Volume 1 Chapter 3-2: Contract


「Soujirou-sama…please select the contract of your choice. You may sign it with your finger to enact it.」
「W-wait a moment! Why are you….」

I couldn’t help but flinch when I saw the Subordinate Contract still among the choices.

「Fate…I suppose?」

Sistina responded as her face blushed slightly. Well it might also have been because of how close she was to the fire.

「Yes. If the Husband and Wife had not come and convinced me to leave the Temple I would still be within it training assiduously morning and night.
「Obviously without that they would not have died and I would never have been saved by you Soujirou-sama.
「But the fact is that they arrived, convinced me to leave, we happened to be attacked by bandits, they died, and I was about to be forced into signing a contract when you appeared and saved me Soujirou-sama. Furthermore, the thing you wished for was knowledge, and I happened to be the perfect person to provide you with it as I sought a Master for myself.」

Hm…fate? I can kind of see it.

What was really left was for me to select which contract….of course I wanted to select the Subordinate Contract so I could utilize all her skills (not leaving out bedroom arts).

First I should read the contents of the Subordinate Contract before I make a decision.

I see….

Absolute obedience to the Master. Only able to use their power in service to their Master. Right to cancel the contract is only with the Master…Certainly fully subordinate.
With this much it seems that Sistina’s abilities and blessings would be maximized…as Sistina said a big problem was the restriction upon her abilities…but this was a bit too restrictive for terms.

「Ah wait! I got it!」

I exclaimed and stretched out my hand towards the Subordinate Contract as Sistina looked on with nervousness.

I wanted to pretend that she wasn’t giving off a feeling that said 『as I thought』.

You don’t have to be that tense over this…first lemme adjust a bit.

「Eh…Soujirou-sama what are you doing?」
「We’ll change 『Absolute obedience to Master’s orders』 and add 『however, may veto a command once』」
「…wait! Soujirou-sama!?」
「then this…『The Acolyte may only use their power for the sake of their Master. If this is violated the Acolyte will lose their power』 we’ll change that to 『The Acolyte will only use her power for her Master in accordance to their principles and the Master Acolyte Sistina may use her power if she judges it is necessary according to her own responsibilities and justice』 then we’ll get rid of the 『violation』 clause. We don’t need that punishment…」

I checked the contract one more time…yup! This should be good. A right to refuse at least once…I think it should be fairly useful at some point.

O-of course I didn’t intend on forcing her to do anything! …well if for example such a scene like 『Please bathe with me』『I don’t want to』『Please!』『Ohh, fine it can’t be helped』 would happen…it’d be amazing!! In fact if I was refused twice in a row like that my heart would break.

Furthermore…honestly I didn’t think I had the courage to ask for such things twice in a row.

Then I simply put my finger on the signature line and signed ‘Fujinomiya Soujirou’.

「What do you think of this Sistina?」

I felt proud as I looked over with the excitement special to a teenage guy.

But with this despite it being a Subordinate Contract that allowed Sistina to use all her specs, it would allow her to refuse a request that she truly hated, and if she was stuck somewhere without me she would never encounter another situation where she couldn’t fight.

Even so Sistina was staring at me with her mouth half open and a cold gaze.

Uggghhhh…as I thought only letting her refuse once was a bit too much…

「W-w-w-w-w-why are you randomly changing things in the contract!!? You shouldn’t even be able to DO THAT!!?」

Oooh! Sistina moved so fast she was a blur as she suddenly gripped my collar.

Her face being so close kind of made me shy.

「Why? …just by looking at my skills you should be able to understand.」
「Of course I don’t!! An Acolyte’s contract is only considered absolute because it CAN’T be changed!」
「Ooops? Could it be that 『Language』 and 『Reading Comprehension』 are also secret skills?」

As I muttered that Sistina suddenly froze. She was most likely researching with her Extra Skill.

「…it’s true. The words Language and Reading Comprehension exist…but the skills of 『Language』 and 『Reading Comprehension』 do not.」
「Probably the function of my 『Language』 skill is the ability to converse in any language…and 『Reading Comprehension』 allows me to read and write in any language. I thought they might be a bit special so I tried adjusting the contract and it ended up working.」

I knocked on my head and stuck out my tongue with an embarrassed grin. Sistina looked at me with a blank gaze as it looked like several emotions were boiling inside her waiting to explode as her shoulders shook.

「Uhhmmm…are you okay Sistina?」
「AHAHAHAHA! You really are….!」

Sistina kept laughing for a while before suddenly grabbing the contract from the air.

「Acolyte Sistina acknowledged Fujinomiya Soujirou as her Lord and Master! 『Contract』!」

Sistina declared and the contract suddenly shone with a bright light as it evaporated. The unexpected flash caused me to suddenly cover my eyes.

「The deed is done Soujirou-sama. I will be serving as your Acolyte from this moment forward.」

I heard Sistina say and opened my eyes to see her smiling.

Even though I was with Hotaru and Sakura it made me happier to have a cute girl with me. Plus she could fight and was very knowledgeable.

I had been so lucky upon just entering this world I suspected that I would run into bad luck sooner than later.

「I really don’t know anything, but I’ll be in your care Sistina.」
「Yes, please leave it to me.」

Oooh this is pretty nice. Let’s act a little self-important.

「Okay…call me Master from now on.」
「Understood Master.」

Woah! Instantly she said it. Nice going Sistina. The serious look on her face embarrassed me a bit.

「Sorry, I got carried away. You can just call me Soujirou.」
「Fufu, you don’t have to mind it too much Master~. How about this? When people are around I will call you Soujirou-sama. When we are alone I’ll be calling you Master.」

That’s amazing. Nice suggestion. Well as a Japanese person it felt kind of awkward to be called -sama all the time too.

「Well, let’s go with that. However, in truth I really don’t mind how you speak so you don’t need to speak so respectfully.」
「Alright Master.」

Chapter 3 End



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