Volume 1 Chapter 12-1: GO TO Tower


「You should really think more about using that from now on Soujirou ja」
「Yes…I’m sorry. I was careless.」
「I had confidence that it went well last night but when I awoke…I don’t have the confidence that I could take on what I saw and I almost felt my confidence crumbling…」
「That’s aaaaaaaaabsolutely nothing to worry about. I’d love to be with you again. Please…don’t throw me away.」

The result of last night was me literally using up every bit of energy I had and passing out while going one-on-one with Hotaru-san…but when I awoke I’d been subject to the stings and barbs of the two girls chastising me.

However, it was a fact that I had been careless so I simply accepted the verbal attacks from the two of them as I got dressed, equipped myself, and left the inn to head for the transfer circle. No matter what had occurred, last night I had been able to experience an amazing time with both Hotaru-san and Sistina so it was definitely a plus despite how everything turned out.

「Hotaru-san, I think it’s about time we let him off. What do you think?」
「Fu…Sistina….Sojirou may be apologizing but I know he doesn’t regret it ja. Never mind asking for forgiveness he’s just enduring what we are saying.」

Ku! As expected of Hotaru-san…she saw through it.

「Well…! I am reflecting on it. Next time I’ll pay attention to the situation and only use a suitable amount of the skill.」
「Well….fine. Anyways, even though it was rougher than last time the Essence Level didn’t increase by as much ja….」

When I awoke, Hotaru-san had urged me to use Arms Appraisal on her and I found out that her Essence Level had only gone from 2→15.

「I think it’s probably because it becomes harder to raise the higher rank you are.」
「Hotaru-san is already practically a Sacred Treasure after all. I don’t think it’ll go as easily anymore.」
「I also believe that it was both of our first times doing such things as well that caused the boost…well I won’t have you check it every time. It’ll go up eventually I’m sure.」
「Oh right, is everything okay with the inn?」
「Yes, we don’t intend to stay in the Tower this time, but I decided to contract out the room for the next three days just in case.」

According to what Sistina said, those who enter the Tower could lose their lives so they would not pay in advance. However, we surely intended to survive and return so I wanted to secure our room at the inn.

That’s where the idea of a time period contract came into existence.

It was a contract that allowed the room to be rented out to the patrons using the luggage they left behind inside it as collateral.

When you returned and paid the fees then you could extend the contract further.

In short, after three days the clothes and items we left in the room were forfeit. Furthermore the deposit we had given the inn would be kept.

If we returned to the inn today then we would only have to pay for one night. If we returned tomorrow then we paid 2 days and then after that they would take the entire three day payment.

「Ah, over here is the transfer circle.」

The transfer circle appeared to be in a building that was right next to the Lord’s Mansion. As expected it seems to be a valuable item since the building was guarded strictly. This was the facility that the Lord had risked his city’s budget to build so I guess it was pretty obvious.

At the entrance were two armed soldiers and behind them I saw a small hut with two more soldiers inside it taking a break.

「I am Acolyte Sistina. We wish to go to the Tower so we need to borrow the transfer circle.」
「We heard from the gatekeeper. Do your best to make some money for the town.」

The soldier had clearly heard about us earlier and let us pass easily, but his attitude was terrible. I didn’t think we’d done anything to make him hate us.

「Those who venture into the Tower are helpful to the towns they reside in because they will buy items from the town and sell Tower items at discounted prices, but in reality there are many who use half-baked skills to act violently in town.」
「I’m sure that makes the soldiers who are here to guard the town have mixed feelings…」

We entered inside and found a small room that had a counter in front of a large door. That counter was a bit strangely shaped and the part that was in front of the door had two swinging doors like the entrance to a bar and on both sides of it were two women sitting there. It looked almost like the entrance to an amusement park.

Looking further inside, there is another counter near the wall, where a middle-aged old man is sitting. Looking at the sign it was clearly a place to buy and sell magic stones.

At the moment I didn’t have any so I headed towards the large door that I assumed housed the transfer circle.

「Welcome, is this the first time you are using the transfer circle? If you would like I can explain the process to you.」
「Please and thank you.」


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