Volume 1 Chapter 11-2: Magically Incompetent Man and The Man Who Didn’t Learn His Lesson


After that, the two of us felt less nervous and washed each other’s hair before happily exiting the bathing area with a good mood between us. There we saw Hotaru-san who appeared to have gotten tired of waiting and was drinking some alcohol that was sold in the rest area.

「Hmm, it seems like you’ve gotten rid of that tension ja. It felt like the two of you would be overly conscious of each other and end up making a mess of things so I was wondering how I could relax your nerves but it seems it went well ja.」

My conclusion…there’s no winning against Hotaru-san.

Since we returned to the inn earlier than expected we decided to have Sistina give us a magic lecture.

To be completely honest I wanted to hurry and hop into bed with her, but because we had an enjoyable time in the bath I felt enough composure to hold back. That probably wasn’t the only reason since the appeal of being able to use magic was a large motivator for me.

「Magic is the act of utilizing the magical power within your body externally, bestowing an image, and causing a phenomenon to occur.」

「Bestowing an image? Do you mean if you can imagine it then you can accomplish it?」

I immediately spoke out my question and Sistina shook her head slightly.

「Unfortunately magic that can accomplish anything is only a theory.」

As expected. If it was possible to do anything then instead of there being different skills named 『OO Magic』 or 『XX Magic』 there would only be one skill simply named 『Magic』. I shut my mouth and nodded to prompt her to keep speaking.

「Humans normally do not have the ability to convert images into phenomena using magic. For that reason it was divided up into different systems.」

「I see, in short unconsciously you would reject magic that overturns your common sense. Like the 『common sense』 that 『Healing Magic』 and 『Light Magic』 can 『accomplish』 certain things.」

U~n…I don’t really get what Hotaru-san is getting at. However, Sistina looked surprised as she gazed at Hotaru-san.

「That’s amazing. This is the first time I’ve seen someone understand that much just from this explanation alone. Even Master doesn’t seem to understand.」

Sorry about that…I’m not that smart…even so my grades weren’t especially bad.

「In short…it means this.」

While not realizing my secret sadness, Hotaru-san opened her hand and created a light on top of it which she proceeded to toss onto the ceiling.

The ball of light gently lit the room as it stuck to the ceiling.

「Amazing…it seems just like a fluorescent light…」

No matter how you looked at it Hotaru-san was able to do this much too easily.

「Well, originally I was already using magic ja. I was originally an inorganic being who developed consciousness and I can ignore common sense while moving around and talking ja.」

「…I see. That could explain it. If you have a strong image that surpasses regular theory than…」

「No that’s wrong. What are the two of you saying? Hotaru-san has always been Hotaru-san. Even before being able to talk you transmitted that. Even this child here…all of you have a soul.」

「…Soujirou…are you just arguing because that’s how you feel? You don’t truly understand it do you?」

I didn’t understand but their talk had irritated me. I didn’t regret speaking up. It doesn’t matter if Hotaru-san had a wry smile on her face. Hotaru-san is, has been, and always will be Hotaru-san even without magic. Even if I don’t understand much, I know that at least.

「Fufufu, well I’m happy for that sentiment either way. Thank you Soujirou.」

「Indeed. It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that Hotaru-san is Hotaru-san and that she is here now.」

After that the two of them got into more of a complex discussion of magic, but I had no idea what they were saying. After the two of them came together to simplify things for me, the things I learned was this.

Magic was used by creating an image or imagining something. However, humans could not create something they did not believe in.

『Suddenly being able to use fire however you please』 is by all rights impossible. For that reason if you use magic and try to create fire instantly your common sense will get in the way and prevent you from properly imagining it.

However if you change it to 『if you train hard to use Fire Magic Skills then you will be able to control fire freely』 and adjust general common sense to believe that, then the originally impossible task becomes possible within this frame and the imagination will succeed.

Well, I somehow understood that much theory and what was next was to practice emitting my internal magic power.


「This isn’t going to work」

「Doesn’t look good ja…」

The two of them threw in the towel.

「It’s not as if you don’t have magic power. In fact I would say that you have even more magic power than most people…but you are lacking in actual ability to utilize it.」

「Your magic power isn’t reacting at all ja.」

Ahhh….is this where my chuunibyou dreams die?

「What a shame. You have all that magic power too…」

「Well, it can’t be helped if you can’t use it. You didn’t have it before anyways, don’t worry about it Soujirou.」

They’d given up. Certainly this was the end of my dream but…that was the truth but…It’s frustrating! Even if it was only once I wanted to use magic.

「Alright Soujirou. Don’t make the lady wait too much. It’s about time to get in bed.」

Because Hotaru-san’s light was too bright and I was too dazed from Sistina’s magic lesson I hadn’t realized that it was later than I thought.

Hotaru-san casually snapped her fingers and the light on the ceiling disappeared. Actually, based on this one night of learning magic, Hotaru-san’s proficiency was amazing.

I felt like rather than me getting a cheat in this world, Hotaru-san had gotten it in my stead.



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