Volume 1 Chapter 11-1: Magically Incompetent Man and The Man Who Didn’t Learn His Lesson


「Ahh~ so hungry」
「Fufufu, I’m sorry I got so caught up in shopping…we should have stopped to eat something while we shopped.」
「It’s fine no problem. I didn’t bring it up because all the shops were interesting anyways. Truthfully I hadn’t noticed how hungry I was until we finished shopping.」

The three of us sat at the table and ordered the set meal for the day. Of course Hotaru-san was drinking today as well. Since she’d already conquered distilled liquor yesterday she was trying Ale today.

Today’s basic menu was salad, soup, main, and bread.

The main dish was grilled meat with a bone in it. As usual I had no idea what kind of meat it was, but since it tasted delicious there wasn’t an issue.

At this point I felt like having some rice, but according to Sistina’s skill things like 『white rice』, 『brown rice』, or just 『rice』 didn’t set off her skill so maybe it was called something different in this world.

According to Sistina she had always been at the temple so her meals were simple except when she had been learning cooking skills so she didn’t know about it. I decided to look into it once we reached a larger town. This was another future goal besides creating a bath.

Having satisfied our hunger we changed and got ready to head into the bathing house.

However, maybe since we ended up getting their earlier than yesterday there were only 2 bathing rooms available. I supposed that another would open soon enough and since women usually took longer to bathe than men I decided to let the two of them go in ahead of me.

「Hotaru-san, Sistina head in before me.」
「Is that really alright Soujirou-sama?」
「Un, I’m sure a room will open soon.」
「Fu, what are you saying Soujirou? It’ll be fine if two of us enter the same room.」


「Alright let’s go Soujirou.」

Hotaru-san said lightly and pulled my hand and pushed me into a bathing room.

「Wai-Wait a moment Hotaru-san! We don’t have to cram ourselves into the same room and…eh?」

I turned around and the words died in my throat as I saw Sistina standing in the room.

「Ah~…I’ll get out.」

We didn’t have to rush right now, we could wait til later and slowly…oops my face probably looked lecherous right then. As a newly non-virgin man I felt like I’d been reborn as a less greedy man. This level of temptation wouldn’t shake my will.

I endeavored to maintain a veil of tranquility as I tried to walk past Sistina and out the door. However, Sistina blushed and looked down before taking one step to the side…and blocked the door.



Hmmmmmm? Why did she just lock the door?

「Umm…I’ll wash your back so could you please head in first?」

GUWA! As always Sistina packs incredible destructive force. Such a frank and upfront girl like Hotaru-san is nice, but as expected a bashful blushing beauty like Sistina is amazing.

There’s no way I could resist this. An unconditional surrender disregarding honor. I removed my clothing and took a towel and Sakura-chan inside with me.

As I left Sakura-chan on the shelf my ‘son’ was on the verge of running wild as I tried to keep myself calm and filled up a bucket with water.

Not long after I heard the door open and Sistina walked in. I couldn’t help but turn to look and saw Sistina with two towels tied around her body which made it look like she had made a towel bikini.


No, that towel couldn’t hide the twin mountains fully.
Because of the insufficient width of the towel and the fact that she had forcefully tied it around her chest it pressed down on her breasts and made them look even more erotic.

The situation with the towel around her hips was almost the same. The towel hid the most important parts, but because it barely covered enough it ended up looking obscene. I suspected that if she turned around her butt would be almost completely visible.

「Alright, I will wash your back so please take a seat over there.」

She said and pointed to the wooden seat placed on the ground. I walked over and sat down in a position where I could see the bucket of water that I had filled to my right.

「Then please excuse me.」

I was able to see Sistina’s white hands soak the towel in water from the corner of my vision. I had never seen such a scene from adult nightlife in my entire life up until high-school. However, based on some perverted friends I had known and the magazines they showed me, I had plenty of knowledge which made my imagination run wild.

I felt a slight chill on my back as Sistina began wiping me down. She used the perfect amount of strength, not too hard and not too soft. It felt amazing. She proceeded to wipe my neck and my arms as well.

「Ahhh that feels great. Thank you, you’re really good at this.」
「Fufufu, I’m glad to hear that.」
「I can wipe my front so give me the towel please.」

As expected I couldn’t let Sistina wash my front and it would be awkward for her to do my legs, so I should take over at this point.

「I-I can do it.」


I felt like I heard that sound effect.

Sistina leaned from my back and wound her arms around me to reach my chest and stomach and started wiping. However, her arms were not long enough so she ended up pressing her twin mountains against my back and I felt her soft skin press against my back.

Woah! I could tell just from the sensation on my back. These were breasts that didn’t lose to Hotaru-san’s.

However, I had already sworn that I wouldn’t go out of control. This situation could be said to be the appetizer before the main dish back at the inn.

This is the soup before the main dish.

「Thank you Sistina. I’ll wipe you next so let’s switch places.」
「Eh!? N-no I can’t make Master do such a…」
「Come on, it’s fine.」
「Come on, it’s fine.」
「It’s embarrass….」
「Come on, it’s fine.」
「Even if you say…」
「Muda muda muda muda muda muda muda mudaaaaaa」
「…I’ll be in your care」

And so I enjoyed the feeling of those twin mountains as the highest quality appetizers. The main dish was what she hid beneath the towel around her hips. I was really looking forward to it.



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