Volume 1 Chapter 13-5: Tower of Reitoku


「So now we have to walk back…what a pain. We might actually need to switch bases…」

As we walked back to the transfer circle we considered whether to switch bases. One big reason was that the Mikrea transfer circle was quite far from the Tower. This made it easy to go to the Tower, but tiresome when you wanted to get home.

For now we would head back to Mikrea. The girls weren’t opposed to changing location, so tomorrow we would cancel our reservation at the Mikrea inn and look for one here in Reitoku.

「Alright, we’ll transfer now.」

Finally we managed to make it to the circle and traveled to Mikrea.

After exiting the transfer room we greeted the Reception Lady and headed over to the cash exchange area. We had made sure to check the prices back in Reitoku so they wouldn’t be able to short-change us. Plus we had Sistina as a secret weapon.

Our final result was we earned a number of Nil Element Magic Stones. We had 42 H Ranks, and 16 G Ranks.

「Oioi, didn’t you guys come through here at noon? These are all pretty small, but you hunted all these just today?」
「We overdid it a bit…It’s probably not possible every day.」
「I’d think so…you look really tired.」
「Yeah, so please appraise them quick.」
「Got it, okay, leave it to me.」

The man at the counter began appraising them one by one and I felt a poke in my side and saw Hotaru-san stifling a yawn as she sought my attention.

「Soujirou, don’t sell all of them, leave around 10 please.」
「n, got it.」

It should be fine if I keep 8 H and 2 G. I took out 10 from the pile I had placed on the counter and handed them to Hotaru-san. Hotaru-san’s pouch was quite convenient for carrying small things. It’s more convenient than a rucksack that you’ll have to take off your back.

I think it’d be good if I got another small storage pouch in addition to the rucksack.

While we’re at it, I asked Hotaru-san to take out the transfer tag and place it on the counter to return it.

「Alright, this pile is 2000. This small but well shaped one is 500. So we’ll say 2500. This bigger one is around 3500. Then there’s this spherical one that should be around 5000.」

Ehhh so…how much? I’m tired so it was a pain to add it up.

But, the Reitoku side also had the small ones at 2000. I think his appraisals should be okay.

「Sistina, I’ll leave it to you.」
「Yes, I don’t believe there is an issue with the assessment so we shall sell them.」
「Thank you. If they had some attributes then we would buy them for more. But it’s great that you brought so many all at once. Normal explorers would just push through the First Floor as fast as possible without getting more than a few magic stones. I look forward to working with you in the future.」

Only a couple magic stones huh? …that’s only around 10,000 mars a day. If you split that by four people then they only get 2500…an inn is around 500…so they only have 2000 left by the end?

At this point I could see that we had clearly overdone it today. I feel like the biggest reason was that we had very little time loss when searching for monsters.

The man stored away the magic stones before handing us 12 gold coins and 5 large silver coins. After returning our transfer tag we received 125,000 mars. Thanks to the high price of magic stones, I felt like we would be able to pay back our Party Ring debt more quickly than anticipated.

On our way back I purchased another pouch like Hotaru-san’s and another 5 food sets that we could eat in the Tower. Exploring it was unexpectedly hungry work.

We managed to make it back to the inn before dropping our bags off and heading straight to the dining room. We moved plenty, so now we would eat plenty. Sistina and I weren’t satisfied with a single serving so we bought one more and shared it between us.

「Today I drove the two of you a bit hard to confirm your abilities and skills, I commend you for following along so well. I believe that if we don’t push ourselves too hard then it should be a simple matter to stably explore the Tower at an appropriate pace ja.」

As I continued to stuff my face and took a break to gulp down the fruit wine, Hotaru-san began reviewing our Tower Exploration.

It appears that the general evaluation is fairly positive. Other than that, it appears that today’s unreasonable pace of battle was to train us and evaluate us, so starting tomorrow we should be able to move more calmly.

「Thank goodness. I thought it was going to be painful if it was like this every day…really.」
「Fufufu, but it looked like you still had some fight left in you Soujirou-sama~」
「Fight in me? Yeah right. I was done. Actually it looked like you weren’t out of it by the end Sistina.」
「That’s right ja…it looks like Sistina’s 『Guard Arts』 and 『Art of Self-defense』 have fairly large effects on her battles. Plus the benefits from her Subordinate Contract make her a powerful vanguard.」

Certainly Sistina’s movements while defending were amazing. Her defense wasn’t like Hotaru-san’s where she dodged and weaved, instead she utilized her body and weapons to cleverly parry and block each blow directed at her.

Thanks to her defenses I was sure that she hadn’t taken a single proper hit all day. Compared to me who had gotten injured a couple times and needed Sistina to 『Cure』 me.

「And Soujirou being able to fight with those heavy weights on…when you enter “Three Kingdoms Mode” (Reference to video game) then even without having combat skills you should be able to fight. Even the wounds you suffered today were only a result of inexperience. If you fight a bit more then those gaps will disappear.」

Three Kingdoms mode…I don’t remember becoming Vice-Shogun. It may be similar in that I want to punish villains, but I’m fairly sure that I’m the only one who will get this reference in this world.



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