Volume 1 Chapter 1-1: Beginning of a New Life in Another World


Prologue (Part 1, Part 2)

「So…now what?」

When I came to I was standing in the midst of a prairie. Plus for some reason I was in a school uniform.

It was the black gakuran that my high school required. It’s just that there were some godly adjustments attached to it.

I could’ve forgiven it if god had given it amazing defensive power or body enhancement cheats but….god had only adjusted the style.

She had changed the outfit to include short-wrapped top and baggy pants.

The trousers were made so they gradually expanded from my waist downwards then they thinned out near my ankles. Yup it was thick. The so called banana baggy pants…the banabon things (short for banana bontan).

The short wrapped top was cut off so that you would be able to see my belly button (though I was also wearing a dress shirt beneath it so you couldn’t see mine). Putting these two elements together…I looked like a delinquent.

God’s remodeling was just too disappointing…

The best thing I could say was at least they hadn’t given me loafers and I was wearing sneakers instead. It must’ve been a concession since moving around in loafers would be a pain.

Well, even if there were so many things that I could react to, it’d be best to grasp my current situation first.

First I should check what I have on me. My chest pocket and inner pocket, pants pocket…splendidly there wasn’t even a piece of candy tucked away in them.

However, upon my left hip belt I had a Japanese Katana.

Since the blade had been bared inside that mysterious god space, I was just glad that the sword had been sent to me with a scabbard. Thankfully.

The one thing I wanted to know most at this point….

「Umm can you talk in this world?」
「Be at ease. In this world I am able to speak.」
「Ohhh! Nice! Even just with this it was worth coming here! I’m fine even if I die!」
「…Oioi, if you die now then why did god even send you? I do not wish to end up laying out here till I rust away.」

Oops that’s right. I need to live a reasonably long life so I can inscribe the details of this world onto my soul. To be honest I could barely care less about that, but I didn’t want to die here and leave my precious sword out in these conditions.

I guess I should confirm my surroundings at this point. First let’s check the sky.

「Un, it’s blue. There are clouds too. Earth-like.」

It seems it was not nighttime. I couldn’t even be sure if there was a night here, but there was a sun-like object in the sky and it was round so I could surmise that it most likely rotated. If that was true, and I hadn’t been sent someplace with a midnight sun, then I surmised that nighttime would eventually come.

I felt it would be bad if I was still outside when the sun set. I needed to find a place with people.

Next was my location. I looked around myself and saw no one. No buildings and no sign of a town.

Behind me was a forest that I couldn’t see through. To my left and right I could see the prairie extending off into the horizon with grass as tall as my knees. Then in front of me I saw some thickly dotted hills and something that looked like an incense stick on top?

No no, the sense of scale seemed off. They were surely far too distant for me to see properly. Most obviously that long and thin thing. I wonder if it was some kind of structure. If that was so then this world’s construction skills were quite high.

Apart from that I didn’t know which way I should go. Right now the sun was still high in the sky…but I couldn’t really feel optimistic about that. Once the sun was gone it would be pitch black and I’d be stuck outside in a world where I had no idea what would pop out.

There could be bandits, military police, wild animals, monsters…for now I wanted to search for a location where I could apply a bit of universal common sense.

「Do you have any idea where a town might be? Uhh…Beloved Katana (alias).」

I had become able to converse with my sword, but at this point I had no idea what to call it.

For now I just called it Beloved Katana (alias) to see.

「There is no reason I would have such knowledge. Even so, it would grow wearisome if you were to constantly call me Beloved Katana. Certainly since we have been able to converse I did not have the chance to name myself. I will take this chance to properly name myself. This one’s inscription is 『Hotarumaru』. You may call me Hotaru.」
「Ah…I see. Rather than a name a sword would have an inscription. Hotaru…what a nice inscript…ion?」

W-w-wait…Wait a second bro?

Did it just say Hotarumaru? That’s what it said! The Hotarumaru that was enshrined as a national treasure in 1931 and lost at the end of the Pacific War (WWII)?

Why did Grandfather have such a thing!? Actually didn’t you just steal it at the end of the war!? What a guy! Actually good job! Grandfather!

To think the blade I had selected was such a famed sword! Nice, for now let’s do a guts pose.

「Oi, sorry to interrupt your excitement, but I believe it is time for you to name yourself as well.」

Ahh, I guess even if I had gone to the storehouse everyday to see the katanas I had never properly introduced myself.

It’s quite obvious.

「You’re right, I never did introduce myself. My name is Fujinomiya Soujirou. You can just call me Soujirou.」
「Soujirou huh? What a good name. I look forward to working together Soujirou.」
「I do as well, treat me well Hotaru-san.」

Un, as expected a name is important. Just by calling each other’s names I felt like our bonds had deepened. Since Hotaru-san was older than me I decided not to call her without honorifics.

Now that I think of it…this short sword might have a name too.

「Hey Hotaru-san. Do you know if this one has a name too?」
「I wonder…at the time it was made it most likely did…but it might have lost it at this point. It’s only around 100 years old and fairly young so it doesn’t seem to be able to talk yet. How about you give it an inscription Soujirou? If it becomes able to speak one day then it can teach you its name. Honestly I don’t know when that would be but I feel like it would be happy being named by you.」

I see, we didn’t even know if it would gain the ability to speak in my lifetime.

Even without speech it could communicate its feelings…un, if it wasn’t a misunderstanding on my part I could sense that it was of the same opinion as Hotaru-san.

「Alright then, you will be…」

What name should I give it? …something sword-ish like the famous masamune or murasei could be good, but I might as well give it something cuter.

This sword was an ally who had accompanied me and Hotaru-san from our home world. Since we would probably never see another pure Japanese blade after arriving here I wanted to give it a Japanese name.

Japan…land of the rising sun…hoist the flag…school entrance ceremony…I brainstormed. But I remembered that it was still spring in Japan right now…if you think about spring you think of…

「…that’s right. Sakura! Let’s call you Sakura. Hotaru-san, Sakura, and me. Now that the three of us are here in this world, let’s do our best!」

The short sword Sakura that hung on my hip seemed to have liked the name as I could feel the emotion from it.

Mhmm, quite satisfactory. What were we talking about beforehand anyways?

「As always Soujirou takes things as they come…actually do you have any other interests besides Katanas? What about women?」
「Hotaru-san…even I am a healthy male high school student. Isn’t it obvious that I am super interested!!?」

It was just that up until now I had absolutely no luck in finding love, but of course I loved women! I might even say my desires for it was even stronger than my friends’.

I ended up dying on Earth before I got the chance to experience anything though, but I’d been given an extension! I didn’t know if I would be able to lose my virginity in this world, but if there was the chance I would go for it. Yup.

「Oh, well that’s good. If you’re a boy then you should be strong in that way. Well, let’s end the discussion for now. We have to decide what we’re going to do.」

Ah, right. Hotaru-san seems so reliable. Calm, composed, and reliable.

Well I suppose that’s how it should be. Hotarumare was made back in the Kamakura period. Even if we said she was made in 1350 AD she was approaching 700 years old. That’s why she could call the 100 year old Sakura young.

「Well for now I know what we need to do…but I’m not sure. I feel like I should choose any direction except the forest.」
「Hou, why?」
「I don’t have any knowledge of this world so I have no idea of the ecosystem here. If I entered somewhere with a poor field of vision and ran into a location with something weird living there it’d be bad.」
「I see. Even if you look like you’re going with the flow you are at least thinking about your choices properly. Then why don’t we set off towards that hill in the distance. If we widen our field of view we might see something.」
「n, got it.」

In the end we didn’t have nearly enough information to determine which way we should go, so I decided to take Hotaru-san’s suggestion since it made sense. It definitely wasn’t because I thought it was a pain to think about it further.

With that I started to walk towards the hill.



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