Volume 1 Chapter 15-1: Hunt and Explore


I woke again today feeling satisfied and happy. Yesterday I fell asleep with the two of them sleeping next to me, their warm bodies comforted me and let me sleep peacefully til dawn.

I think it’d be better if I woke up earlier from now on so I could simply bask in the feeling of cuddling with them longer.

「Good morning Master」
「Morning Sistina, were you okay last night?」

Sistina was far too adorable last night so I ended up going a bit too hard with the praise and punishment.

「Fufufu, I’m alright. In fact I was a bit happy.」

So Sistina was alright if I was a bit rough? I made sure to keep that memo deep in my heart.

「Soujirou, you can’t be doing things like with me that might burden Sistina’s body ja.」

Well…that’s right. It almost felt like Hotaru-san was caring more deeply for Sistina than she was for me. Well, even so I was glad that the two people most important to me were getting along well.

If the relationship between the two was strained and unhappy then it’d be a great failing for the harem.

If I’m gonna go for it, then I should aim for a lovey dovey harem.

「It’ll be dawn soon. We’ll be moving to a new base and trying to clear the first floor and move to the second, so it’d be best if we got moving early.」

In order to move out of the inn we had to vacate all our belongings. It would be beneficial if we began our preparations early.

I was reluctant, but gave Sistina and Hotaru-san a kiss before starting to move.

First I had to get changed. Since today was the day we would move out of the inn, I felt like wearing my short uniform and baggy pants for the first time in two days, but after I put my chainmail on with it, the clothing felt very stiff and uncomfortable so I gave up on it.

I decided to just put on the baggy pants with a normal shirt from this world, wore my chain mail, my gauntlets, my leather coat, and put on my party ring. I also equipped the belt and pouch I had bought yesterday along with my rucksack before equipping Sakura-chan and my bastard sword. With that my preparations were complete.

After that I also picked up the bag that Sistina had filled with our daily necessities.

Our party was light on luggage so our preparations were fast as well. If we had more luggage than we could carry at once, then it might have been the correct answer to use carriages to carry it instead of using the transfer circle.

We headed down to the first floor and ate breakfast before informing the auntie running the inn that we would be vacating our room and returned our key before heading to the transfer circle.

Because we received the travel money back when we sold the magic stones here, we had enough to pay for our move.

I informed the receptionist lady that we didn’t plan on returning and payed 3 large silver as the usage fee instead of rental fee and moved to Reitoku.

「The transfer circle for Fresberg is around the center where there are plenty of inns and close to the Tower entrance. After asking around a bit I found out that this place does not have a bathing place that uses magic stones like Mikrea does.」
「Eh? Then how do we clean up?」
「Well, this is a city on the lake so everyone just bathes in the lake water.」
「Well…certainly the water here looks clean and pretty, but are ladies really okay with bathing out in the open?」
「Well those who are used to it will easily enter the lake to bathe. However, there are places that lend out areas with partitions and curtains for those who are new here or don’t want to be seen.」

I see…certainly as a man most don’t care whether they’re seen bathing or not so they won’t pay extra to enter a bath house and would instead directly enter the lake.

In a place where half the customer base wouldn’t use their services, it truly seemed difficult for a bath house to survive.

「Then with a transfer circle, a Tower, and a lake this place seems pretty convenient. Maybe we find an inn here? We won’t need to use the transfer circle often for right now so how close it is isn’t a big deal.」
「Understood. Then let’s look at places before we move on.」

She said and moved along commenting that there were some locations she wanted to look into. The question was when did she have the time to look into them? We had been together most of the time so I didn’t know when she had the opportunity to gather information.

I had asked her once before but she said 『It’s a sec~ret ♡』 and I wasn’t given the opportunity to ask further. I wonder if it was a unique skill for Acolytes or maybe a special network that connected them or something.

We ended up following Sistina around to inspect three different locations and decided on an inn that was further from the Transfer Circles, but closer to the lake and to the Tower.

The price was higher than in Mikrea which aimed to be a simple bed-town for those who couldn’t afford better and it ended up costing us 730 mars for a pretty room with a fairly nice view.

For now we paid for one night’s stay, and made a contract to pay for three more days tomorrow.

We unpacked our goods and gave the key back to the innkeeper before we headed to the Tower.



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