking faculties keeps falling?

She shows me an innocent smile that one would not be able to imagine from her usual cool appearance and says “Alright then I’ll show you more…” whilst she started to unhook her bra with her fingers.

However, Lili panicked and interrupted her.

「Hang on a second-devi! You can’t take it off just yet-devi.」

「Eh…. I-Is that so?」

「Look, even with candy, don’t you think it’s more delicious when it’s still in the wrapping? That’s why you can’t just take everything off-devi.」

「I see…」

「That’s right-devi. That’s why…. you this is the most… you can reveal.」

Saying that Lili approaches Kurosawa-san and pulls ones side of her bra to the side just a little but enough to reveal the edge of her nipples.

「About this much-devi.」

My eyes are nailed to her.

Her fair skin, light blue bra and also her pink nipples.

I can see her nipples just a little but I can’t really take a good look at it… It was a vexing kind of feeling.


You must definitely have a penis attached to you right?

Lili was giving me a complacent smile whilst I involuntarily started to breathe a little rougher. She then faces Kurosawa-san and points towards my nether regions.

「Then, you should begin-devi. Now that it has finally filled with blood and become big, you can start to tease it-devi.」

「Y-Yes. How should do it?」

「I told you before that using vision to stimulate the other party is an important thing. But if that’s all you do, it will not be enough, come and lend me your ears for a bit-devi.」

Lili whispers something into her ears and before long Kurosawa-san nods her head in assent and comes closer and kneels in between my feet.

And whilst leaning her body towards me she reaches out her hands towards my member and grabs it.

I instinctively twitch in response to the strong stimulus.

My body temperature should be quite high right now. The sensation of her cool hands felt soothing to the touch.

She continues to stare into my eyes whilst inching her adorable face closer towards my crotch she whispers to me.



I will tell you honestly.

I thought I was going to cum. It was dangerous.

The image of that “Kurosawa-san”, brushing her cheeks against my grotesque looking penis and saying such obscene words from her mouth.

Lili is a frightening girl. She really understands the fantasy that all virgin boys have.

(That girl… She must have a penis attached to her or something. At least two of them at that…)

I really considered it.

However it seems that she is not resisting any of the ideas from Lili because her intelligence was in a deteriorated rate at the moment.

Her mind was in an incredibly receptive state right now I believed that she would continue to do as she was suggested.

(At this rate, she might think of suicide after her intelligence recovers….)

I place those thoughts deep into another part of my chest.

Kurosawa-san’s mouth was still stuck in an “O” shape from her last words and Lili hugged her from behind and gently whispered close to her ears.

「Look, it’s twitching right now, can you see it? He looks like he’s enjoying it right? Doesn’t that make you happy? When he looks like he’s enjoying it like this, doesn’t it make you feel glad as well?」

「Yes….. I think I also feel happy.」

「Then, make sure to make him feel even better, okay? The next step is to use your mouth…」


Kurosawa-san nods in agreement to Lili’s suggestions.

Her lips approaches me and I could feel her hot breath against the sensitive areas of my skin.

The pre-cum was already flowing out and made the glans of my penis slimy.

When I saw her tongue approach me as if to lick my pre-cum and when her tongue actually brushed against the tip of my cock, an electric current rushes up my spine and my body jolts at the pleasure.

(W-What is this!? It feels completely different from her hands! I can’t believe it feels this amazing when she uses her mouth!?)

「Ahah! Amazing~ Kurosawa-chan you are doing so good. I think he just felt extremely pleasurable. You saw his body jolt right? Do it more! corner him!」


Before I knew it, the “devi” Lili usually adds to the end of her sentences is no longer being used.

Yeah, I thought it was difficult to continue with that manner of speech.

When Lili encourages her behavior, Kurosawa-sans tongue becomes more bold and starts to move even more rapidly.

「Lick* lick, kiss, smooch, lick……」

Kurosawa-san was using her red tongue to lick all over and around my dark red glans.

The sensation of her wet tongue rubbing against me…

Whenever the hot tip of her tongue rich in her saliva brushed against my cock, a pleasure to sharp that it can be misunderstood as pain assaulted my senses.

「Uuu! Kuuuh…. Kuuuuh….」

You may think that it was pathetic, but I couldn’t suppress the moans coming out of me.

After all, Kurosawa-san was licking my member with undivided attention.

That Kurosawa-san who was coldly looking down on me as a human being, was now looking seductive and enchanting as she continued to desperately use her tongue to please me.

It would be dangerous for me to even see this kind of spectacle but added to the fact that she was using her tongue like this, I thought that it wouldn’t be strange even if I had a heart attack and just died right now.

Looking at my appearance with a satisfied smile on her face, Lili continues to whisper close to Kurosawa-san’s ear.

「That’s good! Very good! Kurosawa-chan, you are amazing~ It’s working! it’s really effective~!」

「Ish….It good whike twis? (Is it good…. Like this?)」

「Yes, Yeah, that’s perfect. Just finish him off just like that!」

Lili gives her a thumbs up and Kurosawa-san lets out a giggle with her tongue extended towards my glands.

「Now, swallow it up!」

In the moment that Lili said that, Kurosawa-san opens her mouth wide and envelops my member inside of her mouth.


Her slightly blushing face and the image of her pink lips holding my dick fast and deep in her mouth… The impact is unbearable.

Experiencing having my member inside of her mouth for the first time, it felt amazing, warm and slimy. It felt so comfortable that I thought my penis might just melt and disappear.

「That’s nice~ Kurosawa-chan. You’re the best! Now turn your eyes upwards and look at him and then use all your strength to suck him off~!」

Just like she was told, Kurosawa-san began to turn her eyes upwards to match mine and begins to move her face up and down.

「Mnn, Nha…. Kiss, suck. suckk, suckkk…」

Her cheeks become hollow and her lips wrap around my cock, it was a shameful look. There is no shadow remaining of the cool beauty that she was. She stretches her mouth in an ungraceful manner and holds my penis in her mouth with eagerness as she continue to suck me dry.

(Kurosawa-san has such an indecent face right now, I bet that even Kasuya-kun hasn’t had the opportunity to see her like this.)

With the pleasure that constantly assaults me, along with the sense of superiority I felt over Kasuya-kun, I instinctively twist my body.

「Mnn, Jupu, kiss….. Kuchu, Chupah, Mnn, Nnn, Churuu…..」

「Oh, Kuuh…..!」

It felt so good that my body was starting to stiffen up.

When I twist my body and bend backwards, she shows a surprised face for an instant before clinging to my waist as if to say that she wouldn’t let me go.

And just like that she continued sucking me off like a vacuum.


Her mouth narrows even further and the tip of my cock was crushed inside between her cheeks and the belly of her tongue.

It almost felt like a vacuum cleaner was strongly sucking everything from me, I almost ejaculated here and now.

「Uuuu Uwah! Kuuuh!」

I clench my waist and endure the feeling desperately.

The stimulation is too strong.

However, I cannot cum just like this so easily. It is still too early no matter how you look at it.

I still wanted to feel the pleasure building even more.

However, when I tried to pull my waist backwards, she swallowed me even deeper as if to say that she wouldn’t let me go.

This is my limit.

「Uuu, Uu, Uwahh!」

My abdomen trembles.


My glans throbbed.

Byuruu, Byuruu, a hot liquid bursts into the interior of her mouth. Kurosawa-san strains her cheeks in surprise. However, she didn’t try to release her mouth.

「Mnnnnn! Nnnnnn!」

In fact she started to moan and sucked on my dick even harder than before.


It felt so good that it was about to enter the threshold of pain, I clenched my teeth reflexively.

Byuu! Byuu! Like a tenacious geyser, I continued to gush out semen from my penis.

For some time she just continued sucking me and then she released my member from her mouth and the sound of her gulping could be heard.

The semen that she couldn’t shallow began to overflow from the edge of her mouth and a thin thread of white liquid drips down.

「Y-You drank it up?」

When I asked her this question, she scoops up the semen about to drip from the edge of her mouth with her fingers and licks her fingers as if to savor ever last drop of it.

And with her out of focus eyes, she looked and me whilst smiling so sweetly, she then said…

「It;’s delicious…. Please give me more~」

「It’s delicious?!!」

「Yes… It tastes so good, p-please cum for me again.」

She looked intoxicated when she whispered that to me. She then started to hold my penis in her mouth again.


Not minding the fact that I was flustered, she giggled in response and began to corner me like a cat cornering a mouse. She was breathing roughly and she narrowed her lips and began to wholeheartedly service my penis again.

「W-Wait a minute! I just came so! I won’t be able to come again so soon! Lili what is going on with this!?」

When I looked at Lili to ask for help, she just floated in the air and started to laugh uncontrollably.

「Ahahahahaha, it is beyond my expectations~ Yes, yes, that’s really delicious isn’t it?! After all, it’s your missing nourishment for the past three days!」

「She really thinks of this as food!?」

「Ahaha, don’t you think that semen would taste even better with a sprinkle of soy sauce? Soy sauce semen.」

「You made her believe it is a delicious thing?!」

Now that you mention it, she has only been drinking water for the last three days.

Her level of consciousness is barely at the level of drunk… No perhaps it is even lower than that, this has already fallen to the level of someone acting on survival instinct.


If I strain my eyes properly, along with the sound of her sucking me off, I could also hear the sound of her stomach rumbling.

Certainly Kurosawa-san being a model, her face is cute and her style is amazing.

Having a girl like that suck on my cock with barely anything on but her underwear is stimulating.

However even if that may be the case, it is impossible to just go for a second time.

「Lili, can’t you do something about this!?」

「Eh~ In Kurosawa-san’s mind, Fumi Fumi’s semen is something that is extremely delicious and has been carved in her mind. Why don;t you just obediently give her the bait and let her drink some more? Sooner or later she will be addicted to Fumi Fumi’s semen as an energy source, and you might even be able to keep her as a Semen Slave~」

Saying this, Lili shows me a devilish smile.

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