Chapter 8 – Speed King

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「Lili! Come on, do something about this!」

「I guess it can’t be helped… Mou~」

Scratching her red hair like it was troublesome, she approaches Kurosawa-san.

And whilst she patted the head of the woman who kept sucking on my dick like she was pleading for another round, she whispered into her ears.

「Hey, Kurosawa-chan. Rather than doing that, there is something even more delicious you know? Fumi Fumi told me that if you are able to satisfy him, then he will let you eat anything that you like later.」

She stopped moving and released my cock from her mouth and a “Chupon” sound comes out.

「Anything I want?」

「That’s right, what do you want to eat?」

She starts thinking and says “Hmm”.

Somehow even that gesture of hers seems childish somehow.

Her eyes were definitely glazed and intoxicated, but her overall appearance was still that of a cool beauty.

Somehow that sense of feeling out of place made it even more surreal.

「Nn, hmm, Steak!」

「I see. You want steak? Ahaha, it’s like the reply of a child in the Showa era.」

When Lili pats her head again, Kurosawa-san tilts her head towards Lili’s hand like a purring cat seeking more attention.

With each moment that passes, the more her behavior changes and becomes more infant-like.

Somehow this is different from what I was told.

「Hey Lili…. You told me her level of cognition would decrease…. But were you referring to her degrading so much as to become infant-like, similar to this?」

「Ahahah,, Hmm…. I think that Kurosawa-san might have been a brought up as a spoilt child. I feel as though her real personality behind her facade is more similar to this. Like if she was alone with her boyfriend, she would probably be the type to behave like a spoilt child.」

「…..You think?」

Others might think it is troublesome but each to their own I suppose. In my case I have always wanted to try spoiling my girlfriend if I ever had the chance.

Added to the fact that she is usually acting like a cool girl, being the sole person to experience this side of her makes it all the more alluring.

If I were to tell the truth and confess, I am terribly jealous of Kasuya-kun.

When I was twisting and turning due to the jealously, Lili claps her hands.

「Anyways! The goal is to have sex with her, so this isn’t the time for you to go soft. Hurry up and do something about it!」

「Even if you tell me to do something about it….」

「I’m telling you to get your penis hard!」


Lili is so indecent.

Seeing that I was affected by her manner of speaking, Lili gave me a sour look.

「The truth is that it will take some time so…. In the mean time Lili you buy me some time and I will make it happen somehow okay?」

「You want me to buy you some time?」

Leaving me alone, Lili gazes at Kurosawa-san’s face and whispers in a tone as if coaxing a child.

「Then, I will make the preparations okay~ Kurosawa-chan.」


Kurosawa-san tilts her neck in confusion and Lili clings to her body from behind and starts to grab hold of her breasts.


「Alright, please stay still okay~ If you don’t get wet for him, he won’t be able to put it in~」

Lili smiles in a teasing way as she slips the tips of her fingers under Kurosawa-san’s bra.

Instantly, Kurosawa-san’s body starts to shudder.

「Hyaan! Ahnn, you can’t pinch my nipples!」

Kurosawa-san tries to resist by standing up and twisting away.

However, Lili’s hands show no sign of stopping.

She clings to Kurosawa-san’s back like glue and obstinately rubs Kurosawa-san’s nipple stimulating it with her fingers.

「Look, doesn’t it feel really good? You don’t have to hold it in you know~」

「Ahhh…… Mnnn….. Nnn… Haaa, Hyann…..」

Her skin was flushed red from her cheeks all the way down the nape of her neck. From her neck to her shoulders and to the hollow area near her collarbone, her body was starting to blush.

Gradually Kurosawa-san voice starts to turn sweet and moist whilst her body begins to turn and twist. Her pink colored nipples also pop out from underneath her bra.

「Iyaaah….. Mnn…….! Fuaaa……. aaahh……」

「Kurosawa-chan you’re really sensitive aren’t cha? You’ve already become this hard.」

Lili smile warps in a sadistic fashion.

And now, whilst she continued to pinch and twist Kurosawa-san’s nipples she also sealed her lips with her own lips.


In that moment, Kurosawa-san’s eyes grow wide in surprise.

However, in the next moment her eyes become glazed as if she became enchanted in the feeling of pleasure.

The sound of their tongues entwining together creates a lewd squelching noise.

Haaa, Haa their feverish breaths resound.

Kurosawa-san enters a heated state.

Lili continues to lick the insides of Kurosawa-san’s mouth whilst being really persistent with teasing her nipples.

Over and over again Kurosawa-san’s body kept on pulsating with pleasure.

Before long Lili pinches her nipples and pulls them hard… At that moment…

「Mnn! Nnnnnnuuuuuh….!」

Her body writhes violently.

However, just before she was about to climax, Lili quickly releases her hands.

「Haaa…. Haaaa…… Why, whyyy, did you stopp……?」

Kurosawa-san was tearing up slightly from the corner of her eyes with a face that looked enchanted.

Lili expresses a teasing smile whilst whispering in her ears like so…

「Although its regrettable, it is not my duty to make you cum~」

「Noo wayy…..」

Kurosawa-san had disordered breathing as her head hanged down and Lili abruptly put her hands inside of Kurosawa-san’s panties.

「Then, shall I play with this next?」

When the tip of Lili’s finger wriggles inside of the light blue panties, Kurosawa-san raises her voice and says “Hyan!?” as her body leaps.

And when Lili takes her hand out of the panties, she exposes the string of liquid dripping from her fingertips.

「Look at that, can you see? Isn’t it amazing? Kurosawa-san is a really ecchi girl isn’t she? She is already this dripping wet after all.」

「Iyahhnnn….. Don’t say that….」

Kurosawa-san says “Noo, nooo” and behaves in a reluctant manner but Lili just smiles at her and places her hand inside of the shorts once again.

Chuku, Chuku, Jyuku.

「Mnnn, Haah….. Hah, Ahhn, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ahhh.」

When Lili’s finger wriggles under the cloth, obscene squelching sounds along with Kurosawa-san’s sweet panting creates music in my ears.

My eyes were nailed to the scene.

Even though I just ejaculated moments ago, I was starting to get hard again… No my cock was already hard like a rock. It was even becoming painful.

Sage time? What is that ? Is it useful?

If a sage monk were to see this scene in front of me, I have no doubt that he would take off his pants.

If you saw this hot lesbian play right in front of you, than no matter who it was, they would definitely get excited.

「Iyahh… What is this? I’ve never felt like this before. It feels too good, am I cumming? Am I about to cum? Ahnn, Noo, ah, ahh……ahhh……

I think that my eyes must be bloodshot right now.

「Haa….. Haaa…」

My breathing is rough and my heartbeat is through the roof.

I can’t stand this anymore.

The moment I raised my body, Lili stopped the movement of her finger.

「Whyy… Again…」

Just as she was about to cum the stimulation from Lili suddenly stopped. Kurosawa-san was moaning in frustration. Lili then started to whisper close to her ears.

「You’ve been waiting.」


And then Lili makes the puzzled Kurosawa-san stand up.

Her knees were trembling like a baby fawn standing up for the first time.

It seemed like if Lili were to let go of her hand that she would just tumble down and fall to the ground.

However she managed to stand up right next to the vicinity of my face. Kurosawa-san’s crotch area was within an inch of my face.

Her light blue shorts. Her lascivious sexual fluids that were leaking out of her crotch area was right in front of me.

「Ahaha Fumi Fumi, it’s a close up. Have a very close look~」

Saying this Lili pulls Kurosawa-sans panties sideways revealing the area between her legs.


Kurosawa-san’s resistance was weak and my eyes were glued to her whilst having my mouth half open.

In front of me were her pink wet lips trembling lively.

Having seen a girls vagina for the first time I realized that the shape was more complex than I first imagined.

If I were to put it into words, there is no doubt that the word lascivious would suit the shape of her pink lips.

Whilst I was staring at her in wonder, Lili pinched the little puffed up pea sized thing with the tips of her fingers.

「First of all… This is her clitoris.」


Instantly Kurosawa-san let out a shrill voice as her body bent backwards.

「Ahaha, Kurosawa-chan you are really sensitive aren’t you? Now this is the labia majora and the interior part is called the labia minora….」

This time she spreads the petal like pink flesh with her fingers and shows it to me.

「What do you think? Don’t you reckon it is a beautiful pink color?」

Lili’s fingers were slippery wet.

Seeing what Lili was showing me, I instinctively swallowed down my saliva.

「You want to put it inside?」

I nod blankly to Lili’s question.

I want to put it in. I obviously can’t wait to put it in .

My cock was already swollen like a balloon.

「Kurosawa-chan, have a look. Because Kurosawa-san is too ecchi, Fumi Fumi can’t hold back any longer.」

When Lili whispers this to hear, Kurosawa-san stares at my cock with a blank look on her face.

「Haa….. Haaa… Even more than before… Haaah… It’s become even bigger……」

「That’s right~ Seeing Kurosawa-chan being so ecchi made him become even bigger than before~ Doesn’t that make you happy~? If that goes inside of you, it will definitely feel so good you know? It will absolutely feel soo pleasurable……」

「It will feel…… Pleasurable?」

Her enchanted eyes. Her flushed face full of sexual excitement. Her seductive expression that invites a man.

Just by seeing Kurosawa-san be in this state, my breathing spontaneously quickens.

Lili urges me to lie down and I quickly lay on my back.

When lying down my cock stands tall and straight whilst twitching impatiently.

「Look, it will definitely feel amazing, it is real easy. All you have to do is sit on top of him, you will instantly feel extreme pleasure.」

「Haa… Haaa… Feel…. Pleasure…」

Her tongue was hanging down loosely and she was staring at my penis with feverish eyes.

Lili strides over my body and helps Kurosawa-san to stand up, Kurosawa-san is breathing very heavily as she slowly approaches me and kneels down towards my body.

Lili grabs my member with the tips of her fingers to guide it towards Kurosawa-sans pussy.

And then—-


I could feel the sensations of her dripping wet flesh as I entered inside of her, it sounded very lewd.

With a little bit of resistance, the tip of my cock was wrapped in what felt like a hot steaming towel.

「Kuuun,,, Uuuu, Ah, Ahhhhh, Uaaahhhhn」

Kurosawa-san’s eyebrows were scrunched up in pain as she slowly lowered her waist down.

「Uuu, it’s tight……」

Her vaginal hole was strangling my member embracing it tightly, not expecting how narrow her entrance would be I let out a groan instinctively.

And when she used all her strength to lower her waist, “Slurp” my penis slid all the way into her vaginal hole.

Zun! An electric shock impacted my mind.

In that moment—

「Hiiiiu!? Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!」

Kurosawa-san looks up at the ceiling and shrieks out loud.

*Puru Puru* the flesh inside of her vagina strangles my cock tightly and the head of my dick pierces the interior of her vagina pushing all the way to the hard fleshy part of her uterus.


「Kuu, I’m cumming!」

I instantly reach my limit.

「Eh Wah!? Wait!」

Hearing Lili’s panicked voice, I grit my teeth and hold it in.

「Kuuh, Guuuu, Guuuuuuh!」

I tried to restrain it somehow but I couldn’t stop from bursting inside of her and overflowing out.

「Naaah, Aaaahhh!」

Kurosawa-san’s voice comes out of her pretty little mouth and her vagina continues to undulate in waves as if to squeeze every single drop of ejaculate from my penis.

There is no way I could hold it in the middle of ejaculating.

Without being able to stop myself, I continue to spurt my fluids inside of her.

I am seeing stars in front of my eyes.

I feels like the ground is spinning under me.

The feeling of pleasure is beyond my imagination.

I’ve obviously cum in the past but to think that it felt this much better with a girl, I feel so moved.

My ejaculation doesn’t end easily.

「Haa…. Haaa……. Ahhn, Y-You’re cumming so much inside of me going… *byuu byuu*…… You’re still cumming…. Ahh」

Kurosawa-san mutters in a rapt expression.

I can clearly see my penis which was being devoured greedily by her vaginal lips.

It’s an amazing sight to behold.

After releasing everything I had whilst panting, I could see that Lili was putting her hand to her forehead and sighing out loud with an amazed look on her face.

「Fumi Fumi….. Even though I had prepared everything for you.」

「I’m sorry…..」

「You can still go for one more round right?」

「No, I think that is impossible. I already came once before….」

Lili instantly looks up at the ceiling.

「This is why I don’t like dealing with virgins… The moment they put it in they instantly ejaculate…. Are you trying to create the legend of the fastest man in history to climax? You should be called the “Speed King”!」

「Speed King!?」

Lili grimaced and appeared to be frustrated.

「There is no other way. I didn’t want to use this at this juncture, however…」

She takes out a small bottle out of thin air and thrusts it in front of me.

「Drink this!」

「W-What is this?」

「It’s just an energy medicine.」

「Ahh that would help me a lot, cheers.」

「There is no side effects, however because it did come from hell, it can pack quite a punch…… Hmm? …. Ahhhhhh!?」

Lili shouts out hysterically and Kurosawa-san who was still attached to me tilts her neck in confusion.

「D-Dont tell me you drank the whole thing!?」

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