Volume 1 Chapter 12-2: GO TO Tower


I wondered whether they had a uniform since they were all wearing similar outfits. It might’ve been someone’s personal preference, but all the women here had large breasts and uniforms which were open at the top which directed your eyes into the bountiful valley below.

The reception young lady noticed my gaze and grinned back at me…ku…I got caught.

Thanks to that smile Sistina seemed to realize something and followed my gaze before looking at me with a cold glance.

「Yes, the transfer circle will take you to the City on the Lake, Reitoku. A one way trip to Reitoku is 1,000 mars per person. If you enter the Reitoku Tower and explore it then we will take that deposit of 1,000 mars per person and give you a wooden tag that will allow you to make the return trip here. Once your exploration of the tower finishes and you choose to return here to sell one or more magic stones then we will repurchase the wooden tags at full price.」

I see, these rules were probably thought of because there would be people who would claim to be entering the tower when instead they just used it to travel and never came back.

Surely the wooden tag method was a strong incentive for explorers to come back to the place of origin in order to sell their magic stones.

However, I wondered if there might be others who simply gave up on the deposit if they found someone willing to buy the stones at a higher price on the other side, wouldn’t that create a price imbalance between the two places?

「For that matter each week there is an open trade between Mikrea and Reitoku so that magic stones will be bought and sold between us and the prices readjusted.」

As expected they had thought of that. That being said it wasn’t like there wouldn’t be any shops that would buy at higher prices. It was just that you would have to search for them, and simply selling them to the official shop here would come along with the added bonus of the Lord possibly noticing you.

「We understand. We plan on returning to this town once our exploration is complete so please take care of the procedures.」
「Understood. Then for the three of you we request 3,000 mars.」

Sistina took out three large silver coins and handed them over to the receptionist.

「Yes this is the correct amount. Then please take the three tags please. Once you return to town proceed to that counter with your magic stones.」

Sistina handed the tags to Hotaru-san and she placed them inside her waist pouch. Our backpacks were crammed with water and food so we couldn’t fit much else in there, it was best to leave those in Hotaru-san’s care.

「Then I will guide you….oh, please wait for a moment. There seems to be a group returning.」

The receptionist said after the other lady whispered something into her ear.

At that moment the large gate began to open.

「Woow it was a real ordeal this time!」
「What are you saying. It’s because you pushed too hard and tried to make us go up too far. Don’t get us caught up in your egoism!」
「That’s right. If ya do that again I won’t be savin’ ya. Well…if you were a cute girl I’d immediately jump in~」

The ones who exited were a party of four.

The one leading the way was a giant man carrying a large sword on his back. He was clearly the type of fighter who would dive into battle without thinking too much.

There were two more behind him. One was a pretty girl in a long robe, but she had harsh looking eyes that made her seem prickly. She carried a long staff in her hand so she was probably a mage of some type.

The one next to her was a flashy looking ladies man. He was wearing light equipment and looked quite agile so he was probably a more dexterity based fighter. I couldn’t see any equipped weapons but I was sure he was the type to suddenly appear behind you with a dagger in hand.

Behind all of them was a gigantic man even bigger than the first. He was covered in full plate armor and had a great shield hanging on his back. He looked like an excellent tank.

Hm? Now that I thought of it I’d never used Simple Appraisal on people before. I’d only really done it on weapons. 『Simple Appraisal』

『Alexei Karma: 5 Age: 32 Job: Close-range Fighter』

Simple Appraisal didn’t show me any skills, but it at least showed me their name and jobs. I could also see their Karma so I could generally judge whether they were a villain.
His job was a close-range fighter huh? He could probably fight in all sorts of different close combat styles. I was a bit doubtful that the large sword he had still qualified as being in close combat, but he had purposefully equipped it so it must be effective.

『Leela Brois Karma: 12 Age: 22 Job: Artillery Striker』

Un, I don’t get it. She absolutely looks like a mage…but Artillery Striker? I couldn’t tell if she was a front line or back line fighter based off that.

『Garula Gorula Karma: 20 Age: 26 Job: Frivolous Warrior』

…how would you fight in the tower with a job like that? It didn’t seem like all skills were related to the job you had so I’m sure he must have some combat related ones.

Actually I myself don’t have any combat focused skills…It looks like combat power isn’t necessarily decided entirely by your job. A lot of it came from your own individual abilities.

『Lumiel Karma: -8 Age: 15 Race: Small Giant Job: Apprentice Priest』

U~n, there’s quite a bit weird with this party. That big guy is only 15 years old and he wears that giant suit of armor even though he’s an Apprentice Priest meant to fight in the back…

Plus it’s fine that he was a different race, but I almost wanted to say for them to choose whether they thought he was a giant or small.

「Gahahahaha! Don’t say that~ we ended up being able to conquer up to the 20th floor and we’re all safe!」
「Just because we’re alive doesn’t make it fine you idiot! I’ve got this pretty face so I want to earn some money, make a name for myself, and catch a nice guy to live in luxury with. I’ll pass on any deadly explorations like that!」
「I agree. There are as many girls as stars in the sky waiting for me!」

What a lively party…but it feels like we shouldn’t get involved with them.

「Is the 20th floor something amazing?」
「If I remember correctly the Reitoku Tower is a 『Selection』 type, so those who can reach the 20th floor should be at least middle class.」

I don’t know what Selection means, but them reaching the 20th floor means they must have some abilities indeed. Then I want to get entangled with them even less.

「Oh! I found a cute girl and a sexy onee-san!」

Or so I thought, but the Frivolous Warrior bastard spotted Sistina and Hotaru-san before putting on a foppish smile and approaching.



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