Volume 1 Chapter 22-2: Corroborative Investigation


「Alright, could you tell me what you found?」

Sakura-chan returned after a day when the sun was starting to set. She’d left around noon yesterday so she had been doing her best for more than a day.

While she was out Sistina had finally recovered from her state of sleep deprivation and our members were finally in a semblance of good health. It was the perfect time for us to move based on Sakura-chan’s information.

「Un…I’ll start from the conclusion. What that woman told us was true.」

Sakura-chan said simply as Sistina pursed her lips.

「She was working to cure her little brother’s illness. The costs from that turned her basically into a debt slave. Furthermore she didn’t tell us yesterday, but they’ve been using her as a sex slave as well during the night.」

「Hmm…so are they properly curing the brother as agreed?」

「Mmmm~ Well certainly someone who looks like a doctor goes in there every day and gives him a bit of something that looks like medicine…but he’s being kept in a rundown single room in a broken down inn. They don’t even give him an exam before shoving the medicine in so I can’t really say they’re curing him properly. I wasn’t able to find out for sure, but I stole a small amount of the medicine and used it on a mouse. That mouse ended up paralyzed so in Sakura’s opinion they’re poisoning him rather than curing him.」

「Horrible…that means Frey-san is…」

The story I heard from Hotaru-san yesterday was about Frey. Yesterday morning she had come to our room looking as though she was wasting away and apologized.

Sistina had been the only one awake and available at the time so she had inquired as to her circumstances.

What ended up getting revealed was the first born son of the Becker Family, Bart. His family was one with considerable power in Reitoku. Apparently he was the one Frey had been guarding in the Tower when we rescued them.

Their relationship was one where Frey had been hired to guide and guard occasionally at first.

However, her little brother had suddenly fallen ill and collapsed so she needed money for doctors.

She had consulted with several different doctors and bought different medicines, but the results were disappointing. Little by little her savings were used until they were all gone.

At that time Bart offered to treat her younger brother in exchange for Frey working exclusively for him and his family.

Thanks to the doctor Bart dispatched her brother’s symptoms calmed, but he didn’t get better. They had to continue treating him and so she could not go against Bart’s orders. Apparently he had even instructed her to steal my katana since it was rare and my magic stone since it was valuable.

When I heard this story I requested Sakura, who seemed to be well suited to gathering information like a ninja, to get to the bottom of it.

「Un, even from the start that spoiled young master had his eye on them. At first he kept giving them regular requests and whenever they succeeded he would invite the younger brother out for a meal. That’s where I think they slowly dealt with him.」

「Fumu, that plot is far too common and cliché…not even interesting…..」

「Un, well that’s the limit of the thinking power of such a small fry. Even if he’s just as lewd he’s way too different from Sou-sama.」

You’re saying something really mean without hesitation Sakura…

「Sakura-san! In the first place comparing someone like that to Master is improper! …well…I won’t deny he’s lewd though…」

Not even Sistina will deny it!?

「Ahaha! That’s for sure. Sorry sorry~ Ah, wait there’s one more piece of info.」

「…Hmm, there’s more?」

「This isn’t the first woman that guy has done this to. From what Sakura found he’s done this to at least 3 women. He used them to the limit then killed them and hid it.」

So it’s certain.

「Now then Soujirou ja. You’ve been quiet…but what should we do?」

「Well….honestly whatever happens to Frey has nothing to do with me.」


「That’s true ja」

「Un, Sakura thinks so too.」

「Hotaru-san! Sakura-san! ….really?」

Sistina interjected when she heard the words I spoke that forsook Frey, but as expected my katanas understood me.

「But I don’t think Sou-sama will choose that. Plus that pig in a position of power might mess with us in the background and make our lives difficult.」

「That may be ja」

「Sakura-chan do you think you can clean things up properly?」

「Un! Leave it to Sakura! I’ll wrap everything up and come back soon! Can I monopolize Sou-sama tonight as a reward!?」

「Well we’ve been depending on you ever since you turned into human form…of course it’s okay.」

「Alright! As expected the first time Sakura wants to be the focus. I’m all pumped up! I’ll be back soon~」

Sakura-chan cried out and disappeared.

「Eh? Eh??」

「Then how about we go grab a bite to eat? I’m already starving.」

「Umu, and I couldn’t have alcohol since Sistina stopped me ja. I’m thirsting for it…」

It seems that Sistina prevented Hotaru-san from drinking while she was still recovering.

「Should we buy Sakura’s portion and bring it back here?」

「We don’t find food necessary, so this time we should let it be ja. Well, if we were all going to eat together it’s a different story ga.」

「I see. I just felt like I was burdening Sakura-chan with a bit too much.」


「Fufufu, isn’t that alright? Sakura looks happy that you’re depending on her. If you want to thank her, then care for her plenty tonight and I’m sure she’ll be overjoyed ja.」

If that was what she wanted then I was absolutely for it. Rather for three days I’d been resting so ‘my son’ was filled to bursting with expectations.

「Alright, then let’s go.」


「Eh? Eh~!? Please tell me what’s going on~」

Chapter 22 End



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