Volume 1 Chapter 11-3: Magically Incompetent Man and The Man Who Didn’t Learn His Lesson


「I’ll be turning back into a Katana alright?」

Hotaru-san said and immediately switched back to Hotarumaru on top of the table.

Sistina and I found ourselves suddenly alone together in the room and the mood in the room was….normal.


The speed at which the situation had changed along with the darkened room led us to gaze at each other and…


We couldn’t help but giggle. We finally caught our breaths and I stood up from the chair while holding out my hand to Sistina.


Sistina placed her hand in mine. I grabbed it firmly and pulled her into my arms as I hugged her tightly.

「It hasn’t been long since we’ve met Sistina but…」
「Master…I understand and it’s alright. I understand so…you know what I want to say right?」

Sistina stopped my words and I could feel her smiling in my chest.

「Because Master has a contract with me you feel that you….」
「No I don’t!」

Ah, I reflexively denied it when I understood where she was going with this.

Sistina smiled again and whispered something before looking up at me. I smiled back and she gazed into my eyes. Then, as if magnetized, our lips drew close and we kissed before falling onto the bed.

For now I can just say that the experience was wonderful.

Once things had wound down I lay in bed contentedly. I cuddled up with Sistina when I felt her stir.

「Sorry, did I wake you?」
「Fufufu, I wasn’t sleeping. This warm happy feeling…it’d be a waste if I fell asleep so soon.」
「…I see」

I felt weirdly convinced and nodded but then I noticed something. Hotaru-san had originally been a katana so I didn’t worry much, but Sistina was…

「I wasn’t thinking and let it out inside but…will it be…okay?」

It made me feel like a timid guy who wasn’t going to take responsibility, but I had to say it anyways. We would be going to the tower to fight monsters so I couldn’t take someone who could be pregnant or in pain…

「It’s alright. Bedroom Arts doesn’t only cover the act itself after all, just leave contraception to me.」

What? Bedroom Arts are amazing! You don’t need Mr. Condom?

I was moved and felt Sistina crawl up close to my ear and whisper…

「So don’t hold back and love me lots okay?」

There wasn’t a man alive who wouldn’t be ready for another battle after hearing such a cute line. I’ll fulfill your wishes! I flipped over and hung myself over Sistina.

I will just say that I experienced further wonderful times.

After the second time after just having her first, Sistina was tired enough that she fell asleep almost instantly. I gazed at her happily as I slowed my rough breathing when Sistina’s Bedroom Arts skill popped into my head. Thinking of my skills there was at least one I still didn’t understand.

My skills were…

Skills: Language, Reading Comprehension, Simple Appraisal, Weapon Appraisal, Repair, Additional Refining, Essence Refining

Special Skill: Magic Conversion

Those eight. Among those I had made use of Language, Reading Comprehension, Simple Appraisal, and Weapon Appraisal.

Repair was quite obviously for maintaining equipment so it wasn’t too mysterious. Essence Refining was surely why Hotaru-san’s rank had increased so it was almost surely a skill that allowed my ‘essence’ to strengthen a weapon.

Additional Refining should be the ability to add different things to a weapon to reinforce or strengthen it.

The remaining one was my unique skill, Magic Conversion. At this point based on the words I could imagine the effect, but in truth I could not be sure of the effects until I tried it.

『Magic Conversion』

I invoked the skill within my mind. At that point a prompt appeared in my mind that asked 『How much?』 I decided to give it a shot and said 『All』.

U….wooooah! At that moment I felt something stir and rush within my body. It was the thing I had been unable to grasp up til now, the feeling of magic power. If I was able to intentionally manipulate this and emit it properly then I would be able to use magic.

I decided to give it a shot and tried to manipulate the magic power I could feel stirring…but it didn’t obey me as expected. However I could feel my magic power feeling like it was being sucked…no! It was pouring into my excalibur!

Ooooooooooooooohhhh!! My excalibur became so incredibly fierce!

I turned my gaze away from ‘my son’ and saw Sistina sleeping as her twin mountains rose and fell with her breath.

Kuu! This is bad…I can’t suppress my desire. It was the first time but Sistina had accepted everything so any further than that would be harmful.

I knew that much in my mind. I knew that…but my body moved by itself. My hands refused to listen to me and began fondling her mountains.


Sistina hadn’t awoken but it seemed that her body was feeling it since she let out a sweet voice…that voice made me almost lose my mind.

「Ahn! Uuuu….Master….」

Kuuu so adorable! N-no good. I can’t stop…I’m going out of control!


「I said stop it! Really a man who doesn’t learn ja…」

O-owwww…but thankfully I was able to reclaim my sanity. However, my excalibur refused to yield. It’s probably because I didn’t think about it properly before 『converting all』 my magic. It felt as though my large amount of magic power had been turned into vigor. It was a skill that I had to properly measure the amount to convert.

「Eeei! Don’t look at me with that sad face. It’s too much to make Sistina go again, she’ll get hurt. I’ll manage somehow.」

In the end ‘my son’ didn’t fall asleep til dawn and I ended up having to apologize to Hotaru-san once again.


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