Volume 1 Chapter 2-2: Acolyte


After cleaning up our meal it was nearly time to sleep when Sistina asked me what I wanted to know.

「Even if you say everything…I don’t really know what’s a good place to start from.」

Sistina was right of course.

No matter how suspicious I seemed there was no way she would just assume I was from a different world, so forcing her to explain literally everything would make me seem insane.

That being said, learning about the creation and myths of this world at first would be fairly useless, so I decided to ask about more common sense things so I could compare between this world and Earth. I also understood that many things would seem obvious and couldn’t really be described by her though.

「I guess you’re right…then…oh yeah! How about we introduce ourselves? I know your name, but I don’t know who or what you are, or why you ended up like that or what you plan on doing now?」

In my opinion I would be accompanying her back to town as comrades and something like a guard. I thought this would be a good start.

It’d be best to know my travel companion’s circumstances.

My serious reason for this was that I needed to figure out her nature a bit and whether or not we would be aimed at by criminals.

My insincere reason was as expected…the first person I met in this world was a beautiful girl…so I’d like to get more intimate if possible.

Sistina heard my suggestion and looked at me with a bit of a cold gaze, but finally gave in and sighed.

It looks like she had sussed out my ulterior motive, but couldn’t find it in her to refuse since I had saved her life. If that was the case then she seemed to be a girl with a strong sense of duty.

「Very well. First I shall present to you proof of my identity. 『Emerge』」

Ah, something translucent started floating in front of Sistina. It looked like a floating transparent board that she started tapping on with her finger. A few seconds later the board flipped around to face me.

Something was written there. It looked like a status window of some sort…so this kind of thing appears in this world?

Plus, if she said that this can be used as proof of identity then the data on this board shouldn’t be changeable. I moved a bit around the fire to take a peek at her status window.

Other than her name and job title the other items seemed to be written in a different form, but using my 『Reading Comprehension』 from god I could read everything without issue. Let’s see…

『Sistina Lvl – 38
Age: 16
Job: Acolyte (Pre)
Skills: Housework Cooking Nursing Contract
Art of Self Defense Guard Techniques
Healing Techniques Negotiation Techniques
Lovemaking Techniques
Special Skill: Book of Wisdom』

「Ohh! There are maid skills! Plus self-defense, guard arts, healing arts, negotiation arts…and…love…making arts?」

It’s not insect repelling arts (bouchuu jutsu)…but lovemaking (bouchuujutsu)…the techniques for nighttime activities…

「Eh?eh?eh! Kyaaaaaaa!」

Uo! What what? I didn’t do anything!

Sistina was in a great panic as she flipped her status board back and pulled it towards her making it disappear.

「Whwhwhwhy!? Why can you read the encrypted words normally!!?」

I see…I thought the format had just changed, but the information was meant to be protected. My 『Reading Comprehension』 ability just let me read it normally.

「Sorry, I read it. Tehe~」

Sistina let out an enormous sigh.

「…I feel it may be rude to do to the man who saved my life…but would you please show me your window as well?」

Window? Ah the thing she just did.

「I guess…but can I show it? Could you teach me how?」
「You don’t know?」
「…I understand. The method is easy 『anyone』 can do it. 『Anyone』. So just focus your mind inwards a bit and chant 『Emerge』.」

That sounds easy. Umm focus on myself and…


It came out!

『Fujinomiya Soujirou Lvl – 3
Age: 17
Job: Magic Swordsmaster (TN: It can be interpreted as either Cursed Sword Master or Magic Swordsmaster.)
Skills: Language Reading Comprehension Simple Appraisal
Weapon Appraisal Repair Additional Training
Spirit Training
Special Skill: Magic Transformation』

Magic Swordsmaster! It might sound pretty cool. But this isn’t a magic sword…why does it feel like a blacksmith job used to turn normal swords into magic ones?

「It came out it seems. Do you mind if I take a look?」
「Ahh, yeah sure. Umm how did you do it…」

If I remembered correctly Sistina tapped on the window a few times and…ohh it moved!

I turned my window so Sistina could get a look at it as she was staring at me quite seriously. I couldn’t really detect what she was thinking from the expression on her face.

「Thank you very much.」

Sistina looked at my window seriously for a short while before finally meekly dropping her head and pushing it back towards me.

「Umm how do I get rid of it…?」
「Grab the window and push it into yourself.」

Okay, grab onto it and push it into my chest…it disappeared. I have no idea how this thing works.



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