Volume 1 Chapter 12-3: GO TO Tower


「Beautiful Young Ladies~ I humbly request for the privilege of inviting you to a celebratory dinner for our fated meeting, would you please do me the honor?」

Ah…certainly frivolous. You could just call him a bastard playboy.

「Thank you for the invitation but we will have to refuse. We are headed to Reitoku at the moment.」

Sistina cleanly refused without a hint of a smile.

「Ohh! Is that so? Based on your equipment you’ll be heading to the Tower…The Tower is dangerous, I’m sure you young ladies won’t really know what’s inside there so I would like to offer myself as a guide.」

We don’t need it…I’m here too. Was this guy purposefully pretending like he couldn’t see me? Your Karma is at 20 plus your intentions are way too obvious.

「No, that is unnecessary. Excuse us. Let’s move along 『Soujirou-sama』」

Sistina said coldly while emphasizing my name. It seems she was quite irritated that this guy was ignoring me. Ahhh I can feel the love.

Oh? He finally spotted me. Actually…it looks like he really didn’t notice me??

「Hmph, such a spindly guy like this’ll die in no time once he gets in the Tower. I don’t wanna go too far, but you should pair up with me instead.」


Oh no. Hotaru-san is leaking out killing intent. She seems really angry. Yo Garula guy, I won’t blame you, just run away quickly.

「Garula! Quit with the pointless pick-up lines and get over here! We won’t give you your share if you don’t hurry up!」
「Tsk, that bitch pulled me away right as I was about to succeed…」

Eh?….how did the situation just now look like you were about to seduce the two of them?

「It’s unfortunate, but it looks like my companions are panicking and don’t want to lose me, so I’ll give up for now. The next time we meet I shall surely bring the two of you safely to explore the Tower, I promise. Farewell.」

I’m sure that he was flashing us a smile that he thought was dazzling…but from my viewpoint he just looked like a clown. What a confused guy. Yeah! He barely escaped with his life…

「What an annoying person…it might be better to change our home base just so we don’t meet him anymore.」
「I agree ja. Once we finish the exploration today we should discuss it ja.」

The two of them seemed to despise him. With how things were going it was almost certain that we would be changing our home base. Since this had been the first town I had arrived in since coming to this world I thought it would be fine to stay a little longer, but meeting such a person directly upon our first journey to the Tower from here could be considered highly unlucky.

「Well, let’s go.」

I urged them and started to head towards the large door.

「Alright then, once you enter inside you will step into the center of the circle and pour in magic power. If you are unable to use Magic Power then you can have an employee do so for you, however it will cost an additional 1 silver.」
「We understand. We have no issues with magic power.」
「Is that so? Then I pray that the fortunes of war follow you Acolyte-sama.」

The room we were guided to was square shaped and around 12 tatami mats (198 sq feet) large. On the floor was an extremely complicated magic circle…it gave off an exceptional other-worldly feeling.

The employee led us inside then left and began to shut the door.

「You better wait a second! There’s no way this is the price for this many magic stones! Did you appraise them correctly?」
「Reception Onee-sama~ As usual you have such a wonderful chest. Please help assuage my grief with that wonderful bosom of yours~」

Even as the door was closing we could hear their voices echo out all of which made us feel quite fed-up.

「Now Soujirou. Let’s pull ourselves together.」
「Roger that~」
「Fufufu, well let’s head off Soujirou-sama. In order to prevent too much confusion of the senses the room in Reitoku is the same as this one. The only difference will be a change in the crest on the door so please don’t exit the circle.」

Sistina said as she pointed to the crest on the door that depicted 3 circles amid a forest and plains. It clearly represented Mikrea so I memorized it and nodded.

「Then let us be off.」

As Sistina’s voice echoed the magic circle at our feet lit up with bright lights. Once the entire circle lit up it flashed and enveloped all our bodies in light.

Once the light abated and I could see once again, the room did not look any different than before. However, just like Sistina said I could see that the crest had changed to a symbol of a lake and a huge tower.

Certainly it was as Sistina had said. There would be a lot of confusion if you teleported from a forest into something like a desert, but if you kept the exact same room and only changed the crest then it would allow your brain to slowly recognize that you had changed places without unnecessary confusion.

「Do the two of you feel alright? I’ve heard that those not used to teleportation may become sick…」

Transfer sickness huh? I was pretty much unaffected by car sickness, seasickness, 3D Sickness back on Earth so…I seemed to be fine.

「I’m alright.」
「I have no issues ja.」
「Alright, then we’re off.」

Sistina opened the large door and we exited to see that there was a very similar counter area like that in Mikrea. However, since the Tower was located in this town it seemed like the magic stone shop was located closer to the Tower rather than in this transport area.

We didn’t have any business here so we lightly greeted the receptionists and left the building.



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