Volume 1 Chapter 1-4: Beginning of a New Life in Another World


A young girl only 15 or 16 spoke with no hesitation about killing these villains. Those words she spoke left a refreshing feeling in my chest. That’s right…this difference in values. The common sense in this world felt like I could fit in.

「Dammit! After it finally went right….this wouldn’t have happened if the Boss didn’t get blinded by his desires for the acolyte…」
「Ah…Vice-head…l-let’s run….help me please…」

Apparently the only uninjured one left was the number two of the group.

The guy who was left bleeding from his chest was having a hard time breathing. The vice-head looked at him with a slimy smile.

「Ahh, it’s frustrating but I don’t think we can beat him….we gotta figure out a way to escape…」
「T-then let’s hurry up and ru…」
「Wait wait, if we just run away like normal he’ll probably catch up.」


Ahh as I thought. I was wondering if this might happen. If he had taken his subordinate with him and tried to make a break for it I had considered letting them go, but as I thought he had forced the injured one to be a decoy as he ran.

「See ya! Do your best to slow him down~…Guhhh! H-huh?」

The Vice-head looked down to see a katana stabbed fully through his chest as he turned his head backwards.

「*cough*! …t-too fast…isn’t it…?」

As the man muttered those words I kicked his body off of my blade and calmly walked back to the man who had been turned into a decoy.

The vice-chief must have wondered why I hadn’t taken care of the guy he had pushed to become his decoy…but I thought it was quite obvious. I should deal with the uninjured enemy trying to run before I dealt with the enemy that would die even if I just left them on the ground.

「So he says?」

The man lying on the ground lifted his arm and pleaded.

The true victim of this had been the girl so I decided to check with her first.

「Even though the Lord and Lady said 『please spare our lives for our child』…and you didn’t listen at all?」

As the girl looked down at the man with ice-cold eyes he dropped his arm after losing his final hope.

「Looks like he died…but should I give the final blow just in case?」
「Haa…I would be obliged.」

The girl was acting quite firm and carefully. She let out a large sigh as the tension in her body slowly receded.

She was quite admirable for a young girl around my own age.

I felt admiration as I took my katana and stabbed it through the man’s throat before pulling it out and wiping the blood from the blade. At the same time the chilling sensation in my mind slowly receded as I began to return to normal.

「Hotaru-san did I do alright?」
「Umu, quite splendid Soujirou. I give a passing mark for your first battle ja.」
「Really!? Thanks Hotaru-san. I was able to relax and fight well with the assistance you gave me.」
「Don’t worry about it. It’s obvious I want to protect you ja. Rather than that hurry and retrieve Sakura. Don’t leave her out there to warp.」
「Ahh! That’s right. Sakura did her best too. Then I’m off~ huh?」

As I was about to run off and grab Sakura I felt a strange gaze that stopped me.

Leaving aside Hotaru-san and Sakura there was only one other here. Of course the girl was looking at me oddly.

Hm? Is it possible that swords don’t talk in this world either…do I look like a big weirdo?

Well, who cares?

「I believe that you should be aware, but if you are going to retrieve your weapons it would be best to retrieve those of the bandits as well.」

I didn’t really get it but I decided to just nod in agreement.

The bowman should’ve been around here…ah there he is. Sakura was perfectly stuck in his forehead.

Rather than this simply being my own power, I felt like it was Sakura herself that helped adjust my aim and power when I threw her.

How nice~ thanks~ thank you Sakura.

I carefully removed Sakura from the man’s forehead and was about to wipe her clean on his clothes…but he looked filthy so I stopped. Wiping Sakura-tan on such filthy clothes would be a shame.

Sakura seemed to agree as well. It seemed like both Hotaru-san and Sakura had extremely sharp edges and a high polish that didn’t allow blood to stick to them.

Of course when I obtained the proper tools I would perform maintenance on them, but for now I would make do.

I took the two of them and sheathed them.

After this I unexpectedly had to admit the practicality of my short top and baggy pants.

The shape of the baggy pants allowed me to move around freely without any pulling or restrictions. The short top also allowed me to pull my swords out without fear they would be obstructed by my outfit. Unexpectedly the outfit wasn’t just a whim of the god.

Okay then, as the girl said I took the bow from the archer…and the dagger from within his clothes. Doesn’t seem like he was carrying any money. Well, if they were attacking someone they wouldn’t really need to bring their wallets I guess.

I brought the bow and dagger back to the girl before dropping them on the ground.

「Here, I brought them back. What are we doing with these? I don’t think you want to use them…so are you taking them back to town and selling them?」

I asked as she looked at me seriously before letting out a sigh.

「As expected you don’t know…somehow I thought that might be the case.」

Hm? What do I not know? …actually I think that might be everything… That aside I’m grateful for god’s power that lets me talk with people freely.

「If a weapon does not have a registered owner, their original capabilities cannot be demonstrated. Once a weapon’s owner dies the weapon itself can serve as proof of social status. In the case of bandits, you can take their weapons to the appropriate place to receive compensation.」
「I see!」

Oooh how cool. Weapons in this world can serve as identification papers. They can’t demonstrate their true ability without registering an owner…so awesome. It feels like a game…if you don’t have the weapon properly equipped on your character you won’t get any of its effects.

「It appears you have much you would like to ask me…but for now let us depart this location. The smell of blood will draw monsters here. It is simply a matter of time.」

Ah, as I thought there are monsters.

「Also, it may be a bit late of me to say, but my name is Sistina. I am humbly grateful for your assistance in my time of need.」

And so that was how I met my first person in this new world.


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