Volume 1 Chapter 14-2: Additional Refining


If you thought about it normally, even if the refining failed it was more likely that nothing would happen and everything would be fine, but if by any chance something bad happened I didn’t want to forcefully do this.

There was no replacing Sakura-chan. She was a precious companion who had come with me to this world from Earth.

However, it wasn’t as if I could ignore her sincere feelings. If this went well there was a possibility of Sakura-chan obtaining 『Communication』 and 『Personification』 like she wished for.

「Very well, I’ll do it. I’m counting on you Sakura-chan.」

I took Sakura-chan into my hand and accepted the magic stone from Hotaru-san’s hand. The first one I would try was one of the H-Ranked magic stones. I took unsheathed Sakura-chan in my left hand and brought the small magic stone in my right hand closer.

『Additional Refining』

I chanted the skill in my mind and saw a faint light emerge from Sakura-chan and the magic stone. I felt a bit of my strenght leave me but…I think I can do this. I brought the magic stone and Sakura closer gradually.

As the magic stone touched Sakura-chan’s blade it was sucked inside without making a sound.

「I did it! 『Arms Appraisal』」

『Sakura Rank: D+ Refinement Lvl: 35 Essence Lvl: 47
Skills: Empathy Sense Presence Agility Enhancement
Hit Correction Magic Power Enhancement』

「How is it Soujirou ja?」
「It worked! Sakura-chan’s Refinement level went up by 2 Hotaru-san.」

Like this I’d be able to raise Sakura-chan. With this I should be able to eventually talk with Sakura-chan and she might even learn personification so I could use essence refinement as well. Ohhh this is exciting!

Alright! Might as well just use the rest of the magic stones now as well. I took the rest of them into my right hand all at once and used 『Additional Refining』. The stones and Sakura-chan lit up. Nice it works!

I checked with Arms Appraisal once more and saw that Sakura-chan’s refinement level had gone from 35 to 50. Most of the stones were H Rank, but there were two or three G rank stones. This proved that the effectiveness was different depending on the rank of the stones.

Thinking about it, small magic stones without attributes really have a small effect…in order to raise Sakura-chan and other swords it looks like I would have to further challenge higher levels in the Towers. Even more so, we needed magic stones to sell for money, so it wasn’t as if I could use all of them for refining.

As I was worrying I felt mind become dizzy.

「…actually my eyes are…」

Their voices are pretty distant…ah no good. The world fell into darkness.

When I awoke I was on top of the bed. The surroundings were dark so it was most likely deep into the night.

「Have you awoken Master?」

I felt a warm sensation on my right side as Sistina called out to me.

「It seems like you ended up in the state of magic exhaustion Soujirou ja.」

I heard Hotaru-san speak up from my left side. Hm, it seems like she’s part of the faction that likes to sleep naked. Wait…magic exhaustion?

「It appears that your Refining uses two elements. Additional Refining uses your magic power and Essence Refining uses your spirit/vitality. Well, it seems both powers are fairly similar since you have the ability to transform magic power into ‘vitality’.」
「It may be because you haven’t gotten used to using magic power, or perhaps your aggregate magic power hasn’t had enough time to gather. Just as you gain physical strength by exercising, utilizing magic more often will increase its use. Participating in battle is also effective, so some day you will be able to do far more with it.」
「I see, it seems like it’ll be a bit more difficult than just using magic stones to refine my items…we need to balance how many we sell and how many I can use for refining.」

Sistina nodded and smiled. Ahh….Sistina is as cute as always.

「Well, after passing out like that I feel wide awake now…」
「Hm, what is it?」
「Ahh…will you be…punishing me?」

I will.

That night I thanked and punished Sistina plenty, while also further ‘refining’ Hotaru-san. Even without using 『Magic Power Conversion』 I had enough ‘spirit’.


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