Volume 1 Chapter 12-4: GO TO Tower


「Hou…certainly a city on the lake ja」

As we exited the view caused Hotaru-san to spout those words.

The building itself was located outside of town on a tall area, but what we saw when we looked around was simply 『blue』.

The city of Reitoku looked as if it was floating on a gourd shaped island. The lake was even more surprisingly huge than Lake Biwa in Japan and within it was a gourd shaped island.

Furthermore, this lake’s water was far bluer and prettier than any lake I had seen in Japan.

On the smaller portion of the gourd there was a flat looking 3 story building, and the larger portion was covered in buildings, homes, and streets.

There is only a short distance from the bottom of the gourd to the shore, this distance was connected using a wooden bridge.

We had emerged on the outskirts of the city near the bottom of the gourd.

「The flat structure you see over there is the 『Tower』.」
「….It looks like it’s only three stories tall. Those guys said they made it to the twentieth floor so I expected there to be at least twenty stories…」
「No, there is no mistake. We emerged fairly far away so I will explain the 『Tower』 as we walk.」

It appears that the transfer circle from Mikrea was located quite a distance from the Tower to budget constraints which made things quite inconvenient.

For that reason the transfer fee was cheap and the inn rental fees were low. It acted like a commuter town for those who wished to earn money in Reitoku but did not have a lot of goods on hand.

We headed towards the Tower as Sistina spoke up.

「The 『Tower』 is not something you can judge by its appearance…」

Sistina said as she began the lecture and this is the general knowledge I received.

-The interior of the Tower is like a separate space, the internal dimensions do not match the external appearance at all
-Normally each level has a boss that is called the Lord, if you beat it you are allowed to advance to the next level. However, once you go up a level you are not allowed to go back down and the Lord will respawn.
-To escape the Tower you can leap out of the window located on each floor. No matter how high up the Tower you are, once you leap out the window you will land outside feeling as if you’d only fallen around 30 centimeters.
-The last floor contains the Tower Lord. Once you defeat it, the Tower will crumble.
-Towers have different types. They are 『Choice Type』, 『Change Type』, and 『Corresponding Type』
-When entering the Tower there will always be a reception hall without monsters that you enter and a door at the end that you open to continue forward.

『Choice Type』

Features: The reception hall has different doors that connect to different floors. Anyone can enter the first floor, but starting from the door to the second floor and above you need to have at least one party member who has cleared that floor to enter it. Once someone clears a new floor, another door leading to that floor will appear in the entrance hall.

Clear Condition: Climb the higher floors one by one and reach the Tower Lord then defeat it.

『Change Type』

Features: Every day the interior structure, monster types, arrangements, and numbers will change. Even if you defeat the boss a door to the next level will not appear.

Clear Condition: Defeat the Tower Lord. However, you do not know when the door connected to the Tower Lord will appear. It is more likely for the Lord to appear if the floors are conquered repeatedly. The higher the number of clears, the more likely the Tower Lord will appear.

『Corresponding Type』

Features: Also known as a 『Chance Tower』 (casual name). Basically the Tower estimates the power of the party that entered it and connects them to a floor with the appropriate rank. Each party is sent to a different floor. The power estimation is pretty loose so sometimes a terrifyingly strong monster not appropriate for the party appears.

Clear Condition: Unknown. It is believed that you will reach the top floor by conquering floor without leaving the Tower until you reach the Tower Lord.

-The Towers that were cleared in the past were 2 Choice Type Towers and one Change Type Tower, a total of three. The remaining ones were 4 Choice Type, 2 Change Type, and 1 Corresponding Type.
-The Reitoku Tower was a Choice Type.
-About Master Towers and Subordinate Towers

There are 10 Master Towers that spawn monsters both inside and outside of them randomly, then there are Subordinate Towers that only produce monsters within themselves.

It is generally thought that the Subordinate Towers are created when a Master Tower grows in power. There is also a rumor that if a certain number of Subordinate Towers are left alone to grow they will give birth to a Master Tower, but this has not been confirmed.

That was the general gist of things.

「How should I put it…I finally get that this is something pretty incredible…」
「For now it would be best to enter Choice Type Towers until we are used to combat. Basically the monsters become stronger the further up the levels we go right?」
「That’s mostly how it is….Change Types and Corresponding Types are not all the same, but for Choice Types it’s usually that way.」

For a moment Sistina hesitated. So in short, Choice Types also had their exceptions to the rule?

「There are a few examples where a monster that was far too strong appeared on the lower levels of the Tower. In those situations it required heavy sacrifices to subjugate the monster.」
「Well…it’s not that surprising that strange things happen in such a mysterious location. We just do what we need to.」

I mean I’d even been stabbed to death by my own Father so it wasn’t hard to believe that I could die because I met a strong enemy in the Tower.

It couldn’t be helped just by worrying. This time I would just need to not mess up and kill them properly. For that reason I needed to get stronger.

「Yes, that’s okay. I’ll definitely protect you Soujirou-sama.」
「Un, I’ll also do my best to keep you safe Sistina.」
「Then special training is a must so that you can be strong enough ja.」
「I’ll be in your care for that.」
「I got it. I’ll also be in your care Sakura-chan.」

By the time Sistina had finished explaining everything she needed to, we had passed through the City of Reitoku and were at the ‘neck’ of the gourd.



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